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  1. Somehow I haven't made it here the past few days to post. Belated best wishes for all birthdays and anniversaries that I missed! Don't know where the time has gone, except I had two doctor's appointments (just routine), and then have had several Zoom/Teams meetings for Red Cross! @sailingdutchy, I loved your beautiful pictures of Kuekenhof!!!! I was supposed to be there last April when my Nieuw Statendam TA got to Amsterdam. It was a place I have wanted to visit for many years. My late DH always talked about visiting there when he was stationed in Germany in the USAF, and he w
  2. Happy Birthday to all celebrating!🎉🎊. And best wishes 🌈☘️
  3. @rafinmd,thanks for shoutout, but my birthday was last week. Just reminiscing on my birthday/Easter on HAL, many years ago. I am 79, and can only remember twice in my life when both days coincided! I love the sounds of today’s meal. Could share the recipe with my step-daughter to have her make sometime. Thanks to all for wonderful contributions. Our newspaper had an article last week about the “good” things about dandelions. Only I can remember was the greens (if not chemically treated), as a source of vitamins. Off to do 2 Zoom calls for Red Cross.
  4. Belated Happy Easter as I got here very late today. Mass was.Beautiful today and then spent the day with fully vaccinated family. It was 82 when I came home this afternoon. My afternoon wine lulled me into a nap. The pictures of Messina have been so enjoyable. Something about Messina makes me think of the movie “Patton” so will have to look it up. One birthday of mine we were on HAL. I think it was the Rotterdam (2 ships ago) and it was Easter. Great memories, but no pictures. It was in the late 80’s. Have a good night.
  5. I have done the partial twice on the Zuiderdam. Loved it. I had never seen a lock in operation, so as a land-locked Coloradoan I was completely fascinated both times! I am looking forward to the full transit in January, 2022–if it sails.
  6. Thanks to all for such a wonderful place to visit each day. @Gsel, it is wonderful that your DH is now in a caring location. Now, take some time for yourself. Yesterday's "April Fool's" posting were fun, and added levity to the day. Just heard yesterday from a lady who is assisting with vaccine distribution locally that there are people who are coming from the Front Range to the Western Slope (far Western side of Colorado) to get their vaccines. Involves a 4-5 hour drive one-way to get here, and guess they will have to make the trip again for a 2nd shot unless they g
  7. Late response from me today. I would have gone to Paris if my TA on Nieuw Statendam hadn't been cancelled! My DH had gone to Paris when he was stationed in Germany and wasn't a fan, but I have always wanted to see the city. Tenerife is on my bucket list, especially after the wonderful photos posted today! That list is getting so long that I will have to live many more years, and be healthy enough to travel to complete it all! Today has been a crazy day, and I am still trying to process everything! Two very long phone calls have me scratching my head about some thi
  8. @Suslor, happy. Birthday. @USN59-79happy anniversary. Festive day. Thanks to all for birthday wishes. it is a cleat, but chilly day. Wish Spring would decide to stay around. And I know those further North are wishing the same. Love the drink of the day, but only on a BHB. I would love to be on one today. I have celebrated several Birthdays sailing in Caribbean. Was always so simple when we lived in Florida. Short trip from Orlando to FLL or TPA. Have a great day everyone.
  9. @St Louis Cruiser, so sorry to hear of the issues with your DMIL. It gets so scary when the unexplained happens with our loved ones. Am sure she will be watched closely and cared for with love. I am getting back after my feeble attempts at posting a photo. I am another of the “piano lesson Dropouts.” My Mother was a talented musician and had 3 daughters who were hopeless. I would have loved to be able to play the piano. it almost seems like a real spring day here. Hopefully the wind doesn’t pick up, although that is the forecast. Most of the recent ports have
  10. A different bloom to share. My Christmas Cactus last week. Also noticed. Y step-daughter’s was also blooming. At least the white one.
  11. Who know what is on the censors’ minds?!?! Glad everyone figured out a work-around! We NEED stability in our daily reading. Humorous thing happened when I went to Mass this morning. I found a seat where there was room between me and the next group of 3 people. The gentleman leaned over and asked me if I wanted them to move farther away. (We are all wearing masks in my parish church). I told him he was fine and to stay where they were. He then told me that he has had his shots and I told him that it was the same for me. We both then had a chuckle that a discussion of shots w
  12. RIP, KK. When I first joined KK, I always read every word of her posts to gain from her wisdom. She will be missed.
  13. So sorry @cunnorland @Horizon chaser 1957for your news. Sending prayers for both families. Sydney, NS is a port that I can say I was at, but didn't get to see. On my Canada to Florida re-positioning on the Zuiderdam, I spent the day in my cabin with a fever! Also missed Charlottetown, for same reason. Thankfully, was better and got to see a little of Halifax. So, it looks like I need to have a "do-over" of that cruise. Right? I enjoy chocolate covered raisins, but since I don't have any, just went to the cupboard and found some raisins. My Grandmother used to giv
  14. This is indeed a sad day again in Colorado! After all the "governmental calls" I have participated in during the last year, I am one who realizes that the mental health component is a very fragile part of life. I haven't even watched TV to see if that is one aspect. Just prayers for all concerned. I know it is hitting the law enforcement community very hard in this state. I haven't posted for several days. I have been helping my step-daughter with her grandchildren. They are 10 and 13, and I kept them Saturday and Sunday night. I will also have them for dinner tonight. I
  15. Thanks for the concern. The landlord will be paying. I just have to live without a dishwasher till replacement and then be here when it is installed. I have a great landlord. Better than owning would be for me at this stage of life.
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