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  1. This offer is not on any of our 3 Amex Cards. In the past, I have been able to click on a link that someone posted, and manually add it to one of our cards. That's the reason that I requested the url for this offer. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone please post the link to the current offer? It is not on any of our AmEx cards. Thanks.
  3. I just called Shore Excursions at HAL, and was told to just bring the Excursion Credits (which should be in our cabin when we embark) to the Shore Excursions desk, and they should refund the amount that we paid. So I booked the excursion that we want, and will keep my fingers crossed.
  4. I'm sure that this has been asked before, but I haven't been able to find the thread. Will the automatic gratuities be deducted from the non-refundable Holland America OBC? Thanks.
  5. We each have a $100 Shore Excursion Credit, that we won't be able to access until we embark on our cruise next month. We are doing mainly private tours on our cruise, but there is one ship excursion that we might like to take. I can book it now, but will need to pay for it now. It is a bus excursion. My question is - can I apply our Shore Excursion Credits to this excursion once we are onboard, and get a refund for what we paid. (We were able to do this with OBC on a prior Celebrity cruise.)
  6. We will each have a shore excursion credit when we board our cruise in July. If I book the excursion that we want now (and pay for it), can I cancel and rebook it once onboard using the shore excursion credits that we will have?? Has anyone ever done this? Thanks.
  7. We are very disappointed that we won't get to see Cuba as planned, and will most likely decide to book another cruise, since we have been to the other 2 ports on our Cuba cruise. We will also take a loss on the airfare that we have already booked. BUT our loss is minimal compared to the loss to the Cuban people. I sent emails last night to our 2 guides in Cuba that we had booked. Their responses make me so sad.: "We feel sorry too.This travel ban is really bad for us .As usual,all this measures hurt the people.Leaders will continue to eat well and live comfortably." "Hello Sandy.Thanks for your message.You are right.This nonsense decision affects the government but also the many self workers who do not have ties with it ,in my case I am an independent tour guide without any relation with the government and truly it is affecting my family and me.There are many people in Cuba and in my city that will be hurt.Thabk you for your communication and concern.Maybe some day we will meet in Cienfuegos You have a friend here. Hugs."
  8. What bothers me is that our cruise is booked in US$ and the OBC from our TA is shown as: "The value of the shipboard credit is determined by the base cruise fare for the stateroom category booked." There is an inconsistency between the currency used for pricing of the cruise and the OBC percentage calculated on apples (US$) vs oranges ($AU).
  9. We will have 2 Beverage Cards from HAL that are "not redeemable for cash". Can we apply the value of the Beverage Card to a more expensive Wine Bottle Package? Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know if there are Mah Jongg game on board the Zuiderdam? Thanks.
  11. IF the Cuba ports are not eliminated because of Trump's directive, you should just be able to follow Canadian rules. We (US citizens) also have a Cuba cruise scheduled, and I have already booked private tours in both Cuban ports and am planning to use "support for the Cuban people" for the visa IF our cruise is not cancelled. Cuba could be removed from the Cuba itineraries if US citizens aren't allowed to go there, strange as that may seem. Also, because of the policy change by Trump, Carnival Corporation (owner of Holland America) is being sued for using Cuban port facilities that were confiscated from American owners in 1960. So, everything can change.
  12. You can check to see which Neptune Suites are still available on that departure. (I always go to the website for the Big Box Store.) I looked at the deck plan for the New Statendam, and the only Neptunes that are less than ideal (my opinion due to possible ship motion) are the two Neptune Suites on Deck 11, and possibly the two directly below on Deck 10, at the forward corners of the ship. Nevertheless, as Dave just said, I would take ANY Neptune Suite that I could get. Maybe someone who has actually stayed in the forward corner Neptune Suites could give their opinion.
  13. What ship are your parents on? If it is the Zuiderdam or a similar ship, all of the Neptune suites are good.
  14. If they can get the guaranteed Neptune Suite, they should definitely take it. Lots of great benefits for Neptune Suites and the Neptune Suites are much larger than the Signature Suites. Breakfast in the Pinnacle Restaurant, free Laundry, lunch snacks in the Lounge, etc. They may have to wait for a cabin assignment, but all the Neptune Suites are great.
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