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  1. Changed my retirement plans from being in the next year to being after I see what happens in the 2022 and 2024 elections. At this rate I may be working until I am 90.
  2. If I was just starting to do Solo I would go on one of the NCL Ships with the Solo Cabins and Solo Lounge. (Norwegian Bliss, Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, Epic, and Pride of America). The Studio cabins are small, 99sf, but I think it is worth it to have the solo lounge and ability to meet people. The Studio area is insulated where you have to have a cabin key to get in the area. You have a lounge in the area and I find people in there any time day or night. Everyone in there are solo travelers so they are willing to visit and enjoy others company. The other thing these ships have is a Solo
  3. I am looking at retiring in 2 years and would love to do a long World Cruise. Does any of the Cruise Lines that do World Cruises have Solo Cabins?
  4. I learned the hard way, you need to ask if they are married. They are looking for someone to take them to dinner, dancing, shows and everything they do not get at home.
  5. I have been cruising as a Single Parent for 15 years and the last 3 years as a Solo cruiser. I have not been married but I interact with many Solo cruisers. You will find a lot of married cruisers that are there Solo for many different reasons. I have 3 good female friends that we met on different cruises that have husbands that do not like to travel so they cruise solo. We have a social media group were we keep track and find cruises where we can cruise together. On the Disney Cruises I find many Solo Parents there with their kids where the other parent cannot be on the vacation. I als
  6. I just got back from a trip to an All-Inclusive in Cancun where we wore masks and dinned with our groups. I was solo but I ended up having dinner with my new group. We were social distance but you end up talking in the pool, at the bar and at activities. You only had meals with your group but who is in your group. For me I found groups for dinner. The one dinner it was 5 of us that were cruisers that were there from different parts of the US waiting for cruising to start. If the cruise ships do not allow as easy communication and making of new groups I am not afraid of having
  7. I have done lots of cruises with my son starting when he was 9 and the last one was when he was 22. I have found that as a single parent, I was better off at large tables and not small ones. The cruise lines try to match you to one or two other single parents but that ends up being a mistake more times that not. I am a happy single parent that raised my son without any mother involved. I spent a lot of time listening to issues with the ex-husband or ex-wife before I changed to a large table. A lot of people think because you are single like them you want to hear about their issues.
  8. I have not been on a RCL cruise in years but I have 4 of them booked right now. The thing I can tell you is be careful when comparing prices. All the NCL cruises I have been on have had free at sea drink packages. ON the RCL cruise you have to purchase the drink package if you want one. The price of the drink package will be different for each cruise and that price will go on sale often. I have paid as low as $35 a day for a drink package and one of my 7 day cruises is staying at $61 a day and they are saying that is 20% off. One thing they have that I like as a Solo is the Unlimit
  9. I have never purchased ship photos even when I cruised with my son growing up. I am like you and I have thousands of photos of places and places with my son in them but only a few with me in them. I did not like my picture until a couple of years ago. I took a selfie with me in my sunglasses up against Stonehenge. I liked it so much I started taking them every place I go. A friend of my started calling them the "Floating Head" pictures. Now I have an folder on my pubic site full of Floating Heads around the world.
  10. I have been running lots of number with RCL. As a solo you pay the same price as 2 people minus the taxes and port fees. The only exception is the solo rooms they have on some ships. Right now they have the sale for 60% off the second person. Everyone gets that discount solo or couples. One thing I do is run numbers as two people because that will show me the price for GTY cabins. You can get the GTY price but it will not show on the website if you pick one person in the room. When I call they will give me the GTY price.
  11. I have only been on 1 Celebrity cruise and 1 RCL cruise but I like both of them. In the last year I have had 4 on each canceled but still trying. Now that my son is in Collège I am cruising Solo and love it except for the Single Supplement. It makes it easier to cruise and not feel bad about paying double when I can get a solo cabin of any kind. I like Celebrity because they are upscale and I notice the extra things they do and the extra things on the ship. When they changed their pricing structure I contacted the office of the President of Celebrity and discussed the issues with Solo cru
  12. I have a queen bed at home and sleep on one side of the bed. When I sleep in a twin bed it seems that I don't have enough room because the blanket is pulled down on both sides. It is not the space on the bed but the way the blanket feels.
  13. You do not have to worry about it unless you are going to cruise to a country that usually does not take tourists. Even when we stopped at Russia there was no charge. Almost any cruise port welcomes people from the ships to get off and spend your money. When you are looking at ports you need to decide if you are going to take a shore excursion or do something on your own. I am guessing when cruising first starts up you might have to take a ship shore excursion. after they open up more you can determine if you pay to go with a group or go on your own. The ship excursions are n
  14. Like everyone else told you it is a good price. What I do is add up what I drink in an average day on the ship. Make sure you figure sea days vs port days. When you are calculating do not forget Coffees and juices in the morning, Soda throughout the day, Drinks at Lunch and Dinner, social drinking, show drinking and late night drinking. You also have your sail away and special deck parties. If you like to drink water you have bottled water during the day. Everyone's day looks different but this is my average day: Bottled Water after my morning workout Specialty Cof
  15. This morning I was told by a Cruise Line Executive that the cruise lines have people that watch the Cruise Critic Boards. Because of that I am hoping all you Solo Cruisers will give them your opinions. Celebrity Cruise lines has just changed their pricing model. In the past we could pay double the price of the room and pick the additional items I wanted and pay for them. Now with the new pricing model you pay a 200% Single Supplement and in it is Drinks, Gratuities and WiFi. That means I pay for 2 drink packages, 2 WiFi packages and 2 people’s gratuities. 1. Now the questio
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