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  1. I got my money back from this company after about 5 months from cancellation i emailed 3 times with their proforma response but the did answer personally after about 2 weeks had to go back to them as they said I had a non refundable deposit but this was incorrect and the rest of my money was refunded. i have now booked 4 of cruises for 2022 and 2023 but I have done this direct with the cruise line.
  2. Had a missed call from Carnival today i have 2 cruises booked for April and July next year Should I call them back? has anybody else got a call
  3. Does anyone know what has happened to this ship I am booked for the 18.12.20 but I can't access my booking on line and the P & O site has no sailings for the ship until Jan 2021. This booking was from a cancelled May booking. I am sure that it will be cancelled again but just interested to know Now not booking anything till we know that there will be sailings from Australia Cruise Love
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