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  1. Cant wait until March

    Specialty Dining Reservations?

    I have made a specialty dining reservation recently and was wondering if anyone knew how you find out if it was accepted. I haven't heard anything back from Carnival either on the cruise manager or by e-mail.
  2. Cant wait until March

    Formal Night On The Horizon?

    Thank you for the info
  3. Cant wait until March

    Formal Night On The Horizon?

    Is there a specific formal night on the Horizon? We are booked on the March 9th sailing and were trying to decide when to go to the steakhouse. Thanks.
  4. Cant wait until March

    Is The Balcony Room worth the extra money on The Horizon?

    Thank you to everyone for the input. We decided to go with the balcony, now I can't wait for 246 days to pass.
  5. We are planning on sailing on the Horizon next March. We have never had an interior cabin before but the savings are substantial. What are your thoughts???
  6. Cant wait until March

    Liberty, Glory, or Legend? Which do you like best and why?

    We were on the Legend in March 2009. Everyone on board including the other passengers made it a trip of a lifetime. The ship is easy to navigate and the staff as second to none. They make it feel like they are there to take care of just your needs and nothing else. Tampa is also a very easy port to get through, not many lines. Good luck in choosing, my pick is the Legend.
  7. When you spoke of the poverty in Jamaica it probably wasn't much different than what it is like in Belize. We were on the Legend 2 years ago and I couldn't believe the living conditions in Belize. It was one of the worst destinations we have ever been to. We took a Carnival tour to some Myan Ruins that were amazing and then a river "adventure" to see the local wildlife. The river tour was not very good and it really made Belize stand out as a very poor country. It's too bad that you missed Isla Roatan. It was by far our favorite port and we cant wait to go back there some day. The poorest country in the world owns the most beautiful place we have ever been. It goes to show that you can make the best of your situation no matter how much money you have. Great review so far, I'm looking forward to the rest.
  8. I am enjoying your review thus far. My wife and I were on the Legend a few years ago and had an amazing time. The city by the way that you pass just before you get to the bridge out of Tampa is St. Petersburg. It's amazing how everyone seems to take the same photos on any given cruise, it feels like I have some of the same one's in my collection. What do you shoot with? You mentioned a "time delay shot" for night time at the theme park. Just wondering what you were shooting with. Thanks.
  9. Cant wait until March

    3/15 Legend Review with pics

    Stacy, While the monkeys were stealing your jolly ranchers we were on the zip lines. When we went in with the monkeys one of them took my wife's earring. We were lucky to get it back. Roatan was also our favorite port and we are planning on going back on the Legend next March with the kids. It was the best vacation we have taken in 15 years. Loved your review, if you want to check out mine just click on my name and you will find it. Enjoy. Owen
  10. Cant wait until March

    Legend or Valor? Which would you recommend, and why?

    Donna, We were on the Legend in March and loved it. Tampa seems to be the better port to both get to and leave from. Miami is a very busy airport and quite congested at the best of times. Good luck and have fun.
  11. When you drive from Ontario to Tampa Bay, How long does it take and where do you stop for the night. Any advice would be helpful. We aren't going until next March but are trying to make all of our plans in advance. Thanks.
  12. I put my past guest number in while trying to book our next cruise and the price didn't change at all. Do you get a discount or is it just on certain things?
  13. Cant wait until March

    Legend Review March 15 - 22. Long and Detailed.

    I think the table minimums were $1 on the inside numbers and $3 on anything outside. There was a guy beside me one night that won $1750 on one spin. His luck was a little better than mine.
  14. Cant wait until March

    Legend Review March 15 - 22. Long and Detailed.

    We are planning the next one right now. This time I think we are taking the kids and driving down. We will figure it out in the next few days.
  15. Cant wait until March

    Legend Review March 15 - 22. Long and Detailed.

    2 nights at the supper club would be nice but at the same time you don't want to miss what's going on in the dining room. I would just go on the night you have planned and if you like it make another reservation before you leave. It's not crowded. Have fun.