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  1. Whew made it...Great timing I see the Nieuw Statendam in a great close up!
  2. Does anyone have the website for the piers in Yokohama? I have tried to find one but have not had any luck. We are on QE in May and our e-tickets say to be advised.
  3. Welcome home Kathi, and thank you so much for including us on your cruise via your great blog!
  4. Hello everyone! My first sailaway in a long time! Exciting!
  5. Thank you for the well written trip report! I like your use of a title for each section too.
  6. Hi Kathi, I have been following your travels via your blog and loving it! Thank you very much for sharing!
  7. Thanks for sharing your travels with us. I hope your health improves as well! Will you still be on QE in May if your health improves?
  8. SR, what month was the train picture in Skagway? We are there in May and would like to know what to expect.
  9. Yes on my VP for the 5-31 May cruise, I have 6 listed: 6 May Madam Butterfly 9 May B & W 12 May Masquerade (not showing on the link/list provided above) 19 May Elizabethan 22 May Roaring Twenties 29 May Royal Cunard Hi Eugene, are you doing the 17 or 27 nights?
  10. I was on a WC segment but the segment was not long enough for me to be able to enjoy the "lounge" for the full WC. They had a section of the Winter Garden sectioned off for that purpose. There was a dedicated concierge person at a table and there were food and drinks available for them on tables. Only saw a couple of people most of the time in that area. Not sure of the hours sorry.
  11. Do they have laundries to do it yourself?
  12. The last time I cruised with Cunard, if you booked prior to departure you paid and were able to cancel and receive a refund. If you wanted to use your OBC you had to book onboard, but you had to take into consideration that your chosen excursion could be waitlisted or sold out by the time you board. I can't remember what happens if you cancel onboard with regards to refunds.
  13. Yes, I agree that the inclusion of arrival and departure times is an improvement!
  14. We have stayed at the out of center of town Hilton, but more recently we stayed at the Premier Inn which was in a great location with shops and restaurants close by.
  15. We are on in May 2019 and our excursions came up to October 2018, that's a whopping 7-8 months ahead! I was shocked that they came out early, because of that clause that says 12 weeks, but was sure happy about it too! I am like the OP who likes to get everything booked that I can and have it paid for before boarding. I hope yours come out soon!
  16. Up until yesterday, when I cam to CC it would take a few seconds and then log me in. As of yesterday that does not happen. I have to log in my self every time I come to CC now and it is just a pain.
  17. Hi Katie, I always have to enter my info twice. The first time I log in it says does not recognize, etc......so when I enter it again it goes to the UK VP (I assume because I booked thru UK). Have you tried re-entering your info? I was able to get on mine earlier this morning.
  18. Well after loosely following this thread from Australia, I finally got to see our updated version this morning. I have tried to attach my snipped page. I am not a computer tech so my observations are pretty basic. I will have to check more of the site out in later days. The very first thing I noticed when arriving at the site was the lack of color as OP stated earlier. White background and lots of open space that seems boring and uninviting. I loved the gold and red and black from the old site as it made Cunard seem more regal. But now the site reminds me of HAL's site with the lack of color. I do, however, like the visual map itinerary when you search for an itinerary. I also tried to dummy booking just to see how the process went and it was interesting and different. When selecting the grade it did not display the codes (BA, GB, CA, etc) just the category and you could select the choice you wanted like Oceanview obstructed, Deluxe Inside, etc. It also displayed Cunard Fare and its inclusions and sliding scale cancellation charges. Proceeding with the booking took me to either let them select a room or I select. I liked this page with the exception of me not being able to slide the deck plan to see other cabins available on that same deck or even just to see the deck plan further, if that makes sense. Once a room is selected, it takes through to the next section of adding hotels, transfers, land tours, etc. and gives you the total cost of what you have selected. It then proceeds to entering the travellers info and then asking for whether you want to pay deposit of full. At no point did I see it ask whether I was a Cunard Member or guest. I did go to check out the FAQ and immediately noticed how much larger the font was and there were more of them than before. I will have to see about the links as OP have described as I didn't click on any during my session. The VP was accessible and looked as it did on the old website.
  19. That was wonderful! I love that it wasn't rushed and the commentary was great to enhance what we are seeing. We haven't been on QM2 since 2015 and this video reminds us of how we miss her! Thank you for your video!
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