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  1. I am getting the notification message from the time I first arrive into CC to the time I leave CC and no matter where I go in CC they are there. Forums, Roll Calls, Port of Call, etc.... Now made a different discovery....when I go to use IE the notification message does not come up. Only when using Edge do the notifications come up. If I log off then the notification message stops, but if I am logged in it starts up again!
  2. My browser notification is off. I am getting what you have called "in-line notifications" I did go, as you suggested, to turn off the notifications in the CC notification section as well.
  3. I get the notification from the second I arrive on the CC website and not just in the forums! I have unticked all the boxes for notifications as well under the CC notification page.
  4. I am having the same problem as above but am using Edge. I did all of the suggestions above as well but still get the annoying message. I read the comment that this cannot be turned off and agree with the OP this should have been a deal breaker! This is sooooo annoying!
  5. Also, this only happens when I am using Edge, not IE.
  6. EVERY time a new screen comes up a notification comes up "boards.cruisecritic.com wants to send you notifications, but first you need to go to Settings and turn on Notifications". I am not very tech saavy first of all. I do not want this notification coming up every time I go to a new page! When I click on Settings can't figure out what to do next. I thought I had notification turned off. Can anyone help please?
  7. Thanks Bill and Mary Ann for the great blog! We love your informative blogs and appreciate it that you take us along with you! I love the arctic coats you two wear; can I ask what brand please? We are doing an Alaska cruise next year and were thinking we may need to invest in good waterproof, warm coats. Also, after following you on so many of your trips, I wondered what you do with all of your souvenirs and t-shirts collections? Do you display them?
  8. Hi Rich and Roger! This is the first time in a long time reading a HAL blog and I must say you write beautifully and I can just imagine that I am there on your cruise! The GoPro pictures are amazingly colorful and beautiful! Thank you for allowing me to travel with you on HAL and to South America. We normally cruise on Cunard, although have travelled on the Volendam once roundtrip Sydney as we live in Australia. I would love to travel more on HAL! I also find that HAL cruisers tend to discuss their cruises more as well as write very good and informative blogs so thank you very much for writing yours! Happy Belated birthday to Roger as well. You two sure make a great travelling pair and get along well and that adds to the creativeness of your blog too! I look forward to hearing more!:D
  9. This just confirms why all cruise lines should disclose when groups are booked so that an informed decision can be made as whether to book or not.
  10. The last cruise I went on I decided to have some fun. Once I printed my luggage tags available from Cunard VP, I wrote my name on the opposite side, then laminated them. Then I punched a hole in the top and inserted a sturdy plastic tie that I got from our local hardware store. When I was ready I just attached them to each of my bags and presto! ready for transport to my room. When finished I just cut them off and one for my cruise memories. Had fun doing this little project.:)
  11. I also use Avomine and it works wonders! For me, I start taking a few days prior to the cruise and then daily about an hour before bed and it helps me sleep and works for the next day without being drowsy.
  12. Had to look it up on the Cunard site so I can now say....DO BOTH! ;):evilsmile::eek:
  13. Thank you for your wonderful review! Your sense of humor was so nice to see and made me smile. You always seem to make lemonade out of receiving lemons as seen in your arriving at 6:15 for dinner (early sitting at 6...great idea!) I also loved your many suggestions, tips, comparisons and comments. Also shows that the stars all lined up for you and your wife giving you the great price for your 2nd Cunard cruise! I am not a fashion person but your description of the people and events made me wonder if I could/would learn a thing or two...thanks! Thank you again for your wonderful memory-filled review!
  14. Thanks Hattie for your trip report that included lots of valuable and interesting information! Have a nice time in Barcelona!
  15. So what am I seeing in the cam view please? Must be too late...maybe next time I can be here in time!
  16. Hi Sailaway Gang! It has been a long time since I have visited a sailaway! I will be going to Juneau so thought I would check it out!
  17. According to cruise TT, it says QM2 departs at 1700 on 25 Nov 2018.
  18. I like to check the website cruise TT and according to that QM2 departs at 1700 from NYC and Southampton. I also try to check the port cruise ship schedules and the Southampton site also says 1700. Hope this helps a little.
  19. Thanks for posting! Have a great cruise!
  20. Hi, we were on a WC segment in 2015 and it had several segments within it, but when each segment started so did a new round of WC benefits (Platinum at the time); i.e., internet time, wine tasting, etc. Since we booked as one cruise there was only the one OBC applied. I don't have shareholder benefits so can't help you on that one. Before our cruise I specifically asked Cunard via email about the sectors for our cruise and basically their answer was the same as the sectors we observed on their website (FLL - SFO, SFO-SYD, etc). I hope they will give you a more succinct answer to that question for you. Happy Planning for 2020! Barbara
  21. This is a great thread full of wonderful ideas! We will be doing a cruise next year and am in full research mode, so thank you all! Mary, your blog and videos are great!
  22. We've used Hawaii 23 and if you want to try posh ABC Limousine; they were both good!
  23. Hi Jandex, Have you checked out Hawaii23 ? They do airport transfers as well as destinations. On the main page it says Turtle Bay $123. But you may email them and tell them exactly what you want and they may be able to help you. We used them a few years ago RT between airport and hotel and that was a good price for that trip plus they were very friendly! As OP said you can always try The Bus for a cheaper option but luggage may be an issue, not sure though.
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