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  1. Got the call today. Xpedition will be in dry dock for two months and our cruise is cancelled. Very disappointed, but we applied our credit to next Dec. on Flora. We’ll get there eventually! Now to decide on plan B for this year!
  2. Thanks for the update! Keep ‘me coming if you have time.
  3. Thanks for the update. So happy you were able to have the vacation you planned. We would love to hear more about it! Please post in the recently back thread any helpful info you can.
  4. LetsGOmore, thanks so much for posting this. I just got written confirmation that my room on the same sailing has also been changed to the 4th deck midship. Checking the deck plan, it’s one of the ones still showing up, so I am feeling comfortable and excited about the trip again. I have started a roll call thread under xpedition for our sailing. (It’s listed as 12/12 because that’s when we go to Quito.) perhaps we can chat about the trip there, now that we are both on board! Thanks again!
  5. It could be, but my Celebrity contact told me I would be moved to the 4th deck, just that they are working through the sailings in order and they haven’t gotten to mine in Dec. yet. I have pushed back with him (politely) to get it done for me. We’ll see.
  6. I am trying to get my cabin changed as did letsgomore in post 500 above. I am also in a 300 cabin on the Dec 14 sailing. My concern is that if you try to book my cruise right now, it shows rooms available. What if they continue to book all the available rooms and we’re out of luck? Flora won’t work since everything including MP and airfare is booked through Celebrity, and Flora is a day later itinerary. I understand they are scrambling to rearrange the earlier cruises, but by not paying attention to the later ones, they could be creating unnecessary problems for themselves, and angst for us. S
  7. Lele13, thanks so much for the update. I’m sure it will be a fabulous trip! Check back in and let us know your tips and must dos afterwards. To be able to visit this wonderful place at a discount is a blessing in disguise, I think!
  8. Just because the parent company is the same, the individual lines each have their target markets, and can have quite different services, decor and layouts. I am always interested to hear from my cruising friends which is their favorite and why. We have found after several trips on the big ships that we like the smaller ones and their ports better. But the first cruise is always memorable. Im so excited to see the Galapagos, the ship is very secondary to me. Not knowing is unnerving, but it’s not keeping me up at night. It will be fabulous regardless. I also know the cruise compani
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