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  1. We booked a cruise years ago and did exactly as the OP suggested. We went to the Maitre'd on embarkation day and he told us it may be a day or so to sort it out. Lo and behold the next day we received a note notifying us that our request had been met and we were happy with the new assignment. I think it will work out fine for you.
  2. All ok in Australia too!
  3. Hi Roy, I have not heard anything regarding Cunard updating their internet packages, but I am usually the last to hear anything. On our WC segment a few years ago, we got our CWC internet allotment on each "published" segment. We did Southampton to HK, and if I remember we got it on the SOU-FLL segment, then FLL-SFO segment, then SFO-SYD and finally SYD-HK. Anyway, we did get the allotment EACH segment. I would think you would get an allotment Syd-Cape Town, then Cape Town-SOU, and Cape Town-NY; so possibly 3 internet allotments. I hope this helps.
  4. Yes, it is the same error for me. Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone!
  5. Is anyone else having problems with the Cunard VP today? I used it yesterday to book some excursions and then a few hours later it was not accessible, so thought maybe maintenance or problems? Noticed it yesterday but today still can't get into the VP.
  6. We were on a cruise on Cunard a few years ago and there was a shuttle to Waikiki but via a jewelry shop. We just went in and had a look around and then exited the building to wait for the shuttle to Waikiki. I think it dropped us off outside one of the hotels but can't remember which one. As the OP says, you can also take a short walk to catch the bus, which is really economical at $5.50 for a day pass.
  7. I have always had that error when logging into VP. I always have to log in twice and the second time it comes up with no problem, but it is just a pain to have to type everything twice. I just checked now to see if I can log into the VP and I can't.
  8. Oh, I see you are on the roll call. We are doing the 27 nts. So the 17 nts is cheaper now?
  9. HI, I just checked my VP and they show the prices and say that to "To purchase any of the spa treatments listed below please call" then gives the phone numbers. They do not say whether you can actually book dates and times though. I seem to remember that someone before said you had to wait until on board to book.
  10. Which cruise? We booked back in 2017 for May cruise on QE 27 nts and the price, right after we booked, was higher than we paid and has stayed the same since. I check it almost daily waiting to see if it changes and when. Maybe after final payments are made.
  11. UPDATE: I have now fixed the problem and can access Cunard Australia like I used to! After receiving all of the helpful suggestions, for which I am very thankful, my problem has been resolved by turning my modem off/on. I don't understand why it worked, but am just glad it did! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TRIED TO HELP!!!
  12. UPDATE: I have now fixed the problem and can access Cunard Australia like I used to. After receiving all the helpful suggestions, for which I am very thankful, my problem has been resolved by turning off/on my modem. I don't understand why that worked, but am glad it did. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TRIED TO HELP ME !!!
  13. Cunard site back up but still redirecting me back to the UK even though I am in Australia. 😞
  14. Isn't that interesting? Thank you both for the answer. At least I am not going crazy! Been having trouble over the past 3 weeks anyway with the Australia site redirecting me to the UK = frustrating. Lots of people have been trying to help that problem but as of this morning it was still redirecting me and now nothing. I thought if the site was having problems, it would say down for maintenance , etc.
  15. Is anyone else having trouble logging into any of the Cunard sites (cunardline.com.au or cunard.co.uk or cunard.com)? I am in Australia. Over the past few weeks I tried to log into Cunard Australia and it directed me to UK site, but now none of them come up. People tried a variety of ways to help with that situation, to no avail. But now cannot access any.
  16. I commiserate as well. A few years ago I suffered after a cruise for about 2 months! It eventually went away but was so scary as I felt abnormal but found a little comfort by reading other people's experiences. The cruises since, I have not had the problem (after the cruise) as I take Avomine a few days prior to the cruise, during the cruise and a few days after. I know it is cold comfort now for you and I hope it clears up soon!
  17. Yes, this problem is being discussed on a lot of forums. Over on the Need Help Forum is where I have been complaining and still have no resolution, although some talk about clear cookies, or clicking on a link provided and then clicking on HOME.
  18. Yes I am still getting the flashing back and forth using both Edge and IE. It took me forever to be able to get anywhere with all of that flashing back and forth. I wish they would hurry and fix it!!!! I tried talking about the problem in different areas of CC but I feel like a pariah or something because I repeatedly complain about the same stuff we are all talking about and the "tech people" (those on the forums with so much detailed knowledge about computers) suggest things that don't work or I don't understand. It also feels like they are trying to minimalize the problems I, and others, are having. That all makes this very frustrating. All I want is to be able to navigate this site as I used to without thinking about signing in/out flashing issue, which did not happen this way before! I don't care about the details of why it happens because I know it happens and it affects how I try to use this site! I also shouldn't have to clear cookies every time I come here, especially when it only works for one time, and creates problems when I go to other sites. Didn't have to do any of that either before. I agree with the OP who said CC is losing people to all these problems. I already have reduced, dramatically, my usage of CC and certainly have not recommended it to anyone since all of these changes. Sorry for the rant, but I am so frustrated and it seems that we are being told to just deal with it! 😡😥
  19. Same problem over and over again! Very frustrating. In the Need Help section, where I also posted this problem, some are saying that clearing cookies may help, but also added they had to clear cookies regularly. I just cleared them and it was ok but I will see after I try again later.
  20. This just started happening for me...over and over and as the OP said, before I can click on anything it keep refreshing.....never had so much trouble with a site that has had a "makeover".....prefer the old site.
  21. There used to be a time that I would incessantly talk about stuff I read on CC and was always recommending friends to check out CC, but now I would not even think about that! Again, my feelings.
  22. That is what I noticed...when I first get to the main page, after a few seconds it automatically refreshes (and if I understand what you're saying, this is signing me in), which is very different from before the changes. I don't pretend to understand all of this technical stuff, but all I know is coming to CC now is the most frustrating thing and my time here is markedly reduced compared to before all of the changes! Never had to wait for the automatic signing in, did not even have to think about such things, never had to think about cookies, never had the think about redirecting from CC to UK to Australia, never had to think about the font size, color of the font, the organization of the listing of cruise lines, never had to try to figure out how to get rid of pictures down the side of pages, never had to go to the help section and find it sooooo hard to get resolution!, and never had to analyze how to do a lot of other things! I feel like now you have to be an expert it computer crap! My feelings.
  23. Hi Steve, Whoa, XP! I used to have that, but had to change because of a game site I play on was a mess and did not get supported by XP. As you say, the disadvantages were stacking up compared to the advantages. Thanks for your support!
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