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  1. Yes I’m finding the cruise lines are supplying a few 99sf cabins for single but are still charging as much or more than a double occupancy. Grrrrrr!
  2. I went on a Trans-Atlantic cruise in April on the Norwegian Getaway. I was in their Studio Cabin for solo cruisers. The cabin was small 99sf but it was designed great and had everything I needed. There was also a Studio Lounge that had snacks and allowed fellow Solo cruisers to meet each other. The cruise also had a Solo Cruise Director that was dedicated to Solo Cruisers no matter what cabin you were in. The Solo Cruise Director setup activities, group outings to shows and dinner every night. Every night at dinner we had 3 large tables reserved that held about 15 people each. If you are looking for someone to help you on your cruise I think that NCL might be a good place to start.
  3. The Windows remote desktop worked fine off the satellite except in the middle of the Atlantic for one day.
  4. I am back from my Trans-Atlantic Cruise and I can give you how things went with the WiFi. Norwegian Cruise Lines has different packages where you pay more for more bandwidth. I purchased the unlimited package with the most bandwidth. I worked with someone else on the cruise to split the cost. We were cruising from New York to London. I used the WifFi most of the time late at night and early in the morning. Here is what I found: In the middle of the Atlantic ocean we lost almost all bandwidth for one day At 3 am to 6 am I had lots of bandwidth and was able to remote into my servers at work and run anything without any delays. At 12:00 am to 1:30 am the ship was running their batch jobs and I was not able to do anything other than light internet. From 9:00 pm to 8:00 am I was able to use Skype for Business to phone home and talk to my son with no delays. During the day the person I shared with used the WiFi for his business and had no problems with internet, mail and IP Phone calls. He had his iPhone on WiFi calling and was able to make calls all day. Hope this helps someone else. In September I cruise from Canada to Japan and will update on how Celebrity WiFi works.
  5. I will be able to tell you more in a month but look at the NCL Studio cabins. Everyone in the Studio cabins is solo, there is a Studio Lounge and a Studio coordinator. I seen a complaint from a 20's cruiser that the Studio Cabins were full of old people; I am guessing 40 and over. This makes me feel better that there will be older cruisers in the Studio area.
  6. I have cruised with my son from age 8 to 22. We book the cheapest room because we are never in the room except to sleep and shower. If you son is like most you will only see him at dinner time. They get up and go to the teen area. They stay with their new friends until dinner and ask if they can skip, I always said no. Then they go back to the teens area to find their friends and you do not see them until late at night. The next day it starts all over. P.S. Make sure your son goes to the teen area and stays for a while if this is his first cruise. He will find friends.
  7. I have always been able to find a good quiet place in one of the bars. The fist day I just look around and you can always find a bar that is open and no one is there because it is quiet and out of the way. It is often on the front of the ship and has windows that I can see the wake of the ship.
  8. I have started liking any time dining in the last few cruises. I get to meet someone new every dinner and if they are bad I only have them for one night. My last cruise on Princess Cruises I went to their afternoon Tea and loved it. It was a great time to meet new people and just enjoy eating finger snacks and talking.
  9. I am going on a 12 day cruise in a couple of weeks on Norwegian and am looking forward to all the actives associated with the Studio Rooms. After being on 14 cruises I only book inside rooms unless the price is really good. I use the cabin like I do my bedroom at home, shower and sleep. If I look at my bedroom at home there is a window but I always have my blinds pulled. Go look in your bedroom; do you worry about seeing outside or is a place for a nice bed to sleep in?
  10. If you are looking for High End Cruises Regent Seven Seas has specials for single cruises. Ponant also has cruises without a single supplement. You can see them at https://www.cruiseplum.com/solo-supplement-deals
  11. Thank you Norman, We use Remote Top Gateway to get to my development server. I get up at 5:00 am on a normal day so I am guessing at 5:00 am the ship will not be transmitting data and people on the ship are not up using data.
  12. This is a question for the computer savvy people. I have asked the people with NCL and they were not sure. I know it is not fast and I will have to work late at night or early in the morning. Can I remote desktop into my server back at work with the ship WiFi or will they block the stream? P.S. I will be on the Norwegian Getaway doing the Trans-Atlantic cruise
  13. We did the Disney out of Galveston to the Bahama's and loved everything about it. Disney is more expensive but no cruise line comes close to give you want Disney does. The other thing that might save you money. After being on multiple cruises it is my opinion that balconies are a waste of money unless you have kids that have to nap each day. You are only in your room to sleep. You will find better places all over the ship to set back and relax. Just my opinion. Mike
  14. A couple things to remember. 1. You are on a Cruise Ship and not a boat. It is a small city on the water. Unless the weather is real bad you do not feel the ship moving like you would on a boat. 2. Most of the Alaska Cruises are doing the inside passage. You will not be on the open seas. Look at the path of the cruise ship takes and you will understand.
  15. I seen this and have taken my son on many different cruise lines. Our favorite is Disney Cruise Lines by a long way but they have priced us out of the market. With that said the one cruise we did with NCL was a disaster for me and my son. I did a review and called it "Motel 6 on the water". My son was 10 years old and because the cruise had lots of kids they put the 12 year olds in a meeting room and gave them Lincoln logs and logos to say busy. None of the 12 year olds stayed in the room so there was no place to meet friends. Without finding new friends to meet he spent all the time with me and being board. When we went on Royal Caribbean we had a great time and I did not see my son except for dinner because he was so busy having fun. One note: Make sure your kids go to the kids area the first night. They will meet new friends and have a great time.
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