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  1. Ya that doesn't make sense. I'd ask to speak with a supervisor when you call RCI. Either that or don't prepay them.
  2. They were linked so not technically.
  3. RCI seems to be consistently inconsistent. Our TA told us that we couldn't apply our FCC to the room. Four of us are currently booked in two GS. We inquired about moving into a 2BR GS. Our FCCs are about 1350 each. That would cover the 4 of us. But due to the breakdown of the pricing for the first 2 pax compared 3 and 4th Two of us would have to pay extra and 2 of us would have FCC that we wouldn't be able to use.
  4. So go through a different line at a different time...
  5. Dining in the MDR does not have to take hours. You can ask your wait staff to expedite your meal and you'll be out of there in no time. My daughter has 3 courses in 45 minutes before she goes to Adventure Ocean. There have been times where I've been in and out of the MDR in an hour in order to get to a show. All you need to do is tell your wait staff.
  6. Why do you care what other people wear?
  7. My Daughter and I share a surname. I bring a letter. It is better to have and not need than the other way around.
  8. Way too smokey. I can't believe RCI permits smoking in any indoor venue.
  9. They won't care. You don't even need a medical exemption in order to buy one package. Once on board, they certainly aren't going to say no to your money.
  10. Did you pay a la carte for these drinks or did you have a package?
  11. I'm not sure why the charge for accessible parking would be any different from what able bodied people pay. Sent from my LYA-L0C using Tapatalk
  12. My concern with the new age groups is that 12 year olds are at such a different place in their lives than a 6 year old. A lot of 12 year olds use bad language and many are exploring and experimenting with their sexuality. 6 year olds are still learning to tie their shoes. My concern is the supervision levels- are 12 year olds going to be able to mingle freely ( and unsupervised) with 6 year olds? Even if there is adequate supervision things can still happen...
  13. Civil and criminal matters have a different standard of proof. It is not uncommon for a criminal trial to find someone not guilty and them to be found at fault in the civil proceedings-- the OJ Simpson murder case is a classic example
  14. What a bunch of crybabies. Seriously. Shut the hell up. The Captain is keeping you safe. I have no tolerance for stupid people.
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