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  1. With all the news and announcements today it seemed best to hold off reporting on our trip today. Tomorrow I’ll cover our day in St Maarten. It seems surreal that this will be the last voyage on this beautiful ship for 2 months. The Captain joked tonight that he will spend the next 60 days on his own personal and very large yacht. All joking aside, it was clear that his concern was with his crew and he asked all of us to stand and show our appreciation with applause for the outstanding job that they do. Thanks for continuing to follow. More tomorrow!
  2. This one’s for you @Host CJSKIDS Jovie was so excited when I passed on your message and insisted I say “hi” back to you. I snapped her photo and she gave me permission to post it. She is an absolute gem -I wish I had met her sooner on the cruise.
  3. I literally laughed out loud when I read your response. Sorry about your dinner! This cruise has been one of the best Caribbean voyages we’ve been on so it has been easy to keep it positive. Thanks for following along. More to come!
  4. Your experience is exactly why we’ve never ventured over to St John in all our past visits to St Thomas. I like to be back on the ship with hours to spare. My nerves couldn’t handle the stress of being stuck in traffic or waiting for a late ferry. Maybe it’s a good thing we were selected for the dinner!
  5. Without hesitation. We just bought 2 FCDs while onboard.
  6. No hand shaking. Everyone is being as careful as possible but social distancing is kind of hard on a cruise ship...Early show of Rock Opera is packed.
  7. We are currently at the Captain’s cocktail party. We actually never docked at Amber Cove The Pilot boat just dropped off some test kits. The Captain explained that they picked up the kits just as a precaution. No one has symptoms on the ship that they know of. They are trying to avoid a situation where we aren’t allowed to dock in PE and then we have to wait for a helicopter to bring the kits on. He assured us that we are on schedule to dock in PE on time on Saturday. So far, so good!
  8. Heading into Amber Cove. In the second photo is the a HAL ship departing?
  9. He did not. As of this moment I have reported on all that I have heard so far.
  10. The Captain just announced we will be stopping at Amber Cove for supplies out of an abundance of caution. Although he emphasized that there are no cases of COVID -19 onboard, there will be testing conducted before we are allowed to disembark. We are supposed to arrive in PE as scheduled on Saturday morning and the stop in Amber Cove should only take approx 1 hour. I will keep you updated as I learn more.
  11. We are on the Sky right now. The Captain came on about an hour ago and informed us that they have downloaded Jan Swartz’s video. They have offered all onboard free internet and are crediting those of us who have a paid plan a refund for the next two days. However, they have asked us to not use it unless we have a B2B booked. They are also offering double FCC for those who book another cruise in 2020. We just spoke to our Steward and this was news to him as well. He is not married and has no family responsibilities but said that although they will still be paid base pay, this will be very di
  12. We returned to the ship and had a quick lunch at Alfredos. We were at port but they were still not serving Al Fresco. I honestly don’t understand the point of them having outside seating if they never use it. The food was typical Alfredos fare - nothing to get too excited about. We then worked on our sunburns at the Retreat Pool until we had to get ready for dinner. I know that many are upset that there are no steps into any pools - but this pool is so shallow and the ladders are almost like steps - I think that many of you might be surprised at how easy it is to access. The Winem
  13. We had been planning to go to the Red Hook ferry and spend the day on St John since we had such a late departure but because we were chosen for the winemakers dinner we decided to save that excursion for another time. We walked around town for a bit and found a cute little bar down one of the side streets. Bartender Chris made me a potent Bushwacker and Steve enjoyed a local lager. When I asked Chris the name of the bar, he said it didn’t have a name. He told me to just call if “The bar in Palm Passage”. Okay then....
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