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  1. HMS Queen Elizabeth is an aircraft carrier not a cruise ship. Comparisons not really relevant.
  2. Today’s Cruise plum shows pricing changes thru 12/28/2024 !
  3. Yeah, was hoping there might be a Canal cruise but looks like that won't be happening.
  4. So it’s summer now, 99F today. Any news on Navigator’s repo to west coast?
  5. The new solar cycle is starting up so there's a decent chance of seeing something. Good luck. Check out: https://www.spaceweather.com/
  6. Triumph, December 2013. All cleaned up and ready to go (the ship). 5nt getaway, was favourably impressed.
  7. Some "reporter" didn't like it : https://rumble.com/vhjuep-reporter-practically-begs-white-house-to-use-covid-to-restrain-cruise-indus.html
  8. A certain blog says Ovation and Serenade will the ships for Alaska 2021.
  9. So which ship will Royal bring to Seattle for 2021? Announcement said RC Group so could be =X= I suppose. Could there be Panama Canal transits too?
  10. “H.R. 1318, the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act, provides a waiver to the Passenger Vessel Services Act's foreign stop requirement. ” tweeted AK Rep Young after it was passed this morning. So cruises out of US ports can skip the stop in Canada on their way to/from Alaska once Biden signs it into law.
  11. The Houston cruise terminal no longer exists and hasn't for a while now. It was built on the soppy idea that said "Build it and they will come". Trouble was, they didn't.
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