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  1. I submitted the original request on April 7 and received conditional approval email the next day. The money was showing in my credit card today April 30. They had originally said to allow 90 days from submission request to get funds back on credit card.
  2. Do not wait for an update email. I logged into my credit card this morning and my refund was there! No follow up email has come from NCL yet. My credit card alerted me to a merchant credit, so I checked. The money came back as 4 separate credits from NCL for very different odd amounts, but the total of the 4 credits was exactly what I was owed to the penny. Great job NCL on processing time since my request to turn my FCC into money refund!
  3. This looks like we qualify for a refund under the 2 nd bullet- first cancelled via Peace of Mind AND then was affected by at least one additional suspension. When I go to the site - www.NCL.com/case-suspension as it says - all I see is a form for guest relations and it asked for Sail date and reservation number - is that the correct form? Which sail date and reservation number do I put in- the original sail date where I cancelled using POM or the subsequent one they cancelled? There are no instructions. They ask for evidence to be attached, but they do not say what evidence they
  4. I notice part of new safety protocol mentioned in the article says denying boarding to those over 70.- bummer!
  5. First, I would like to thank everyone for posting their experiences. After reading all this thread, I acted based on ensuring I stayed within the time limits for chase cc disputes. I did not feel I could wait for Crystal to refund on its own initiative and still remain within time limits for disputes based on my payment dates. Everything went quickly and smoothly. Cruise date- Feb 19, 2021 Cancelled by me on July 6th chase cc dispute filed Aug 23 by phone- I answered a few questions and was told no documentation was needed at that time. aug 24 - temporary credit
  6. Years back, Celebrity used to have 4 males in a capella groups that sang around the ships. Our favorite of those was Lemon Squeezy.
  7. You asked if any other group has received their refunds- We were booked on an overnight group Luxor tour with Ramses from your same March 18 Jade sailing. We notified Ramses of the cancellation as soon as we became aware and we received full refund on Mar 15 th. We were extremely pleased with the prompt reply and refund.
  8. I was referencing the link that the mice gave in post #27. It was about Spain, but at the top of that article was a link regarding Italy. I clicked and read it and found that info under Italy’s phase 3. I also said IF that comes to pass that would be significant.
  9. the mice -- what I find the most troubling is when I click on the link at the top regarding Italy's reopening plans- At the end of phase 3 it has: Beyond March 31: The last step will be to reopen the borders and allow travel -- that is March 31, 2021! IF this comes to pass, then that would be a big impact!
  10. Since you are one of the few sailings that has actually received FCC, would you be so kind as to answer a few questions please- 1. Did the email come directly from Azamara or did it come via travel agent? 2. Did it come with directions on how it can be used- new bookings only? Sail by date? 3. Is there a certifiCate number and expiration date for usage? I agree that this all is mystifying. We were on Quest Feb 20 sailing that did not go according to plan. Captain sent letters on Mar 8 detailing FCC and Azamara notified our travel agent on Mar 9 that FCC would be forthc
  11. I responded to the survey. I found there were places where they asked for explanations and I was able to state the reason for not choosing Azamara for future cruises is the requirement for doctor’s permission slip needed for over 70s. I was hoping if they hear that enough maybe they would suggest to CLIA to reconsider.
  12. No - celebrity is being extremely fair - feb 15 cruise previously embarking in Singapore cancelled- 100% refund and 50% FCC. Norwegian was about last to pull out of HK and looks like may be last to pull out of Singapore.
  13. Yes, I applied the payments to same upcoming cruise which I had booked before offers appeared.
  14. Yes. I had a difficult time getting it posted for Oct offer, but I got offer again in December and it did not take long to post that time. Then just yesterday I got the offer again! I have not used it yet the third time, but plan to do so soon.
  15. I would like a local's advice---how would one use public transportation (train/bus) to travel from Haifa Port to Jerusalem? Our cruise ship arrives 6am April 1 and departs 9pm April 2, so there is plenty of time for the trip---thinking of either staying overnight in Jerusalem or returning late April 1. We have been to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, and Galilee before on tours- we enjoyed the tours, but there was so much more I would like to see in Jerusalem. We would like the freedom to visit on our own time. Is it feasible for a tourist to attempt this? If so, what is the easiest i
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