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  1. Hi Rose, That is great for you. At the moment, I just look at cruise agent sites, the UK site, etc to check for ideas, pricing, etc. Not looking actively for any specific cruise at the moment, as I have one booked already for next year. That is the one plus at the moment...that I am not desperate to find a specific cruise at the moment. I was thinking yesterday, if I did find one, the only option I would have, if I wanted to book directly with Cunard, is I would have to call them, which would be a first.
  2. I did both of those things and my location on my computer has always said and still is Australia, which is what it should be. That is one of the things that I first thought too ...is that the location of my computer was "off", but it was correct. Then I just could not understand why only one site would think I am in UK and all others knew I was in Australia. The Australia Cunard site still redirects to UK. I just don't get it! Cunard Australia site is the ONLY site that does this! I can access all others as usual. Other cruise lines for Australia (P&O Australia for example) come up with the Australia site and does not redirect to UK...only Cunard. I have emailed Cunard several times and am waiting for suggestions from them. I also contacted Microsoft via live chat to see if they could help, but were of no help whatsoever. I am not actively trying to book a cruise. It is just part of my daily routine to check the site and see what is available or check pricing, etc. That is how I found this mess to start with. It seems the only way to book future cruises with Cunard (Australia) is I would have to call. (I usually book via the Cunard Australia site). I still may contact Cunard Australia and see what they say. So once again, thank you to all who have contributed to trying to help me...you are so great!
  3. Thanks to everyone for trying to help me find an answer to my dilemma! I still cannot see the Australia site, but if by chance I find something I am interested in I will have to call I suppose.
  4. Hi Steve, I tried both clocking on the link and copy and paste, both of which yielded the same result - UK site. Thanks for trying.
  5. Thank you for the review! I like it that you answered a lot of questions that people have had questions about.
  6. I understand your pain and agree that it is certainly annoying! At other times I have often wanted to see pricing in UK or US but can never get the sites of those countries to come up. But now I guess this is my come-uppance (if that is a word).
  7. Thank you for that interesting link! But, it says Australia. I still think it is very strange that only the Cunard site redirects to UK and no other site does that!
  8. I use Edge, but did try IE and it was the same. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Thanks for both of your comments. If my computer thought I lived in the UK though, it would happen on all sites, but it is just Cunard. This happened several weeks ago and ever since then I cannot get on to the Aus Cunard site, so I can't imagine that maintenance would be going on for that long. I have emailed the Cunard UK site to see if something has changed and hope to hear back soon.
  10. Hi all, I am so confused. Several weeks ago out of nowhere when I visit the Cunard Australia site it now always redirects me to the UK site (in the past I thought that would be a good thing, but now not so sure). I cannot get to the Australia site at all now. I have tried looking up suggestions to fix it on the web and CC, but thought someone here may be able to help or at least send me in the correct direction. I have tried clearing cookies and restarting, etc. Also, FYI, I am a low-medium computer literate person. One more thing, this is ONLY on the Cuanrd site, no other sites are affected. Any help greatly appreciated!
  11. Yes, I agree. When I first looked I know there were less on some ports, but see what you mean as now there are a couple more. When are you going on QE? We are going in May. Exciting to know that Cunard hasn't been to Alaska in many years!
  12. Well I was all ready to compile the list but bluemarble has done the bulk of that work! I did not even know about this section of the Cunard website! Thank you! As you said, this is a great starting point! As for accuracy, they are pretty accurate, but I here is the comparison of VP to Cunard site: Ketchikan - VP has 5 more than the Cunard site has Skagway - VP has 8 more than the Cunard site has Juneau - VP has 13 more than the Cunard site has ISP - VP actually has 2 less than the Cunard site has (Cunard site has 2 more) Sitka - Both VP and Cunard site are the same Anchorage -Both VP and Cunard site are the same Kodiak - VP has 2 less than the Cunard site has (Cunard site has 2 more) Victoria - Both have the same list of excursions Vancouver - Both have the same list of excursions I have noticed that the excursions in Alaska are quite expensive, so I have been enjoying the research to reduce, if I can, the amount to be spent. It is all quite fun! 🙂
  13. We received the list of excursions 1 October, I think it was. Do you know which ports you're interested in and I can try to compile a list for you of what Cunard is offering.
  14. I like things orderly/organized when I view them. When you look at the configuration of the home page it looks very dishevelled and harder to read, not organized well with some things bold, some not, some with bullets, some without, etc. Under the Cruise Line List and Roll Calls List, I wish that all the Lines and Roll Calls were bold, first of all (don't know why some are not bold or without bullets in front of them). Secondly, I would like to see them all with bullets, so they line up, making it easier to view them. Then, I would like to see them listed alphabetically, vertically in two or three columns, rather than horizontally, making it easier to read. Usually, on lists, you go down the list in the first column then you would go to the top of the second column and so forth. Just makes it easier to find things. These suggestions also apply to the other listings below, such as Special Interest Cruising, Cruise Discussion Topics, Ports of Calls, and the rest of the Sub Forums.
  15. Isn't there a way around this? I think that is an extra step that I did not have to do before. When I go to the forum and read all the ones I want and then come back the ones I read are still in the same location as they were but are then not bold. It makes it very strange ...before when I read a thread and then came back the read threads I read were after the new threads. Another updated "feature" I dislike.
  16. Well, I have to totally agree with this! The time since the "new" CC came out I have been trying to get used to all the new features and this one surely adds to my list of dislikes. I have my adblocker on and the pictures are still there. 😞
  17. I have this "in-line notification" pop up too! How annoying!!! I have had the discussion with Jenn too. I have the notification in Edge but not IE so it seems that it should be able to be addressed on CC but I don't know if it can.
  18. Thank you Stewart for the update on Capn! Is he still cruising Cunard and doing blogs?
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