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  1. I read that cruise lines are considering banning smoking in casinos. Question: Would you gamble more if casinos didn't stink? LOL
  2. If you own it, wear it! Especially on NYE!!! It makes the champagne taste better. Cheers!!!
  3. Never had a bad cruise so I just assume these "bad" reviews are written by spammers or grumpsters. It's a frame of mind thing. There are a million worse places to be and it's amazing how friendly the staff is if you are friendly first 😉
  4. Or that bottled water is mostly a scam in the first place.. except when you venture to Mexico 🤢🤢
  5. Or NCL could bottle it on board from the same tap water supply, lol
  6. So now that's one less decision to make for the trip, lol.. the spa is way better for that $$
  7. Thanks, good to know. Will find out soon enough 🙂
  8. The reef looks good (google earth) south of town but it's maybe 300 yards off shore and the area kinda desolate, no buoys I could see. So I'm doing a $25 pp boat trip out. Check out dreamtime diving. They may be a bit more but that looks like the area to go
  9. you really can't make a great martini without Hendrick's gin... so I guess those are out of the question, grrr
  10. I didn't see any bourbon sub $15 but lonely ol Jim Beam.. MM would be nice, I didn't see it anywhere
  11. Nowhere, lol. The ONLY bourbon under $15 is Jim Beam!!! Really??? Woodford $23, right! That deserves a big ol' *****
  12. This is a scam, NCL should be ashamed. The wholesale cost of the ones that doubled in price have gone up $0. The cruisers not on UBP will never pay those prices while those on UBP may pay high $$ for the privilege of drinking upper mid range.
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