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  1. Hi all, For those who have used the Limo Bus from Narita Airport, can you tell me if the two bags limit per person includes the carry-on or is the carry-on separate? Can the carry-on be taken on the bus? Thank you for your help! I did go to the Limo Bus website and it talks about two bags but says nothing about the carry-on question so I also have emailed them but in the mean time I was hoping to get a answer from someone who has used the service.
  2. Hi, I am trying to go the other way...Narita to Yokohama Hotel. Am I correct in saying you could catch the limo bus Narita to YCAT? Does the limo bus go further like towards the terminal or hotel near there like the Hotel New Grand? I checked Viator, so thanks for that tip (they offer Narita to Port). Also have seen the Narita Express, but cannot makes heads or tails of the map. At first I thought it was direct to Yokohama but maybe you take it to Tokyo then transfer to another line to Yokohama...can anyone help? Thank you in advance for any help! We are trying to figure out the best way for us as we have a cruise starting in Yok, but are staying near the cruise terminal for a week or so.
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