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  1. Happy Independence Day! I love reading the daily dose of positivity here. Everyone is so great at cheering for others! I was so hungry for hotdogs, I even threw a pack into my grocery cart on Thursday! Living alone and cooking for one has its challenges. No fireworks here as we are under fire restrictions. It is so dry. Wish the monsoon weather would kick in.
  2. Love this daily dose of positive thoughts. My positive moment of the day was when my a/c was repaired quickly! Was close to 100 yesterday when it quit working. Dinner sounds wonderful, but I have fettuccine Alfredo planned (and wine)!
  3. Thanks for all the daily positivity this generates. And today seems to be full of good news.
  4. What a positive start to the day. Thank you! For the current times, since we don’t have rugs in the elevator to keep track, we have “The Daily” to let us know what day of the week it is!
  5. I love to see this everyday. A positive start to the day. 😁😁 Agree that running low on wine would cause a major panic for me. I wish those”Dam” ships were closer. Looks like it will be a long time before they get closer to us! Not too many are even in the Northern Hemisphere
  6. Thanks for your update. Bright spot in the day to know where the ships are! My big disappointment this year was my cancelled TA on the Nieuw Statendam. So looked forward to my visit to Normandy. Maybe another year, just maybe!
  7. Been reading this every day. So enjoy these posts as this is the bright spot in my day! Knowing where the ships are brings me to the realization that there are cruise ships out there, even if they aren't in our part of the world! Maybe someday we will all be on a ship again!
  8. Thanks for posting your good news. Maybe all of us waiting for refunds will get the money back in due time.
  9. Some additions (or return to the days of yore) that would truly generate revenue: Crow’s Nest with actual music for dancing, or just conversation, where you could spend the evening with drinks; Ocean Bar with music both before and after dinner, where a waiter would bring drinks, and a real piano bar with people sitting around listening to “their” music. I don’t know how many nights my DH and I have spent in one of those venues and how many countless bar bills we had. And, NO, Billboard on Board is not a piano bar. I have seen it on the Zuiderdam and the Westerdam, and only one cruise had a decent, entertaining pair. In the MDR, remove the placards on the table trying to “upsell” items. If you want lobster every night, go elsewhere. Or, just print the info on the bottom of the nightly menu. Everything doesn’t have to be “in your face!” Yes, bring back Dutch Night. What a fun way to honor the heritage of the cruiseline. Keep Lincoln Center, return some sort of after-dinner coffee option in the area that used to be the Explorer’s Lounge. Have the Lincoln Center musicians play during dinner some evenings in the MDR. With all of the digital technology available today, don’t devote so much space to the photographers, quit printing up so many pictures that will not be purchased. Let the spa put one sheet of paper in each cabin At the start of the cruise detailing their specials and quit killing several trees per cruise with all their junk mail. There are many ways to increase revenue and decrease some expenses that might help to bring back some of the classy things many of us loved about HAL!
  10. Noordam was our first cruise in ‘85, and Nieuw Amsterdam in ‘88. Such fond memories.
  11. I “should” be flying to FLL today. And then would have boarded Nieuw Statendam for my first TA. Oh well, after two tries at NS, think I will give up.
  12. I cancelled the TA portion on February 18 and got my 90%. back almost immediately. Then one day this past week I got an email stating that my 10% will be credited to my Mariner account as a FCC. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. My insurance $$ is just what I paid for peace of mind, and it is lost. I certainly would NEVER expect to get $$ paid for insurance to be refunded. As I have stated In several other posts I was satisfied with my 90% cruise cost refund, my excursions costs refunded, my Amsterdam hotel refund and my airfare home refund. My airfare to FLL is in limbo—booked directly with airline and they sent an email it would be refunded. Just not sure and I won’t be one to overburden their phone lines. I booked directly with HAL and feel that is one reason I feel it was handled promptly. Also, I cancelled early in This whole pandemic situation. In the current situation, I would give HAL a chance. Sure the stack of refunds is a mile high, they had two ships with a serious docking issue with COVID-19 passengers/patients. They will refund your money in due time.
  13. I am not going to post this a dozen places, but only where I posted my one reply about cancelling in February. This was for an April 19 Transatlantic. I received a refund of 90% of my fare, and all excursions. Lost the $$ for the insurance and balance of cruise fare. I was satisfied, and certainly did not want to push for more. My cancellation date was February 18. Imagine my surprise this morning when I received an email from HAL that I would be receiving the other 10% as a FCC ! Has to be used by December 31 at this time, but who knows when things will be a time for booking cruises. As the email stated, it is for all cancellations after January 20, 3020.
  14. This is just one person’s experience, so take from it what you will. I was scheduled for a dream trip—an April 19 departure on Nieuw Statendam transAtlantic ending in Amsterdam. One day In February I just didn’t feel right about the cruise (and no COVID-19 anxiety), so cancelled. I was after final payment, and into penalty time. I got my purchases back immediately, and my cruise amounts back about two days later. I lost $419 which included my CPP of $179. But, since that date I haven’t looked back. The money I lost is minor considering the nights I have slept well. I haven’t wasted any time figuring out what I might “get back in extra compensation” from HAL. Even before this pandemic ramped up I was at peace with my decision, and will just go on. My separately purchased airfare is in limbo, and if it is lost, oh well! Do what you feel is best for your situation and go on with life. Stay safe and well.
  15. I totally understand the business aspect of this,. But am sorry, I feel that NOW is not the proper time to be takings bookings on a ship not even in the water yet.
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