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  1. A certain "unofficial" blog has a good summary posted. We had an eleven day booked for December 11. I already cancelled it but I see no chance of it sailing now. I won't be cruising under these proposed conditions 😞
  2. Just a reminder, CDC wants cruisers' comments. Window closes September 21. Over 3,000 received so far. https://beta.regulations.gov/document/CDC-2020-0087-0001
  3. Princess has cancelled some sailings until next April, FYI.
  4. So Dec11 sailing will be the first carrying passengers for months. Not sure I like that idea 🙂
  5. So Jewel's TA Rome to Galveston is cancelled but Jewel's Dec 11 sailing from Galveston is still on the schedule. Are they going to deadhead Jewel back to US waters Or ??
  6. The CDC order expires Sept 30 but their window for public comment closes Sept 21 so there's no chance things will open up Oct 1. https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=CDC-2020-0087-0001 See Cruise Critic article under Cruise News https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5483/?et_cid=3348125&et_rid=24300273&et_referrer=NULL
  7. Jewel & Explorer are still loitering in western Med. Watching Jewel as our next is on her after her TA in Nov/Dec from Rome to Galveston. I'm not very optimistic at present.
  8. If There's an Effective C19 vaccine . . . . . So who decides what's "effective" ? Vaccine tests typically take a good while for obvious reasons. Well known epidemiologist Bill Gates says multiple doses may be needed and schools may need to be out until Fall 2021. Fauci has been very wrong before and is now inconsistent. There may never be a true vaccine just like there isn't for common flu. At some stage we'll just have to live with it like with so many other threats. P.S. Anyone know the number of regular flu cases and deaths so far this year for US?
  9. Worst I was in wasn't on a cruise ship but smaller, about 155ft LOA. Steady Force 11 in the North Sea in a December with one prop fouled and the other could've gone at any time. That's one notch below Hurricane!
  10. Long may that continue ! Booked on December sailing, 11days, very rare for Galveston. It'll also be our first corner-aft 🙂
  11. We're booked on a December 2020 Jewel sailing out of Galveston. It's very rare in that it's an eleven day trip. I'm beginning to wonder if it will sail at all. L&S is all fine and dandy but there's absolutely nothing similar offered for December 2021.
  12. Yes, that's it ! I think that's the Haven .
  13. Or a Ryan Air of the sea...........................😱
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