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  1. That’s very helpful, and I guess Celebrity eventually will update the post-revolutionized deck plan for Constellation to show a Retreat on Deck 12, too. Thank you for posting.
  2. Thanks! They just haven’t labeled it yet, apparently.
  3. Sure ‘ting, it’s on the Celebrity web site. If you look at the top right corner, there are two choices of plans to click on. One choice is effective as of May 26, 2020. https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-constellation#deck-plan According to this flyer’s schedule, Constellation’s revolution date is May 24, 2020. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/Travel_Advisory_Panel_8.5x11_flyer.pdf
  4. Yes, I’m seeing that amenity on the website for all revolutionized ships, but wondering where physically on the ship a Retreat space, if any, is to be located for Constellation. The post-revolution deck plan shows Luminae and a Michael’s Club as usual in same locations - but not any outdoor lounging space somewhere called “retreat.”
  5. We'll be joining you - our annual April anniversary cruise. Great price on Sky Suites right now while they last.
  6. Found my review on the M class spreadsheet from December 2014. Tea carts in the afternoon wouldn't be a problem any more because I think X wisely did away with automatic tea service delivered to suites in the afternoon long ago. However, that bright light shining across the hall might still be an issue for 6121, "Cabin: #6121 Deck#: 6 - Penthouse Class Sky Suite2 Area Aft Bed Near: Between bathroom and living area Quiet: No. Directly across from Butler's large closet. Every afternoon, multiple tea carts are lined up in front of your door, to be navigated around as you try to arrive or leave your room. At night, even very late or early a.m, butlers come and go, with bright lights shining under your door every time their pantry door is left open. Balcony View: Not good. View is not blocked if you look straight ahead or from your bed, but directly below your balcony is an industrial looking crew work area containing racks of round cases with life rafts. This area is where a tug with barge was attached for refueling one morning in port. Balcony size: Average for Sky Suite. Two chairs, one footrest, one small table. Wind? No Soot? No Problems/Comments: Switched to this room (as a Guarantee) in order to save $500 on the cruise fare. Worth it to me, but there must be better S2s."
  7. We decided to try the recently-announced Tampa 10-day for our 2021 anniversary, and agree the prices for S2 are "low" by recent Celebrity standards, so we booked one. Our last Constellation Sky Suite experience (in Dec 2014, pre-Luminae and when Michael's was off-limits for lowly SS guests) wasn't all that great, but it gave us a little more stateroom space and the prices were much lower back then. Solstice class Sky Suites after that had considerably better decor and sea views. Maybe I missed something, but is there such a thing as a "retreat" on the post-Revolution Constellation? If so, I sure don't see it on the post-rev deck plan shown on the X website.
  8. There is one additional little worm in the Port of Tampa apple, besides fitting under the Sunshine Skyway, and that is the heavy fogs that sometimes shut down the port for a day, leaving ships stuck inside or outside. But I love sailing under that bridge and the port is just an hour’s drive, so count me in the happy column.
  9. We’ve sailed more than 100 days on HAL and the best overall performance I’ve seen on their ships was in April (a Caribbean cruise) on Nieuw Statendam - “Humanity” by the step One Dance Company in the World Stage. The dance choreography was designed to integrate with all the video capabilities of that venue, the dancers were talented, and the special effects were terrific. The group moved on to some of the other ships for limited appearances - it was definitely a short term contract by design. I’d love to see more of that. I liked the Music Walk setup of multiple venues on the N. Stat, with the shows well-timed so that the World Stage crowd exited and flowed to other venues with upcoming performances. We liked the guys at the dual pianos in Billboard on Board and most evenings continued sitting there to enjoy the (somewhat loud) Rolling Stone Rock Room shows across the way, too.
  10. (You aren't a pain at all. Everybody here asks questions and we all have learned from each other.😀) I agree with Roz - I always get a Form 7001 from the vet, even for cruises that only include US and Canadian ports, for three reasons. One, the cruise lines expect to see paperwork at check-in, and a 7001 health certificate & rabies vaccination certificate are the basics. Two, when you return to a US Port of Entry, you might someday be taken to a room for the dog to be inspected by a Dept. of Agriculture official - and if you can produce those basics, you should be on your way soon. I’ve only had that happen once, at the Miami cruise port, but it DOES happen. Three, sometimes an airline check-in clerk will ask you for health records. This happened when we were flying home from St. Croix, a U.S. Territory which has a customs & agriculture pre-clearance for departing flights. Note that we’ve driven into Canada and back to the US numerous times (and walked across at Niagara Falls), and border agents on both sides have barely glanced at the dog, and never asked to see any dog-related papers. But cruise lines and airlines have their own procedures.
  11. Dr. Delancey was also very helpful to me back in April. We have obtained the Bahamas permit twice and did not have to pay a fee - we included proof from the training organization of my dog's status as a service dog and requested a fee waiver. They will accept faxes and will fax back the legal-length permit to the number you provide. (My vet's fax only has letter-length paper, so I gave them a friend's law office fax number.) The FAX number is 1-242-325-3960 Phone number below: Dr. Deandra S. Delancey-Milfort BSc. DVM Veterinary Officer Veterinary Services Unit Department of Agriculture Phone: 1-242-397-7450/1
  12. That will be wonderful, Cindy! We've never tried a cabana, so look forward to hearing about it. I like Half Moon Cay, too - the beach is lovely. They have added a"lobster shack"on the island and there will be a note in the daily program advising that you can order grilled lobster and a few other choices (for a surcharge of course, but I don't think it was an exorbitant one). Might try that next time.
  13. Good news on the paperwork front for our Hawaii cruise to celebrate our 40th anniversary next March - Raylene’s blood passed the rabies titer test. The results now have been posted to the Hawaii Dept of Agriculture’s master microchip list which anyone can download and search. (The Kansas State Lab sends the results directly to Hawaii.) I called my vet and they don’t have the official piece of paper yet. It took a month to get results, and I could have waited until closer to departure, but wanted to allow plenty of time just in case she had to have another vaccination and the test had to be repeated. Now that our itinerary was changed and the first Hawaiian port of entry is Oahu, the rest of the paperwork should be pretty straightforward.
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