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  1. Mmmkay, buddy. This issue is not "the limelight," because, as I said, cruising is just not important to public health, which is the CDC's overriding consideration. Step back from the trees, Skier, and see the forest.
  2. Political gatherings are not industries of the sort that the person to whom I was replying was referring to when he complained that the cruise industry is being held to a higher standard. The CDC doesn't have jurisdiction to prevent political gatherings or, indeed, most kinds of land-based activity. But they DO have jurisdiction to prevent the spread of communicable disease by ship. They have the power (it's not a power grab--they already have the power) to restrict cruise lines and other kinds of maritime activity, too. In the end, the hard fact is that the people here, includi
  3. Sidesteps the issue of the cruise industry being treated differently? Ah, no. From the brief: "These experiences demonstrated that cruise ships are uniquely suited to spread COVID-19, likely due to their close quarters for passengers and crew for prolonged periods, and other factors." You may not like that argument, but it's not a dodge. And the fact that Defendants make other legal arguments does not constitute a dodge, either.
  4. EDIT: Looking back, I realized I have never even been on a midsummer sailing--my impressions are from non-peak-family sailings, and kids are everywhere on Oasis-class ships even then! (It just feels like summer when you're sailing the Caribbean.) Our Thanksgiving 2019 Allure OTS sailing had tons of kids, to the extent that we were unable to book several time slots in Royal Babies and Tots, even days in advance. The point is, on a summer sailing on an Oasis-class ship, an allowance of 5% unvaccinated passengers will not even cover all the kids, much less any unvaccinated adults with faked va
  5. https://www.cruise1st.co.uk/blog/cruise-holidays/how-old-is-the-average-cruise-passenger/ See the image below, apparently with data from CLIA. If that's correct--and that's the average across adult-oriented lines like Holland America as well as family-friendly lines like Royal--then there are still going to be plenty of kids left out, especially during the summer. Anecdotally, I would estimate the number of kids on the summer/holiday Royal sailings I've been on at higher than 10% of the overall passenger populace and (kids + teens) at well over 15%, perhaps 20% or more
  6. Tony from La Lido Loca bemoans the negative effects of politics, but this is a great example of how the politics of "owning the Libs" trumps everything for DeSantis. He could be cooperating with CDC's efforts to make sure ships sail safely, but that wouldn't help him politically, so he doesn't do it.
  7. I posted the above a while ago, but we have final payment looming for our August 7 cruise, and the circumstances have changed. Will the cruise be cancelled? Depends on which route Royal goes with it. If they go the test sailing route, it will surely not go, because there is not enough time to staff the ship, run the test sailings, and jump through the other hoops required. No worries there. If they go the 95% vaccinated route, the sailing might go, but our kids won't be able to be vaccinated. I am very concerned about that possibility, so I called Royal's customer service an
  8. That’s not exactly realistic for a corporation desperate to get back to its billion-dollar money-making enterprise, is it? Brutal honesty is not going to entice many people.
  9. Are you asking why social media is the way it is? People care—way too much—about what is said to and about them on social media. Given what we have seen about the deleterious effects of social media on society, you could just insist that people ignore others’ statements or not take them seriously, which is also an option IRL, but people don’t do that. They do take it seriously, and they do feel social pressure. That’s another of those corollaries of free speech: that speech will affect people’s thoughts and behaviors. If it didn’t, there would be no need to protect it, because speech itse
  10. The corollary to the idea of free speech that no one seems to remember is that everyone else is just as free to call out stupidity when they see it. "Free speech" does not mean that anyone can say anything without fear of paying a social price for it in the form of criticism.
  11. Probably because of this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/04/18/scams-coronavirus-vaccination-cards/ Royal doesn't want to do what would have to be done to ensure, with legal liability at stake, that everyone is in fact vaccinated and not just claiming to be vaccinated. And I don't blame them. I have no idea how they would catch the liars, but it would be expensive and probably intrusive, with the potential for some bad publicity, however they might do it. I wish there were an easy way to make absolutely sure that people are vaccinated. That would make the situation much si
  12. Yes, I am sure that cruise lines will not permanently cut young and middle-age adults with children out of their customer base. I am quite sure of that. Even if there are kid-free cruises as a stepping stone to full cruises, they will not be the permanent business model.
  13. Sure, but kids have to be factored in, and they can’t get vaccinated right now. A 100% vaccinated cruise would have no kids on it. And the lines are not about to disallow kids on cruises. They would essentially shut out my demographic. The consequence of the vaccine hesitancy in the article I posted is that the kids of the hesitant won’t get vaccinated either, and we won’t get to the vaccine uptake threshold we need for a very long time.
  14. And here's the sad complement to that: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-15/unused-vaccines-are-piling-up-across-u-s-as-some-regions-resist WE WON'T GET TO CRUISE AS NORMAL UNTIL 75-80% OF THE POPULATION IS VACCINATED, PEOPLE. The half-capacity, masked-and-distanced cruises aren't going to satisfy cruisers or cruise lines for long.
  15. Does anyone realize how few issues out there get 85% support? Play this game with yourself: read through the comments on this thread and then guess what the percentages would be based on them. You might guess over 50% support, but you would never guess 85%. (This is why universal background check measures fail in Congress, BTW, despite having similar levels of support.)
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