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  1. Thank you for sharing!! This is GREAT news for SeaDream and it's passengers!! 🙂
  2. Thank you for this update! This is GREAT news! 🙂 I really want SD to survive this and be around for us in the future and this is a step in the right direction. That makes sense, that the CC company has a lag, but it's so good to know they are processing these refunds, finally. I think you are the first one I hear of, "first hand" since the Covid closures. Thanks again! 😉
  3. i'm very sorry to hear the circumstances in which you had to cancel. I hope to see you all on Sea Dream in the future!
  4. Hey! 🤗 I didn’t realize I came off as angry. I think I said I was sad. I hope they make it and I am waiting the 90 days. I simply want to know if anyone else had gotten their refunds to have some idea where this is going. We have been very blessed that we have not lost any loved ones but our financial losses have been big. I apologize if I seemed angry. I’m not. I’m sad that this is all happening and I’m hopeful that in the promised time, I’ll have a little money on my side. Happy thoughts 😊
  5. Oh wow! That's GREAT news! That's the first i've heard of someone getting it from SD since the virus. SD refunded me within a week last fall when I changed trips. I cancelled one and booked a different on while onboard. So, this new delay, though understandable, was making me really wonder so I wanted to know if anyone had gotten a refund since Covid. I'm glad to hear some have!! 🙂
  6. I think we are all just hoping that at the allowed 90 day mark, refunds start appearing. That's why I started the thread to see if anyone was out there yet. I guess just one is getting real close to the 90 soon.
  7. We are basically in the same "boat" 🙂 because we booked while on board in October. That contract only states that if we cancel 120 or more out, then we get the deposit refunded, minus the $50/person booking fee. I expected to lose the $100 for us. However, now it's THEM that cancelled the voyage, but more importantly, when I cancelled they said it would take up to 90 days. So we, too, will wait it out and then submit this info I copied below to the CC company as proof. That's a good idea to save a copy from their site in case it is taken down. I actually feel we may lose our deposit comple
  8. Thanks. I'm REALLY hoping that someone will reply that they actually GOT their refund from SD as promised. 😞 It actually saddens me that this is happening. I loved SeaDream so much.
  9. Thank you for this info. I too, have a friend, that had to go through Amex. SD had told her 14 days in EARLY March, just before things shut down...so Amex credited her and requested similar documentation as what you mentioned above. Let's see who else replies.
  10. Hi all! Has anyone succeeded in getting a refund from SD? Seeing that April, May, June, July and August voyages are now cancelled (and even the end of March maybe?)...I was wondering. We cancelled our August 29th departure from Malta, ending in Rome, and they said it would take up to 90 days. It's been 34.. 🙂 I feel i'm going to end up having to get American Express involved but i'm hoping not. So, if others have gotten their refunds, i'd love to know!! Thank you!
  11. My Friend booked on our August 29 out of Malta trip and paid in Full end of February. Within days, she realized (Pre-covid) that the airfare was unaffordable and she canceled. They told her 3-10 days for her refund ($10K) and that was March 3rd. Now it's May 11th and she got American Express involved. Amex requested the emails and communication and took the charge off her card. I canceled the same trip due to the obvious uncertainty just before the 120 day period, about 30 days ago. I hated to do it..as it was a big trip, but I had little trust that the ports would accept these Americans
  12. We have ATT and the phones are no problem but the computer work we have to do is usually too slow on cellular. I agree that the "talk" that there is WiFi on board is a joke. You can only claim that it's to preserve the old fashioned "yachting experience" for so long...🤣 We are on again in August, after SD2 dry docks ...so I can only hope!! I can't wait to hear more details on what they are doing at Dry Dock. We had some friends just get off from their BVI trip but the info seemed vague. Can't wait to sail again... 🥂
  13. It's historically been terrible WiFi. We have no choice but to have to work some on each trip, even if it's only 1 week long...for us, working is how we can KEEP taking SD trips! The last time, Oct. 19, we had to find local places with WiFi to spend time working..It would be much nicer if we could do that early morning before disembarking or at any point ON the ship rather than tote a laptop with us and have to camp out somewhere. I agree, that facetiming, videos, etc. would be super annoying..I think a way SD could fix the WiFi issue is to offer it in Library. Then you h
  14. With Innovation cancelled, and SD 2 dry docking in "spring," I looked and see a gap in their itinerary March 30, 2020 to May 7th, 2020. Does anyone know if that's the dry docking and will they do what they announced they would when they were selling innovation but said they were theming SD1 and 2 in similar looks?
  15. Thank you, JES4845! You are correct, it's Oct. 19th! I'm struggling because we leave from Florida 10/17 and arrive in Barcelona the 18th! So in my head my trip starts that day! LOL I have done the same, in signed up for some tours..i hope they take! It looks like we still have some cabins still open. I must have missed the approximate times but I will look! I just saw morning and evening listed...I'll try emailing them today, 🙂 I went ahead and booked what i really wanted in Valencia and will cross my fingers. 🙂 How exciting that you are doi
  16. Thank you! Most of what I"m booking has a 24 hour cancellation policy and aren't too expensive if we lose them all together. In the two SD trips we've done, we only changed scheduled ports once...the one where we were most sad that all tours were cancelled, we did a private excursion they booked for us but it was incredibly expensive. I am thinking they stay pretty late in these ports since we aren't traveling all that much nightly but I wish I had an idea if it's 6pm or 10PM. LOL Thanks! We are looking forward to it!!
  17. Hi! This will be our 3rd SD departing on 18 October 2019. The first SD was Greek Isles, the 2nd was St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Now on to coastal Spain, Barcelona to Malaga. I discovered, on the Greek Isles trip, that many of the excursions offered by SD did not actually happen due to lack of adequate pre-registrations. We still had a fabulous time and enjoyed the islands very much. On this trip, i want to be better prepared with some tours I know will work out by booking ahead of time off the ship, rather than risking being cancelled just a day before the port while on SDII.
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