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  1. Correction - in above post, I meant to say you can request the Main Dining Room MENU in Luminae. Waiters have access to the MDR kitchen and will serve you whatever you choose to order off the MDR menu.
  2. Luminae restaurant is a whole separate topic. On embarkation day (pre-Covid anyway) it has been open for lunch from about 12 to 1:30. Great burger on the lunch menu. After that, will be open for lunch only on sea days. It’s always open for breakfast & dinner, open seating so you don’t need reservations. However, if you all agree on a set time and want to be together each night you can tell the Luminae manager your preference. You can always request the Main Dining Room restaurant, too. The waiters are happy to bring that menu. Sometimes nothing appeals to me in Luminae and the
  3. Three cheers of embarkation day for the three of you! I support your comment 100% about enjoying your vacation as the week”s priority. Lisa went above & beyond in laying the groundwork! But as time permits, I think everybody will be enjoying this perspective, too, from a dad with two teenagers on this special Alaska vacation. Have a great time on this special trip together.
  4. Thank you Lisa for all this wonderful information! Great to hear about the Pinnacle Grill. Now I’m actually looking forward to going there next time. Safe travels home.
  5. Everyone who sails HAL automatically becomes a “Star Mariner” for their next cruise (it used to be an opt-in invitation to join the Mariner Society but now it’s automatic).On every cruise thereafter you get the tile, sometimes handed out at the Mariner brunch/lunch or sometimes placed in the room. Some people have done creative projects with these tiles. I keep threatening to make a little patio tabletop but doubt that will happen. The Mariner lunches over the years evolved into rather rushed, mass events for 1* to 5* Mariners, a LOT of people, often with two seatings and
  6. Agree…in this age of contagion when every surface must be cleaned and inspected, extraneous objects may not survive from one cruise to the next, I suspect.
  7. You still need internet access for external purposes like checking your email, air carrier to do online checkin, social media like Facebook, Cruise Critic, or any website (except HAL’s). Some people wait and check their email in port - the crew usually know how to find cheaper WiFi locations near the pier. I’m not comfortable doing this since the security of the WiFi connection is unknown. So it’s worth it to me to have the ship’s plan. Or if you are in a lot of US ports such as during Alaska, Hawaii, and New England itineraries (and stops like San Juan, Puerto Rico, or S
  8. Exciting news for Alaska overnight! 17 year-old Lydia Jacoby from Seward won gold in the women’s 100 meter breaststroke, an amazing upset at the Tokyo Olympics. Her parent run a whale-watching boat. The Seward pool closed last year during the pandemic, so the poor kid had to travel 2.5 hours to Anchorage to train. Big celebrations in Seward. https://apnews.com/article/2020-tokyo-olympics-swimming-sports-coronavirus-pandemic-alaska-7e8bb5731dcd915cf3de2fa4c57209e3
  9. Yes, sometimes. Lisa (Laffnvegas) has mentioned in her “Live From” thread (first Alaska cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam) the variance, going out to her hallway to send since it was stronger than in the stateroom. I think she’s getting the best signal from the Crows Nest lounge up top. I think the time of day is the biggest factor. I travel with a service dog who awakens me at 5 a.m. at home and is used to being fed then. Sleeping late on vacation isn’t an option. So I get a great signal until the rest of the ship starts waking up!
  10. As one who still used a cheap Jitterbug flip phone until a few years ago and also prefers to decompress on a ship, I hear you. However, I am coming around to thinking of the phone as a tiny tool kit that often proves useful to have in my tote bag. It’s a flashlight in an emergency as only one example. When we sailed then-new Celebrity Edge with friends, we all used it to compare menus by the pool and decide where we wanted to go for lunch on a sea day. On that ship, my smart phone even turned lights on, raised the room shade, served as a room key and so on. HAL
  11. It can be used for standard promotions but read the shareholder info earlier in this thread if in doubt about discounts. For example, it can’t be used by those traveling on a tour conductor ticket or using a travel agency discount rate.
  12. Yes, we sent DH’s off via expedited service a couple of weeks ago and now are waiting patiently. Should show up by late September. There have been many times in our lives when a three month gap until one of us was again holding a valid passport would have presented a problem. And of course some countries require at least six months’ validity past your arrival date so we couldn’t let the expiration date get too close. Not glad we’re staying home again this summer - but glad we have this window to wait the 12 weeks.
  13. Lisa, don't miss the Step One Dance Company performing "Humanity" at the Mainstage tonight, unless you saw them perform previously. We saw the show on Nieuw Statendam in April 2019 and loved it. We also attended an interview on a sea day with the dancers, who were so enthusiastic and grateful for the reception they received by HAL passengers. That tote bag looks like the one we had in a Neptune suite on the above Nieuw Statendam cruise, our last cruise with HAL before the pandemic shutdown. I wondered if it was the new Club Orange bag at the time. Enjoy every moment -
  14. Wow, this is exciting!! Wish we were “Live from” ourselves, but you already know CC HAL regulars are all with you in spirit and will be following each & every posting! Fair winds & following seas!
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