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  1. Our family (with a then 13 and 17 yo) was fine in an S2 on Equinox 2 years ago for a B2B, though I agree it probably depends on family dynamics ... we're usually so busy with work/school, isolated in separate rooms at home, that we all enjoy cozy quarters on our vacay (son even said so!). Sharing one bathroom wasn't a problem. But the size of your teens might be a factor; this summer, with pretty much adult sized teens now, we were in a CS on Edge and it was definitely roomier, but still cozy!
  2. Sushi on 5's Spicy MangoTini is my all time favorite martini onboard the S class ships, and I've been able to order them "to go" many times pre dinner/pre show from the host. If the spillover Cafe al Bacio tables in front of Sushi on 5 are free, you could sit and enjoy your drinks there. As miched hinted, you could also sit at WCB after Sushi on 5 took your order ...
  3. Sorry to be a downer, but don't get too excited. We were in a Celebrity Suite on the Edge June 5, and Tanji contacted me early May. I only asked for a few things: isotonic pillows, mattress topper, Sprite and cherry syrup so the kids could make their own Shirley Temples (we had the premium alcoholic package, kids had the classic nonalcoholic package and on prior cruises, our butler cleared out the fridge and replaced it with our drinks of choice within our plan), and condensed milk for our coffee/tea. I even offered to bring my own condensed milk if she didn't think it could happen, but she as
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