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  1. The question though is more about how to best bargain shop. So if its after the fact and it doesn't work, its not the best strategy. I haven't been able to fine a TA that could answer with certainty nor have I ever had good experience with calling RC directly about almost anything...
  2. I've asked this questions a few times but no one has ever had an answer beyond speculation so I am wondering if anyone has any information... I will start by saying that on CLS and higher I have seen decent discounts as a result of KSF sales (I have two kids). My last booking on an Owners Panoramic Suite on Oasis resulted in just over a $1,000 savings when the KSF sale hit. However, both times the KSF has saved me money, it was an original booking made after the KSF sale went live. I am wondering how these limited quantity and high end rooms get priced (re-priced) when the sale hits and the customer requests the promo be applied (since these rooms might be as little as a single cabin like a OPS or two cabins like a Star Loft, etc.) If the rooms are sold out and you are one of those bookings, will their system just re-price it on the rack rate since its repricing a sold out category (which would result in a higher price almost 100% of the time) or does it take a percentage of rack rate like the sale states (50% off plus KSF, etc.)? Seems like re-pricing a sold out category of one or two rooms (vs. one where there are several rooms still available - like a more common room type) would be something that is great for a guest but doesn't make a lot of sense from a revenue stand point for the company. I have always waited for KSF sales on these rooms (and been worried I would lose them in the mean time) but if they do reprice these rooms like any other on different promotions, it definitely makes sense to just book immediately regardless of the initial price and then wait for the sale. If anyone has specific experience with this, please let us know how it worked out? Thanks.
  3. Does Radiance have the O3 satellite upgrade? Thanks.
  4. Hi All, Forgive me if this is a repeat connection but my search didn't find a direct answer. Can anyone advise how well Voom works on Ovation in the Alaska inside straight cruises? I need be connected for work and have become quite spoiled by my Voom connection in the Caribbean. Thanks, J.
  5. Hi All, Has anyone else noticed that the price difference between a TL and AQ1 or AQ2 is much smaller on the older ships (Oasis and Allure) than the price difference between those same rooms on the newer ships (Symphony and Harmony). For a randomly selected off season cruise: TL is approximately $1,300 more per person (for a family of 4 - $5,200) on Symphony and Harmony than AQ1 (AQ2 is slightly more). TL is approximately $800 more per person (for a family of 4 - $3,200) on Oasis and Allure than AQ1 (AQ2 is slightly more). Is this due to some engineering, or interior modeling, or other kind of change that occurred in these rooms during the 10 year gap in construction that I am unaware of that accounts for this large difference or is it just because they can? More soot? Higher ceilings? Better bathrooms? Anything? Thanks, J.
  6. So surprisingly to me, we went with an AquaTheater Suite 2 bedroom, class A2 on Symphony. Not something I planned to do. But on this particular cruise, the itinerary includes Labadee, Perfect Day and San Juan which seemed unusual so we'll just slum it in an A2. 😉. I appreciate the advise on the two Star Lofts, we were still having a family debate on it because the kids want the rear facing and the light seems so much better. I much prefer the privacy of the other suite. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Thank you all for the responses. For those that did stay in 1720, was the ocean view off the side at least any good? Worthwhile facing the lounger that way?
  8. Hi All, I know there are no confirmed details regarding what will happen with the Amped Oasis of the Seas dry dock this year but it is the over 10 year major dry dock for this ship so I am wondering about the regular refurbishments that would occur at this time aside from the amped features. Will a room like a StarLoft get a complete remodel or would it remain basically the same? I saw notable differences in the StarLoft on Symphony vs the StarLoft on Oasis last year. I am wondering if the StarLoft will on Oasis will feel new again once the dry dock is complete? Thanks.
  9. Hi All, I am curious for opinions from anyone who has stayed in both StarLofts what your recommendations would be on StarLofts on Oasis class ships. On cabin faces the rear of the ship and then the one next to it faces the side. From what I can tell the one facing the rear has much more light (since the long side of the rectangle is all windows) and the lay out looks better. The other one is darker (because the short side of the rectangle has the windows) with a worse lay out but has is far more private. So, which would choose? Thanks, J. P.S. If it matters, the room is two adults and two children.
  10. Thank you all. I went with Oasis. You all brought me back to my senses. 😉
  11. Allure is definitely chartered for those dates.
  12. I am pretty sure the “complaints” I had are the only major differences. But, confirming that from someone who has actually stayed in both cabins is the only way to really find out. I went ahead and booked the OPS for December so if I remember this thread, I’ll report back my observations. The room size difference is about 100 feet if I’m not mistaken. Figure the foyer that is part of the OPS instead of being outside the GPS is about 10 to 11 feet by 5 feet and foyer being part of the OPS is roughly half the size difference alone between the rooms. I don’t think the rest is going to be very noticeable. The balcony is definitely not going o be different as a matter of exterior ship design. However, I wouldn’t discount the things I mentioned above as annoyances in the GPS. Something about those two things bothered me more than once every day.
  13. Thanks for the reply. To clarify, when you say book in advance, you mean when the Genie emails me a couple of weeks before sailing, I should book then, or did you mean I should book one now online (10 months in advance). Thanks.
  14. Hi All, I am in a star class suite and I intend to book a bungalow on Barefoot Beach. It's my understanding that I don't book that until my genie reaches out to me a couple of weeks before the cruise (is that right)? Also, does anyone know if the bungalow or being in star class includes the other extras at Ladabee like the zip line or waterslides? Thanks, J.
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