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  1. Thanks Dave but I am looking at Hand Straps just for some more stabilization while shooting
  2. How many of you use hand straps with your cameras and which do you recommend? TIA John
  3. sorry for the late response I was out of town, Thank you for the advise John
  4. Doing a multiday land, That lens was my original thought but some others told me for the sloths, monkeys and toucans I will need a large telephoto. We will be on the Pacific side so the jungle is less dense. The other thought is also renting a good marco lens for the second body for the all the smalls, frogs, flowers and such. I always get the best advice here so... John
  5. Going to Costa Rica with my two Sonys 6k and 63k, I will be bringing my 18-105G and Rokie 12mm but looking for suggestions what lens to rent for the jungle? I was thinking getting the new 70-350G made for crop cameras or should I go to reliable 70-400 G? Thanks upfront. John
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