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  1. Yeah it worked out good for us due to our flight time and it was fun to spend the day in Miami. I would recommend it highly.
  2. I don't recall the name of the tour company. They were just regular coach buses. My wife said that the tour guides name was Lance but that's all she could remember. I looked in the Carnival book and it doesn't say who the operators are either. There was a similar tour that we saw in most of the places we went. It was a double decker bus that said Big Bus on it. It was a hop on, hop off tour that drove around. I hope this helps, good luck.
  3. I didn't hate it. The park itself was nice. The bus ride each way sucks. They need to be more specific in their descriptions to make sure people know what they are paying for.
  4. Summary Pros 1. We had a great time on this cruise and would recommend it to anyone. 2. The ports were all nice and the excursions we went with were also good. 3. For the most part the food was very good. 4. The ships staff was amazing from top to bottom, they tirelessly look after the passengers needs and seem to know what you want before you know what you want. 5. The Horizon itself was a beautiful ship. Well kept and clean. Cons 1. The up-charging in the dining room in my opinion is a little much. It feels like Carnival is trying to squeeze
  5. Vacation Day 9 - March 17 - Disembarkation Day - Miami Always a bittersweet day that signifies the end of your vacation. You get up early and have to make your way off the ship and fly home to a place, in our case, likely covered in snow and ice and temperatures well below zero. We weren't sure what we were going to do on this day because you have to be off the ship rather early and our flight out of Miami wasn't until 7:40PM. We either had to get a transfer to the airport and figure out what to do with our luggage for the day. This option was about $30 per person an
  6. It's between 15 - 20 feet to jump in. Many people just wore their bathing suits under their regular clothes for the day.
  7. Vacation Day 8 - March 16th - Sea Day This was the 2nd sea day in a row. I wasn't sure I would like having 2 sea days in a row when we booked this trip but it turned out to be a great way to spend a couple of days. Very relaxing. I was up early, as usual, and went out and looked around the ship and got a little exercise. I walked up and down all of the stairs on board and took some pics of the décor. I liked the photography around the Horizon. In every stairwell there was a large photo of different ports that Carnival visits. They were cut into sections and plac
  8. Vacation Day 7 - March 15th - Sea Day It was hard to believe that the cruise was winding down already. We felt lucky to have 2 sea days in a row at the end just to relax and take in some of the things the ship has to offer. We slept in which is a rare occurrence for me so I missed seeing the sunrise. We went to the dining room for brunch when we were ready to eat. We both ordered the frittata with ham served with a side of bacon and toast. It was very good and after brunch we just went to find a quiet spot to sit down and get a little sun. It was again a very nice sunny d
  9. There were posters all over the island about these "potcake dogs". There is an organization trying to get them adopted out to various countries before the stray population gets even more out of hand. If I could figure out a way to sneak some back on the ship I would have brought some home. Lol.
  10. I would say the one for kids that we went to was Kenepa Beach. The water was pretty calm and there was lots of kids there that seemed to be having a good time.
  11. Vacation Day 6 - March 14 - Aruba Today we arrived in Aruba and were scheduled to be there between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM. The ship of course arrived on time and the captain made an announcement that wished everyone well for the day and to warn everyone to hold their belonging getting off the ship because of the wind. He was not kidding. We were up fairly early and had breakfast in our cabin from the room service menu. They are very good at getting it to you at the time you request it. We ate and got ready to get off the ship for the day. The excursion we chose was t
  12. Vacation Day 5 - March 13 - Curacao This was the port I was most interested in. We had never been here before and everyone tells us that we would love it. We were scheduled to be in port from 2:30 PM - 10:30 PM. I was awake early but didn't feel like getting up so I just stayed in bed and enjoyed the movement of the ship. After a while I got up and went for a walk. As we neared curacao it seemed a little hazy and you couldn't see the landscape very clearly. I missed the sunrise this morning, however I did get an interesting shot of the sunlight coming through the clo
  13. There is a little restroom just before you get to the blue hole where we changed in and out of our suits. It's not the Hilton but it will do.
  14. You can leave your things in the cubbies. I left my DSLR, lenses, camera bag, etc and had no problem. There are employee's watching things and also the space is fairly small so you would see if anyone was messing with your stuff.
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