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  1. Hi Texed, we are near to RAF Mildenhall.... my best friends husband works there in the Galaxy Club. We also live near to RAF Bentwaters. Many happy memories of visiting there as a teen.
  2. We finally got our refund this morning, for cruise date 3rd April, which was cancelled 15 March, in three amounts, but added up to correct total, this fat lady is finally singing! It does seem to be a lengthy and difficult process, with errors being made i.e. FCC being processed instead of refunds etc, but, in balance this virus situation is also lengthy and difficult so its to be expected I guess. Tough times for so many industries. I hope everyone here gets their money back soon, (correctly) and I hope that we are also all here on roll calls again in the future, doing wha
  3. Last week Celebrity said our refund was processed and speak to our TA. TA replied this week, to say ‘sorry you have not received your refund, we will contact Celebrity’ and so we go, round and round. I rang them eventually (TA) and said please could someone look into where our money is, and got a reply to say refund was issued yesterday, to my bank, and can take a week to process. Im still not holding my breath. Its not over until the fat lady sings, and at the moment, that fat lady is ME! 🤣
  4. This is how I feel, Celebrity are saying our refund has been processed, but we havent had the refund, our TA is just not responding. I might just pursue mastercard and let them pick this up.
  5. i am sure they would, was just hoping we would get a refund without having to dispute.
  6. Thanks to others sharing their more positive experiences it gives me some hope that we will see our money back eventually but, at the moment I feel so helpless! Booked through a travel agent in germany, cruise date 3rd April, cancelled by celebrity 15 march. refund requested using online form, no acknowledgement. Refund requested via TA, contact from them very sparce. Yesterday got an email from celebrity in Germany saying our cruise has been refunded, check our bank, bank shows nothing. Now waiting for travel agent to advise further. Getting fed up of it all really. Was disappointing eno
  7. Another email from Celebrity today, Apparently our refund has been processed we need to check with our bank... (I have checked regularly on all possible refund cards etc and there has been nothing) I have asked our TA if they received the payment and am awaiting reply...
  8. Got this today from Celebrity customer services in UK - Good Morning, Thank you for your email .I can confirm that Celebrity are still updating all Cancelation invoices to show the correct figures on them and once this is updated we will send this via email.In regards of your refund , We apologize for the delay in processing your refund, rest assured your refund will be honored. Due to the unprecedented volume of transactions our internal systems and external banking institutions are processing all programs are being stressed.As we work to reduce our processing times we have been
  9. Yes, I have been able to do this too, but call them dont transfer it online, its always been fine to do over the phone.
  10. Me too. Seems they are holding our money as long as they can, such a shame for all of us, but also for them, to see their business crumbling like this. Its a sad time for travel industry all round but cruising will possibly fare the worst I fear. I work for a small cruise line and am worried I wont have a company to go back to at the end of this.
  11. And have you had a refund yet? Our TA is in Germany.... we used the online form too but got no acknowledgement.
  12. We have not even had a cancellation invoice yet, just nothing, our cruise sail date was 3rd April, cancelled 15 March, requested refund via TA, and nothing since, just ‘wait’ from our TA. Its frustrating to say the least.
  13. We booked through a Travel Agent, who have not been helpful or communicating at all, so I tried contacting Celebrity directly, they would not discuss with me at all as I have a TA... The online form for refunds does not include our sailing date (3rd April) We are just in limbo!
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