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  1. The classic and premium packages remain like before, classic is included in new bookings by default ("Always included") and premium can be purchased by upgrading the reservation (options "Elevate" and "Indulge") just like before (the highest level of res pricing had premium bev pkg already before the newest change). Also, the new Captain's Club perks include discounts for bev pkg upgrades so I'd say that yes, you can upgrade just like before. And yes, booking time perks will be honored, this is definitely not the first time in history that a part of the offering has bee
  2. Lift and Shift was today granted to at least some cruises despite the original announcement yesterday. Our (US) TA was able to L&S our 1/24/22 Edge cruise to Silhouette on the exact same dates (and almost the same itinerary, just one port of call dropped and another changed to overnight stay) with protected price and perks from the original booking.
  3. We too got today the lift-and-shift for our 1/24/22 on Edge to Silhouette with protected price and perks. Good thing that somebody at Celebrity decided to turn their brain on today. Edit: Oh well, few latest posts above didn't show for me before writing this one.
  4. @Cruise Raider and @sippican - thank you both so so much for the advice! Just got a reply from our TA: "I spoke with Celebrity and they advised they will allow you to Lift and Shift your Edge 1/24/22 cruise to the Silhouette 1/24/22 sailing. They will protect your cruise fare and cruise line promotions. You will pay the prevailing taxes and port expenses."
  5. Yep, we do. She answered my email pretty quickly yesterday but then the info was the same as within Celebrity's email. Maybe I'll email her again.
  6. Edge on Jan 24, 2022, we had booked C2 for $4k total and now the price for the same category on Silhouette is approx $6.2k.
  7. Here is the email from Celebrity relayed by our TA: "We are reaching out to provide an update on the status of your 2021/22 cruise vacation. As the world continues to work towards a new normal, our primary goal continues to be a healthy return to service for our guests, crew and the communities we visit. While working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other local health and government authorities towards this shared goal, we are evaluating all current itineraries to ensure we offer you the best possible vacation experience in each destination. This means
  8. No opinion, but a fact from Celebrity's PDF (linked in the first post): "...guests booked on Celebrity Edge sailings departing between 11/12/21 and 4/8/22 have the option to rebook on the Celebrity Silhouette..." So your cruise is the second one cancelled.
  9. You're "lucky" that the price difference could be explained by added amenities - for us X just cancelled a booking where we had all those amenities already and is now suggesting that we rebook the exact same dates and itinerary on a lesser ship for 50% more money.
  10. No, they are not changing, they are cancelling Edge cruises and merely suggesting that ppl would book same date/almost same itinerary on Silhouette for 50% (in our case) higher price instead of changing and honoring booked reservations like for Infinity->Summit.
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