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  1. Many thanks to all who have posted such magnificent pictures of St. Petersburg. Makes me more anxious for that cruise. My prayers for many today. Our care list is unfortunately getting longer. Glad I had an easy day today. Had more chills this morning! The booster is certainly "kicking me!"
  2. Interesting set of days! We had a feral black cat who visited us regularly while we lived in the country in Florida. Such a sweetie! Naturally I will celebrate lung health day, as mine is so damaged and hope that others don't suffer similarly!! A good story is always enjoyed! @grapau27best wishes for a wonderful birthday. Your lunch looks great! @Seasick Sailorsending good thoughts for your DH's MOHS surgery. Hope that it is only one cutting! Both times I have had it, I was able to leave after the first go-round! Well, I had my booster dose on Monday, and yesterday morning I though I had come through it just fine. As the day wore on, I developed a fever, chills, and all over achy feeling (similar to the flu). This is certainly more than I had with the first two doses of Moderna. I feel somewhat better this morning, but am taking it easy. Hope no one else has a similar reaction! First dose I was sleepy, and second dose was no reaction at all! Guess my immune system fought the booster dose. St. Petersburg will be on the itinerary when I do the Baltics cruise In October on the Rotterdam just prior to the TA! Am looking forward to those cruises. I definitely want a better impression of Russia than I got in 2011 on the Volendam when we visited Valdivostock and Petrapalosk! Have a great day everyone!
  3. @1ANGELCATsending prayers for good results! @HAL Sailerthat is such a predicament for your family for caring for your DGD. Sorry! Also sending prayers for all on the care list, which I agree is getting much too long. Got my booster jab today! There was a Senior Expo and the Health Department was there with boosters and flu shots. Had my flu shot last week, but made a special trip just for the booster. I am so glad it is out of the way! Interesting note after the jab, the lady said to just keep moving my arm today, and so far all is good! Never had that advice before. My arm isn't even sore! A beautiful cloudless day in Western Colorado. Hope the West Coast storms don't wreck too much havoc. Have a great rest of the day, everyone!
  4. Late evening. Hope this posts! @Seasick Sailor, Happy Anniversary and wishes for many more. @Overhead Fred, Happy Birthday! Wait till you get to my age-almost 80😂. The pictures of Santorini are wonderful! Think the stairs would do me in. The day still my next cruise are now in double digits!
  5. Roy, sending prayers. Totally understand elevated PSA! Sending prayers
  6. I am joining those with CC problems. Can't "like" anything, and we shall see if this posts. Yesterday I was wanting to respond to those with such sad news, but CC had other ideas. Thanks to all who are posting pictures of today's port. I will visit there in February on my Panama Canal Cruise. Looks lovely. After reading the at least two of you had done the Five Bays excursion, I think that I will book it. I have been pondering the excursions for awhile and so am glad to have that suggestion. ( The roll call for that particular cruise is very quiet. I think most on it were hesitant to get enthused about that particular voyage, if case it didn't "go.") I am working with all of the changes that I am having to make to do the new routine for my breathing. I want to make sure I jump through all the hoops, as I am coming up on my annual World Trade Center medical monitoring exam. Will be interesting to see how this new regime is helping. I love corned beef hash, and I enjoyed it on the Nieuw Amsterdam in August. Will wait for the Zuiderdam in late January/February. The recipes looked nice. Have a great day, everyone.
  7. @rafinmdsorry to hear your diagnosis. After my DH went thru prostate cancer, I understand your explantation. Glad you have a plan and a date for the radiologist. Sending prayers. He had tomotherapy in his radiation, which was very new at the time, and is very targeted.
  8. As it seems lately, I am late to the party. I feel I have new friends here! Rainforests are so important to our environment and we should all treasure and protect them. @1ANGELCATI am so glad that you like your doctor and the plan that has been put in place. And, of course, my prayers are for a benign diagnosis. @Sharon in AZ, here's hoping your "fail" your test with a big negative! My big thing today was to purchase a new shredder. My current one is on life support and won't last too much longer. I saw one while I was at Office Depot, and decided to get it while there was one in the store - since we never know what we can buy or is available! Leaves are really piling up in my front yard, and I will be happy when the HOA landscapers get the mess cleaned up. I spent over a half hour this afternoon just sweeping my front porch! I am always disturbed when I read any Covid stories. So many lives affected. On my calls yesterday, I heard that Covid is now affecting the 5 and under age group.. Today was the first time in over a month that the new cases in our county were less than 100 new cases in a day! Sorry to be negative, which is not good on this wonderful site. Many thanks to Rich and Ray for keeping all the ship news, and care and concern lists going. Also thanks to everyone who makes the Daily such a success. Have a good night, everyone!
  9. I always enjoy the photos shared of the various ports of call. But today, @kazuyour pictures have been amazing. What a memory of an outstanding tour! @ mamaofami, I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this with the aid. If I were you, I would perhaps email your daughter and son to let them know what occurred yesterday. That way, nothing you say could be overheard. Your children need to know, because this affects you as well as your precious husband. Also, I would suggest that you contact the VA to see if your help from them could be expedited. (I worked with the VA for 3 years while doing home hospice for my DH). There should be a social worker assigned to your case, or a Victim Advocate. Perhaps if you express the need they can get things moving faster. (And if you feel that my advice is unwarranted, I certainly understand).
  10. Interesting days! In line with "Multicultural Diversity" I saw something on FB earlier in the week about a Smiles are international (or something to that effect). My dilemma is do I honor meatloaf day (plan #1) or do beef enchiladas (plan #2). I have ground beef thawing the in the refrigerator. Decisions, decisions! Happy Birthday to @Seasick Sailorand @SusieKIslandGirl!! So sad to learn about the firefighter. They are so brave for all they do. I can't imagine how many people owe their lives to firefighters. The pictures in Spain are wonderful. Another bucket list destination. A flu shot appointment is on my agenda today. I have 2 Zoom calls this morning, so it is a fairly full day. Hope the doctor (pulmonologist ) calls me about the problems I had over the weekend with the new meds. I put a message into My Chart and I don't know how long it will take for it to be read on a Monday morning. Have a great day, everyone!
  11. Happy Saturday! And to those who are the servants of cats, Happy Cat Day. Where I am living now, I can't have pets, so I just love all the animal pictures and stories! My favorite dictionary story is when I was quite young. I would ask how to spell something and my Dad would always say, "Look it up in the dictionary!" Well, if I didn't know how to spelll it how was that going to help??? Actually it did, because I really got to practice my phonics. I always think of one very special Cuban restaurant that used to be in Orlando when I think of black bean soup. They made the best. That is also where I developed a love of GOOD Cuban sandwiches. Somehow I have never had a good one since we left Orlando. Thanks to someone who posted that HAL was making final payment day only 60 days out. I checked and now my final payment is due December 1, instead of November 1. With some other expenses I have coming up it means I won't have to hit the savings so hard! I got my nebulizer and all the new meds came yesterday. Not sure how it is going to work, since one of the meds can't be used in conjunction with 3 of my bp or heart medications. I will be talking to the doctor on Monday. It is no fun to try to figure out medical issues! There is snow on some of the "mountains" around here. Naturally none here in the high desert. But the good news is that we are within 6/10" below of our annual precipitation average. Have a great day everyone!
  12. There is a whole section devoted to Roll Calls. I just checked under Holland America Roll Calls, and that cruise is there. Wish I could post a link, but can’t figure that out on my I-pad.
  13. Thanks @rafinmd, I couldn’t remember the name of the fort. We went to the top of it. If there was a fort in any port that we visited, I was there. My DH, being retired military, loved all forts and their history. 😃😃
  14. Good morning! And the slow drizzle continues in Western Colorado. But we will take all the moisture we can get. Almost up to our average yearly precipitation amount. I was doing a head scratch this morning with so many mentioning they had not been to Nassau. We were there in ‘91 and ‘94 on Rotterdam IV and Maasdam. Used to be a standard stop on HAL Caribbean cruises. Then realized all that was before Half Moon Cay!!! Have a virtual exercise coming up in about an hour. It will be a good learning experience for my Red Cross assignments. I spent yesterday getting the CD of CT scans and resolving paperwork for the handicapped parking placard. I only will use on a bad breathing day. I am determined to keep up all my regular activities. Hope it is a great day for all.
  15. @1ANGELCAT, glad your appointment is sooner. I can so relate to the mammogram issues. Just went through a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound about 3 weeks ago. My "unusual" find is thought to be a lymph node in a not so common place. Sending prayers for good news. Hope you get your results as soon as I did--while I was still on the bed for the ultrasound!
  16. Good morning! Great collection of days! ER Nurses are so appreciated and necessary, especially in a crisis! Because I live in an area where there are lots of fossils found, I feel like that is me some days/most days! For me, I prefer M&M Day over Skeptics day. My doctor visit and CT yesterday didn't turn out so well. Guess my lungs are getting a little worse, and I have to increase inhaler usage and start with nebulizer treatments. Oh well, my aftereffects of being at Ground Zero aren't so bad--others have more problems, and I have had a very good run in the 20 years since then. I will do what the doctor ordered, as it still lets me continue cruising and traveling! Today's recipes sound good. I am just a little conflicted about it, though. I will eat grits every morning, but really don't like hominy which is the key ingredient to make it Posole! I know weird! @Sharon in AZ, I loved your picture of the Golden Gate bridge! Our first cruise on the Noordam ('84) we sailed into San Fran right at sunrise. Lots of the passengers were on the outside decks to watch and everyone was freezing! What a sight and a sure way to get us hooked on cruising. Still getting intermittent rain showers and I know there will be some of the white stuff in the mountains east of here. Have a great day!
  17. Happy Tuesday morning! I am so "early" that I might even make it to page 2. Fun days--I like the idea of "Cookbook Launch" to send some of my excess cookbooks into oblivion! I live in a farming area and see old (and young) farmers in stores, driving their huge tractors and combines on all nearby roads, etc. Think most of us have had many frustrating days in the last 20+ months! @mamaofami, I am so sorry you are having so many issues with aids. I can't believe the agency would even send someone out who was not fully vaccinated!! When I had a home health aid only for 4 hours once a week when I was doing home hospice for my DH, the regular one who came would have ignored the vaccine rule! She was somewhat of a rebel, but she was just there to make sure that DH had help if he fell or needed anything! It was my 4 hours of sanity per week to get out of the house! Of course, we weren't in COVID at that time! @rafinmd, please remove my grandson from the care list. He is in treatment at this point. If you want to still leave something on the care list, just make it more general. Mental health is a crisis in this country as evidenced by what has happened at UNC (Chapel Hill). It is rainy today, and will be that way off and on for most of the day. I have to go into Grand Junction for a doctor's appointment proceeded by a CT scan. All pretty routine. Thank goodness I have lots of practice for driving in rain (19 years in Florida). And after complaining all summer about how dry it is , the rain is very welcome! Have a great day!
  18. Just a quick k post from me today. Interesting days today. Bon Voyage to those lucky ones boarding a BHB!! The chicken sounds good, and I think I could adapt for just me. Thanks to all who make this such a special place. My DH was from Chicago. Born and raised on the Southside, but a life long Cubs fan. He had his 80 yo dream come true when his beloved Cubbies won the World Series the fall before he died. I am taking notes on SD hotels. So far, HAL has a waitlist for a hotel for me for my Zuiderdam cruise in January. Have a great evening.
  19. Would love to be gone longer, but I think I need to get back home. I have 3 more cruises planned in 2022. Only one of those cruises is paid for at this time!
  20. Good day! Haven't posted in several days although I read every day. Prayers for all on the Care List and a Happy Dance for those celebrating. This has been a crazy week. I was completely "thrown off" by having to go to Court to get the final Restraining order against my grandson. He is now out of the VA Psych Ward and the report is that he is not taking his meds. I am so sorry for him to be going through such an awful period, but by the same token I still have to protect myself! Our mental health system in this country is badly broken and so many need serious long term help. We have had a little rain overnight several nights, and every drop helps our drought situation. Glad to see when @durangoscotsreported that there is some snow showing on the higher peaks. In my part of the state, snow (if it comes) will be very much later in the year! This afternoon is the time when I volunteer with my stepdaughter at her church. We get the food ready for distribution at the monthly food bank event. It is lots of work, but so many are helped. I only go on Friday--Saturday is just too back-breaking for this 79+ year old! My Red Cross volunteer stuff keeps me busy at least 1-2 days per week. I sometimes think that is the only thing that keeps me going and relatively sane. (If that is possible.) I am enjoying reading the various threads on the current BHB sailings. Sounds like a good time is being had by all. In this last week I am leaning more toward doing my Hawaiian land trip in January, followed by a return to San Diego for the Zuiderdam Panama Canal cruise. I have just about decided that 30+ days out of Colorado in mid-January to mid-February is the way to go!!! Have a great rest of the day, everyone. The weekend is almost here!
  21. Good morning. Instead of a "mouse funeral" I have to leave shortly for the funeral of an ex-neighbor. And I am so sorry to say that it was a COVID related death. She refused to mask or to be vaccinated. Today seems like the day to honor my late paternal Grandfather. He was the custodian at the courthouse in SE Colorado. He started there before the building was completed in the 30's and was still working there till his late 70's. I always called it "Grandpa's Courthouse." Everyone in town knew him and he was greatly revered. I would love some good jambalaya, but it never is the same without the shellfish. My allergy prevents me from tasting all the wonderful shellfish recipes that appear on the Daily. Hope that everyone enjoys the yummy sounding recipes! We went to Grenada on the Maasdam in 1994. Cruises that year were considered Inaugural year. We had a woman with us that worked with my DH, and it was so much fun to share her delight in her first cruise. Grenada seemed like such a beautiful island and the people were so nice! Have a great day, everyone!
  22. Just a quick question. @StLouisCruisers do you still have your gall bladder? I know that my pain was always after eating. Right side, right under rib cage. (And now I will turn in my amateur M.D. license)
  23. Happy Coffee Day (and the other days1)! I join a few others in not drinking coffee. I used to drink it with DH because he was a devoted coffee drinker both day and night. But since he is gone, I do not drink it, because I really don't like it. Will order a "foo-foo" coffee once in a while but not often. We got over an inch of rain last night and early into today. It was really pouring when I left on my drive to another town for my meeting. Thank goodness it stopped mid-way during the drive, and was clear until I got almost home! But after little to no rain, this is a help to our drought! Looks like we may get some more this afternoon. My meeting was good and glad I went even if I didn't relish driving in the rain. Thank goodness I had lived in Central Florida for 19 years, so driving in rain doesn't bother me. Thanks to all for a fun read today. Have a great rest of the day, everyone.
  24. Such a great collection of days! Thanks to Rich, Roy, and recipe/wine/drink ladies. We are all so much better informed by reading the Daily. I also have seen so many interesting, beautiful places throughout the world thanks to so many well traveled special people. it is a beautiful Autumn day here. A small chance of rain, but that remains to be seen. Guess the fall colors are at their peak in the mountains, but I won’t get a chance to go up before the colors fade. Off to get a manicure this afternoon. Have to attend a meeting for Red Cross tomorrow about 60 miles away, so don’t want to appear unkempt. I am thinking I won’t cancel my Panama Canal cruise in January/February so am starting to consider shore excursions. Four ports I have ever visited before, so it is fun to research! Have a great day, everyone!
  25. On my last cruise, I just left my card on the lanyard, and when I was in the room, just put card in slot and left the lanyard hanging. Was easiest for me because I was traveling solo. Never had to find the card!
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