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  1. Hi all, Just an update. I did indeed dispute my deposit with my credit card company and I was successful. I did have to complete extra paperwork and I printed the page from RCCL.com that said all worldwide cruises were canceled though x date. I received the initial credit and then it was made permanent shortly after my paperwork was sent back. I have one more ongoing dispute with intra Europe flights, which were canceled and the airline is also fighting the chargeback even though I have an email from them that says I’m entitled to a refund since they cancel
  2. It’s worth trying. They cancel my cruise, I want a refund. I’m not interested in lift and shift, I don’t know where I’ll be living next year, let alone when I should take a cruise. The point is Royal is being total unreasonable by only canceling cruises within the full payment window. They know it and we know it. And since they have made my life as difficult as possible, I plan to return the favor. And yes, I did book a suite.
  3. I agree with this 100%. I don’t understand why there isn’t more outrage? I wrote to all of my senators and state local representatives (I live in Florida) and I haven’t had one response. I’m sure they all think I’m bats*** crazy, but their policy is ridiculous. Why should hard working people “float” RCCL with an interest free loan?! im not a regular cruiser and this certainly has me thinking twice about ever booking one again. Pathetic.
  4. That’s actually worse, they know it’s going to cancel. It’s all so shady. I expected more from Royal.
  5. Well, no dice. They were willing to extend they payment 15 days for $250 for one cabin and $200 for another. Not happening. I refuse to give them anymore money based on how long refunds are taking. My next step is to wait for the cruise to cancel, which it will and dispute the charge. I really do think it’s shameful. There’s no way this cruise is happening and they seem to only cancel once people are in the full payment window. Awful.
  6. Let me know how you make out! I am calling tomorrow and will report back.
  7. Thanks all! I’m likely wasting my time as I can’t see them making any decisions (publicly) for August in the next 7-10 days. I will try anyway. I do think their policy is horrendous, effectively forcing everyone to hand thousands of dollars more over and then wait a long time time to get their money back once it does cancel or stuck with a credit.
  8. I’m due to depart Barcelona in August 30th. I can’t see how there is any chance this cruise will happen. Payment is due June 1. I called a little while ago and the agent seemed to indicate a payment extension was possible by calling the day before or the day of payment and probably having to speak to a supervisor. Has anyone had success in this recently? And if so how long did the extend for? I do not want to pay in full as I’m seeing the stories of peoples waiting 60+ days for their refunds and I don’t want a FCC, I don’t know when I’ll be able to cruise again.
  9. Wow lazy?! Sorry, I work and have small children. I can’t be checking every day, I don’t have that kind of time. I did book a suite, I guess that means my deposit is automatically non refundable? I’m new to this game, I don’t usually go on cruises and I don’t know what my life is going to look like next year. I work in travel and I can’t commitment to a 2021 vacation right now. Not to mention I’m one of the lucky ones still working and my job could end at any time, so having the money back is much more preferable. I’m sure you can understand that.
  10. You can call into the credit card company and dispute a partial amount. I know how it works, yes the credit card company gives you the initial credit and the merchant has I believe 10 days to say they want to dispute and then up to 90 days to provide proof while you have a provisional credit. It can absolutely be done and chargebacks are currently at an all time high because people don’t want to wait for their refunds.
  11. You can absolutely do a partial chargeback.
  12. You all have more patience than me. I wouldn’t hesitate to do a chargeback. It’s not acceptable to still be waiting for a refund from a cruise that would have already departed IMHO.
  13. I will still try. This is why I don’t understand when everyone applauds RCCL. They are being totally shady, waiting so long to cancel. They seem to be fair on the surface, but far from it.
  14. It’s helpful, but that’s work. Other than maybe a few dedicated people, most don’t have time to check and recheck looking for price drops.
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