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  1. Our refund came through fairly quickly. We cancelled our October cruise on April 13th. Credit for our deposit (less the cancellation fee) showed up on our credit card today.
  2. I expect that we will be charged the cancellation fee also. We have sailed with Azamara previously, and also enjoyed many cruises on Celebrity and RCCL, but the cancellation fee will be a first for us, and will turn us off to scheduling future cruises with Azamara. (Because we are in a high-risk group for covid-19, we feel that we have no choice about cancelling this cruise.)
  3. Hi Teacherman. Did you get charged a cancellation fee? We have also cancelled an October cruise, and are waiting for our refund. We cancelled a little over 2 weeks ago, and were told that the refund should take around 30 days.
  4. Just received an email cancellation from a tour guide that we had booked for the end of May in Montreal, Canada. This was for a DIY trip that we were planning, and are in the midst of cancelling. With all of the uncertainty and unknowns surrounding this virus, we will most likely need to cancel our October cruise in early June, since we don't want an FCC. We will need to evaluate the risk of taking this cruise a full 4 months prior, and will err on the side of caution. Azamara can expect a lot of cancellations due to their cancellation policy.
  5. Exactly my concern. We do not want to get into the penalty phase with FCC. So we will need to make a decision on our cruise a full 4 months before sailing. That is why I would suggest that Azamara shorten the penalty phase to 60 days during the coronavirus crisis in order to allow their cruisers to make a more informed decision. This would reduce the number of cancellations that Azamara will be receiving.
  6. Due to the lack of things being addressed by Azamara currently, we will need to make a decision on our October cruise in June. We would prefer to wait longer, but due to Azamara's onerous cancellation policy, we may need to cancel our cruise.
  7. In the current Covid-19 environment, Azamara's 120 Day cancellation window needs to be revised. We will need to decide by early June about a cruise that we have booked for October. While we are hopeful that this virus will be contained by early June, we will not want to take the risk of a 25% cancellation penalty if we are not confident that we will not be impacted on our October cruise. Since we select cruises based upon ports, an FCC would not be acceptable to us. Azamara needs to be more flexible, and revise their cancellation policy to a 60 day cancellation window for this year due to the uncertainty surrounding cruising.
  8. Everyone has been concerned about the passengers, rightly so. But, what about the crew? They are not in isolation and have been exposed to the passengers, and each other, some of whom have been diagnosed with this coronavirus. I just read this article about some of the crew wanting to go home. They are in a scarier situation than the passengers. https://www.businessinsider.com/indian-crew-coronavirus-quarantined-diamond-princess-2020-2
  9. We normally plan our own excursions. Normally the cost is less and more importantly the groups are smaller. In all the years that we have been cruising, we have only booked a handful of ship tours. The only advantage of a ship tour, IMHO, is that you are guaranteed that the ship will not leave without you. We just make sure that private tours are scheduled to be back to port not less than 90 minutes prior to departure time. The only times that we now book ship tours are due to tight schedules with a very short time in port. With private tours, we always book with companies that are reported to have careful and safe drivers. The worst tour that we ever took, was an Azamara ship tour in Puerto Princesa for a tour of the Subterranean River National Park. There were at least 6 vans arranged to take people on that excursion, so the individual groups were small. All the vans were constantly passing other vehicles on the highway in a convoy - ignoring traffic. The people in our van were so upset with what turned out to be a dangerous tour, that we all refused to get out of the van at an optional stop at a flea market en route back to the ship. Because of the frightening drive (and inexperienced tour guide) we all just wanted to get back alive to the ship. Needless to say, I am in the midst of booking private tours at all of the ports on our October Azamara cruise.
  10. IF your pre-booked excursions are not fully booked when you board the ship, you should be able to refund them to "Refundable OBC" and immediately rebook them with "NonRefundable OBC".
  11. Could it be that the part needed was not readily available in Freeport? HAL may be waiting for a specific part to meet the ship at another port, where the repair can be made. We were on the Celebrity Millennium in August 2013. The ship was leaving Ketchikan when it had to return to port when an azipod needed replacement. The remainder of the cruise was cancelled, but passengers used the ship as a hotel for several additional days until airplanes could be chartered to transfer all passengers to airports where flights were readily available - Seattle, Anchorage, and Vancouver. After we finally disembarked the ship, the Millenium sailed slowly, with crew only, down the west coast through the Panama Canal to Freeport for a drydock, where the replacement azipod was to arrive from somewhere in Europe. I believe that a few cruises after ours were cancelled because of the time needed for the Millenium to sail to Freeport for the replacement azipod. We narrowly missed a repeat, since we disembarked from the NA on the 14th.
  12. sandyss

    Flight out of FCO

    Just got our return flight from FCO on Lufthansa, using United Miles. The timing has changed from the earlier dates that I had been watching. The flight leaves at 1:05 pm, which should be easy for us to make.
  13. sandyss

    Flight out of FCO

    Thank you grayjay. I've got my fingers crossed that I can book those Lufthansa flights with my United miles.
  14. We have also changed TAs due to a similar occurrence. When our original cruise had Cuba deleted from the itinerary, we decided to switch to a different Caribbean cruise. HAL had offered us $50 cruise credit per person due to the change. Our TA applied the $50 per person credit and then reduced her discount from $75 per person to $12 per person - a net loss for us. She refused to adjust the discount, so I just booked our next 2 cruises with a different TA. She lost a long-time customer.
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