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  1. Cindy, you’ve made my day with this photo of your new granddaughter- what a happy little cutie!! We had a small outdoor Thanksgiving by the pool with two close friends who have been our pandemic buddies. The weather was beautiful and we were thankful for so many blessings. Raylene was thankful to score a cracker my friend dropped - she never gets any table food at all, so it was a rare treat! Bob left at 6 a.m. to drive to a Covid test site today, needed for foot surgery on Tuesday. I won’t be able to sit in a waiting room next week, so will have to either sit in my car
  2. However, make-your-own & self-service anything is likely to disappear on cruise ships, IMHO.
  3. I haven’t kept up with HAL (or Carnival Corp?) management changes...who is Harris and what changes are being made? I like the blue very much. Those Club Orange (if that’s what the photo represents) chairs look much more comfortable than on the NS. But it is still a far cry in appearance from Celebrity’s Luminae suite dining room.
  4. Brought more than one tear here! I absolutely enjoyed that amazing welcome to the new flagship of the X fleet. Lifting a virtual glass to join the wish Apex a future of fair winds and following seas.
  5. One of Raylene's trainers said the same thing. She definitely has that grey muzzle and really acts like the "old lady" at age 9 compared to the 4 year-old CCI boy.
  6. I love the Doggie Halloween picture. Henri and her friend on the left look happy but that boy on the right looks like he's thinking, "I don't care what we're celebrating, I do NOT wear hats!"😃
  7. I have loved & used both the Exchange and former Libraries in the Explorations Cafes. Nothing was more relaxing than facing the sea on one of those leather Eames chairs with footrests - accompanied by a latte and good book on a sea day. Books & maps often help people take action to actually see places they’ve heard of or dreamed about for “someday”, don’t they? Sailing back to Florida after a wonderful Italy vacation, I began to read a good guidebook to Ireland, browsed those big Atlas books on the library tables, picked up some schedules from the future cruise co
  8. Well darn, Cindy. I hate that your January cruise is off. We switched everything to 2022, thinking “surely by then...”. Of course, we were thinking that earlier this year about 2021. There is no “surely” anymore. To cheer us all up, here’s what’s going on at my house with our young visitor. He’s a CCI Hearing Dog, Yellow Lab of course, and we have him until Wednesday when his mom returns from a trip. Hard to be down in the dumps with those three happy faces to enjoy.
  9. Fairbourne, I laughed at your “long suffering” description, which so perfectly fits Horty, my Raylene, and other worried-looking black Labs. I always think yellow Labs (and definitely Golden Retrievers) have default happy faces in comparison. I’m looking forward to our week, starting Wednesday, hosting my friend Pat’s CCI hearing dog, Firenze, a yellow Lab. (He always stays with us when she is away for a scenario where she’d rather not bring him along.) The doggies have a wonderful time hanging out together 24/7, needless to say. Will take a photo to post.
  10. Rebecca, adding my thanks to you and your family for these wonderful photos and stories of your Grammy. We miss her here.
  11. Cody, thank you so much for giving us all insight into the wonderful life that Roz lived! And thank you for attaching the photo of beautiful Roz where she loved to be, aboard ship.
  12. Thank you, Host Kat and Laura. (And our thanks to the late Host Walt, who swiftly helped Roz restore peace when a particularly unpleasant troll briefly invaded these useful pages a few years ago, as some will remember). This little corner of Cruise Critic has been life-changing for people with many disabilities who were encouraged by Roz - and by those who joined in along the way - to travel with their service dogs and enjoy the wonderful world of cruising like any other passenger. We don’t know what difficulties the world will hold for travelers with service dogs when cruising resumes, but I
  13. Debi, I want to add my condolences to you for these two losses in your life, coming in such a short time during very difficult times for our country and the world. We are all so grateful you let us know that Roz had passed away. She was a special lady whose personality radiates through all of these pages and posts.
  14. Cindy, you and John were first in my thoughts when this terrible news hit us. Thank you so much for posting those wonderful photos.
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