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  1. I have stayed at the Embassy Suites for years. Years ago, I was there for business, and have continued staying there for leisure travel. I agree that the restaurants close by are a deciding factor. Plus, Publix is a short walk away. With several ships In Port, especially more if there is more than one RCCL ship, I would be booking sooner rather than later.
  2. I am ignoring the offer. I like my cabin location, and don’t see anything that the “upgrade” would give me. Maybe I am truly not very bright.
  3. Thank you, everyone. Can’t wait for this and my subsequent cruise from Port Everglades to curaçao and Aruba into Canal. What a dream. Never thought I could do this!
  4. Thanks for the input. Am busy rest of today, so will call tomorrow if I get around to it. Knew it would still be an upgrade within insides, and I am happy with the cabin I have now, so not sure it is worth it.
  5. I just got an email offering me Club Orange on Zuiderdam next week for $25/day. It includes “ a free stateroom upgrade, and other goodies.” Haven’t bitten on the offer yet, because not sure it is worth it. Since I am cruising solo, I have chosen cheapest inside cabin, so they must be desperate to try to get me out of such a reasonably priced cabin.
  6. Just found the answer—on boarding pass. Two Gala nights. Your husband will be fine with a pair of “docker” type of slacks and a collared shirt. This per HAL.
  7. I am on the same cruise as you are on. I was going to say just 2, but looking at the itinerary, it very possibly could be 3 nights. I wouldn’t want to say definitively either way. I have been on 10 day cruises with 3, and I have been on 10 day cruises with only 2. Sorry, I can’t say for sure because of the way the itinerary plays out. That sea day before the Canal is the “wild card.”
  8. I have used a PCC for my last three cruises. I really appreciate that I can email him with questions, possible price reductions, I.e. prepaid gratuities , or whatever. It is worth it. He knows my likes, dislikes, and never tries to oversell me. Well worth it, IMHO!
  9. Since I usually fly American if possible, I rechecked dimensions on their website. Yes, you have dimensions correct. And yes, you will be charged extra. Why on earth do you need such large luggage? I am trying to rethink my packing requirements for my upcoming two cruises going from Canada to South America. My large bag totals 55” and I want to consolidate to a smaller bag. Holland America doesn’t care about the size of your luggage, but American and other airlines surely DO care!
  10. Thanks, I am re-assured about questionnaire. Didn’t want to answer falsely. I just didn’t remember, even though I was on 2 HAL cruises in 2018. Now, just concentrating on feeling better. See doc tomorrow, again. If not better by next weekend will cancel both cruises.
  11. I am scheduled for b2b cruises starting October 9, leaving home on October 7 for arrival day before sailing. Currently, I have ??, possibly virus, possible pneumonia, possible ear infection, or who knows? (Guess that is why it is called “practice” of medicine I have now been sick almost two weeks. Been to doctor and go back Monday. Anyway, my question does anyone remember how long prior to the departure do the questions apply? Or maybe someone remembers the questions. Right now, I couldn’t fly on three flights, and then be in a strange city, because I feel horrible. And I really don’t want to expose anyone else to whatever. So, want to know if I start feeling better, what time frame is included in the questions.
  12. Didn’t anyone read the press release about the tenders being used for a new ride at an amusement park? It’s to be located at SeaWorld and is a ride to race the Orca whales.
  13. I have stayed at Embassy Suites many times. Good restaurants and Publix in walking distance. Hotel has shuttle to Port. Last time I was there, $10/pp. I would stay there again.
  14. Looks like I will be on first HAL ship to visit after Dorian. Sorry, doubt I will give an update, as more than likely I will not leave the ship. I am the one person in 10,000 who does not care for HMC.
  15. Even for me, HAL Air is a good. I have to fly from a very small regional airport, which tends to raise the rates to start!
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