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  1. I've tried Cruise consultants 3 times. I gave up they never call back
  2. I had a cruise booked for May 21st 2022. It had Ketchikan, Juneau, Icy Straight and Indicott Arm and Dawes Glacier. I checked today...and Sitka was added? weird. And, where on the ncl website can I find the excursions I've already booked??? And, I just checked for more excursions to book, and they don't have any for Ketchikan or Victoria. I'm so confused. I booked the Duck tour for Ketchikan and can't find it. whew. anyway, excited to cruise in May!!! Racetrack, Mini Golf and Spa, here we come!
  3. what am I missing? have they just not decided when the Depart time is? 🙃 🤔
  4. I would like to do the Ducks in Ketchikan, and also a ride into the rainforest. WHY are the times so close together??? each port is this way. no way I can get BACK from the 8 am excursion for one at 10 am 😞
  5. has anyone done this? is it worth it?
  6. thank you! I can't imagine what a nightmare that must be for them....ALLL those people. ALL canceled....every ship. Every sailing ugh
  7. has anyone here gotten their money refunded? They said it will go back on the card that I did the reservations on...nothing yet.
  8. in a Prior post you stated (Bird) that Splash Academy and Guppies were not on board? there is no Splash Academy?
  9. Need some mommy and daddy time on the cruise? Send the kids down to the Entourage Teen Club on Deck 5. (This is a fully vaccinated cruise, so there are no guppies or Splash Academy members onboard). remember to register and attend the first night where friendships are made.
  10. there's a racetrack (costs $15/8 minutes) and they charge for the lazer tag. Do they charge for the large water slide, or is that included?
  11. I am taking 3 (!) grandkids on a cruise next May 🙂 the agent told me that their Birth Certificates would be all I needed. It's a closed loop cruise from Seattle though. I can't wait!!!!
  12. We have been working diligently towards our resumption of operations, focusing on providing you with the very best experience while keeping your health and safety at the forefront. This means however, that we must unfortunately cancel Norwegian’s Pride of America voyages with embarkation dates from November 27, 2021 through and including January 15, 2022
  13. can you verify that? I have heard rumors but nothing solid. not even on the Norwegian Website
  14. so they say POA is sailing. but WHEN?? Is it sailing now? i keep reading that it's a go on POA. i thought ALL cruises were cancelled
  15. stupid question. I have 28,000 points. how many $$$ is that? $280? I'm pretty sure it's not $28,000 lol
  16. I do it all the time. I see a balance and I pay it. too much shock waiting for the bill lol
  17. I am hoping to cruise when I DON'T have to wear a mask....I hope that this December's cruise is postponed. I reeeeaaaly want to cruise when it's back to normal sigh
  18. and, THAT answered the question lol Points are awarded on your statement date... not before... so your total will only be available on your statements. Your statement will include a line item giving you a summary of points for the month, bonus points, and your new total. Until you get your first statement, you officially have NO points 🙂
  19. 🙂 cool. another question about World Points...I have charged a few things on the card, but show no WorldPoints. Guess they might when they do the statement?
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