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  1. When kids were small we went a few times to a place on the "Promised Land" peninsula into Bull Shoals Lake, Oakland, Ark. Loved it up there.
  2. Sounds like the company had few options for a while at least. Manila just now allowing disembarkation followed by quarantine ashore. Not sure how long the airport was closed there.
  3. Hope so, got 11dy out of Galveston booked for December on Jewel 🙂
  4. Speaking of FCC, I bought two that expire April 2021. I wonder if they'll extend their expiry dates because of this cruise chaos this year ?
  5. Indeed. I read elsewhere that some ships' Radio Ofc involved in that rescue used it as an example to plead the case for not dropping the requirement that ships carry them when the likes of INMARSAT became operational. They lost.
  6. Prinsendam Fire October 4, 1980 http://www.alaska.net/~jcassidy/pop-mech.htm They were very lucky.
  7. I read somewhere Liberty has already gone to take crew home or something like that. She's showing as being at Cococay at present.
  8. Apparently the real refund nightmare is when you book a charter that's canceled: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/18/travel/prairie-home-companion-garrison-keillor-cruises.html
  9. I've read Galveston can handle a larger ship but the concerns are people handling and traffic outside. Three rumours in last couple of days have Anthem coming there. We'll see 🙂
  10. Hope not ! Jewel is doing >7dy trips out of Galveston , what a miracle. We're booked on its first after the TA, 11dy "Panama Peek" and Cartagena, also our first aft balcony so if it gets axed DW and I won't be happy 😞
  11. Found the link: 2 Cruise Line Stocks to Bet on After the Coronavirus Crisis (And 1 to Avoid)
  12. Read an article the other day comparing the situations for RCL, CCL, NCLH. The conclusion was that RCL was the best run company and to "Buy", NCL was next, also positive and CCL brought up the rear with some even saying to dump it. Can't find the link, sorry.
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