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  1. I am very pleased (and relieved) to report that I received a prompt response from the email send to Mr. Bayley as follows: I am sorry for your disappointment with our previous responses. Per exception made, your refund request will be granted and will be processed to the original form of payment reflected on your reservation. Thanks for the advice not to pursue the credit card dispute route as I would prefer to continue as a Royal and Celebrity cruiser in the future (3 sailings booked for 2022!).
  2. That’s good information to have, firefly333. I see the disadvantages of that approach. I will continue to pursue this up the ladder at RCCL, but it wouldn’t be worth credit card issues down the road.
  3. He has already presented them with their own statements but apparently they aren’t listening. Doesn’t seem to be nearly as upset as I am though. I may have to go up the chain at his agency too. Thanks for your advice.
  4. I used some FCC but majority was cash ($500 deposit) and $886 which was remainder due at final payment.
  5. I normally wouldn't post my frustrations here but I'm wondering if anyone else is facing the same situation with Royal. On 7/12/21 Royal emailed by TA that they were changing the itinerary of the 9/5/21 Anthem sailing from Norway to Spain/Portugal. Since we weren't interested in that itinerary, I asked TA to cancel on 7/14/21 under the following provision (quoted from Royal's email): " Fast forward 2 months and many emails/calls to my TA and he received this response from Royal: "the booking where the FCCs were applied was cancelled under Cruise with Confidence and have gotten 100% FCCs because of this." Given this runaround, I am very reluctant to book any further cruises other than one already paid for and don't want to be forced into accepting FCC. I am considering a credit card dispute and also emailing Royal myself, just wanted to see if anyone else had insight into the best approach. TIA!
  6. Correct! They don’t want you getting on a plane back to US if you are Covid positive.
  7. It’s on deck 7, near Wintergarden I recall. Just a door marked Laboratory is all you can see.
  8. We saw these in Reykjavik while at Harpa Concert Hall.
  9. Great review. We are on Apex in January and I’m wondering what time theater shows are held so I can plan our dinner reservations accordingly.
  10. Good assessment. On that page the prevailing theme is the Admin & Viking are never wrong and we should just trust them. I prefer to do my own research and glean lots of helpful information on Cruise Critic. And, let’s not forget Viking is a profit making business first and foremost. Any negative experiences with them seem to get explained away or dismissed on that page……
  11. Well, it sounds like it might have been out of the local authorities hands as I have seen multiple references to Icelandic Coast Guard issuing the orders (which makes sense) and that was specifically stated in Viking's letter to those on board Sky.
  12. What a shame; that excursion was our favorite. We did see puffins on Heimaey from the boat tour but it was windy and rainy and hard to see them well.
  13. I agree with you; the entire ship was shut down at midnight (and it was bright as day outside). Thank goodness the house band in Torshavn was fantastic or there would have been no entertainment after 9pm
  14. My GF gifted me some last week that she purchased in Islafordjur and I was able to find more at the small duty free area in terminal C. It was roughly $4 a ball. I’m just about to start knitting my first sweater!
  15. Definitely Vigur Island. I have a very similar pic from 7/3 cruise!
  16. Well, maybe Viking needs to change its marketing campaign to “welcome back….maybe” it is still a very uncertain and precarious situation with Covid. Our Sept. fjords cruise (on RCCL) out of Southampton was just changed to Spain/Portugal only and we cancelled. Not sure we can even get to UK at this point. So grateful we were able to go to Iceland last week.
  17. That still is a lot. In retrospect, Viking shouldn’t have ramped up the number of passengers so quickly.
  18. Indeed. I’m sure the Covid positive person will need to quarantine there but shouldn’t others be able to return to US as long as they have negative tests in hand.
  19. I wore a dress(short sleeved or sleeveless) similar to what I might have worn an a Caribbean cruise and was definitely on the minority. I was happy to get that wardrobe out of. Othballs thoigh😀😀 most ladies wore pants and more dressy tops. Not a lot of bling. Didn’t see jeans at night for most part.
  20. What a shame Clay, so sorry to hear this. I was concerned about what would happen if we tested positive (ie spending 2 weeks in an expensive hotel in Iceland( but didn’t foresee that a positive would result in all cruisers missing out. I understand why, but that makes cruising in Iceland quite expensive (unless you are only going for the ship exoerience0.
  21. He runs a Viking fan page on “zuckerberg’s invention” very popular among some……
  22. Was a certain social media star (on another site) perhaps hosting a party in his swanky suite - I certainly hope not, after what happened in Bermuda.
  23. Fantastic; it was a memorable tour and Felicity Ashton, who own the island with her husband, is a marvelous guide. She will not tell you this, but she was the first women to cross Antarctica solo and her book is available in the gift shop (in the cafe). I bought a copy which she signed for me! http://www.felicityaston.co.uk/about
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