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  1. Does anyone know definitively about the future of Qsine on Summit? We're cruising February 2020 and have reservations and are wondering which version to expect - the traditional Qsine or Petite Chef. Lots and lots of conflicting reports. I know that it DID NOT become Petite Chef during the Revolution, but some continue to report that the change-over is still planned.
  2. And currently, all their itineraries are five day voyages - not even to particularly interesting places. To the person who said the prices were high, I noticed when I looked them up that they price per cabin, not per person, so that does make a difference. At this point, I don't see any itineraries I'd be interested in, but I wouldn't necessarily count them out.
  3. Thanks, Bahama Mama! We'll be touring with him in February. Can't wait!
  4. Fun, but difficult question! Wow! Like others, I will caveat that these are in no particular order. All are Caribbean. Dominica: Treasures of Rouseau tour with Levi from Bumpiing Tours. Will be doing a different tour with him on my next cruise. St. Kitts: My Island Tour with Javin. I've visited St. Kitts three times and loved all my tours there, but Javin's was the best. Roatan: Booked a day at Fantasy Island (I think it was through Viator or similar agency). My son and I had an awesome day. We were left with lots of great photos and videos of the friendly monkeys. St. Croix: Big Beard's full day catamaran excursion to Buck Island. Yes, I know this is four. I tried, but I just couldn't eliminate any of these!!! I didn't list because it's not technically an excursion, but we also really love ferrying over to St. John when docked in St. Thomas. So beautiful there. Saving up to go there for a week! One of the many things on my bucket list!!
  5. Thanks for that update. I have reservations for Qsine on our February 2020 cruise. I just went to my cruise planner and it's still showing the OLD Qsine, including the menu. I hope as more people go on Summit - particularly after August based on your waiter's comment - they will report back. I'll be happy with either version, but would like to know.
  6. I could be mistaken, but aren't the new beds larger? There probably is less floor space as a result.
  7. Thanks so much! I have plenty of time. Not cruising on Summit until February 2020, but still very excited!! Have a GREAT cruise!
  8. Those of you on Summit soon, would love to know for certain if Qsine is still the original menu, as is the case with Millennium, or the Petit Chef, or some combination of the two. And for those of you who are technically inclined, would LOVE to see the dailies!
  9. Agreed. I'm very much looking forward to my February 2020 cruise on Summit. I understand changes to old favorites are difficult. I'm trying Celebrity for the first time after Royal, and it was difficult for me to give up old favorites like mini-golf on a windy day at sea and the 70s party. But I'm sure I'll find things to become my favorite things about Celebrity. I'm approaching it with a totally open mind! 🙂
  10. I'm also a fan of Antigua. I read on another thread on this topic that it had to do with increased port fees, perhaps due to the port upgrade you mentioned. I believe it only pertains to Carnival ships. There are a few ports of call in the Caribbean where I know I need to be particularly vigilant about safety, but I never considered Antigua to be among those. Never had any fear or issues on that island.
  11. I did exactly the same thing. I'm on Summit as well. Wish I'd known before going through the entire process to set up the app!
  12. Nevis doesn't sound right. St. Kitts maybe? I don't think a mainstream cruise ship could dock at Nevis. I like Antigua. Have been there a couple of times and always really enjoyed it. Sounds like this is strictly a Carnival move?
  13. Excellent news! My Summit cruise is February 2020, which is AFTER the upgrade. This is HUGE as far as I'm concerned!
  14. My next cruise is on the Revolutionized Summit. I'm hoping this pertains to that ship.
  15. LOVE this new process! Will be so glad to be able to leave my bag upon boarding! Thanks for sharing!!
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