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  1. Hi all We have a 10:22AM direct flight that we could take home from the Oasis. I know we can get off early but is this doable?? Thanks!!
  2. Can you purchase the drink packages using your onboard credits? On the premium package frozen cocktails can I get a premium rum/tequila (for example) or is it the house rum/tequila?
  3. Does Carnival have flavored creamers for coffee?
  4. When I was on the Oasis I saw so many kids alone and they were so disrespectful. I was just beside myself with how these kids were acting. I don't have kids, but I would hope if I did they would be more polite ans respectful of others and the ship.
  5. We are doing the Chacchoben Mayan Ruins and was wanting to know if sandals are ok or should I bring gym shoes? Thanks.
  6. What is the best side of the ship or deck. We know we want a balcony. This is for southern Aruba route. Thinking about deck 10 forward. Any opinions?
  7. We surprised my niece and nephew with a Christmas cruise on the oasis. Told them on thanksgiving day. They were 10 at the time. My brother n law and Sister had clues for them such as sandals and a new bathing suit wrapped. Then she had a you tube video of the cruise and they were so excited. It was so hard keeping this from them but it was worth it. We had a blast!!
  8. Praise's for the crew. Sounds like they did a wonderful job sounds like, but they always do!!
  9. alprice

    Cave tubing

    Is it better to book direct with carnival or a local tour operator?
  10. I posted on your other post also: I am really getting tired of airlines and all their "games". I would pay for the seats - unfortunatly. Especially during the summer. That really stinks that THEY change you flight and now want more $$$. They nickel and dime to death. If you don't have a seat assigned you could get bumped. I would call them back and throw a fit - It's their change - THEY SHOULD PROVIDE A SEAT - I would call them and demand to talk to a supervisor - that's rediculous in my opinion. Do you have a travel agent? Travel agents are wonderful and they always can help in this situation. Oh -also I know that you can get a refund if the new flights are unacceptable - so if they will not work with you I would cancell and rebook with someone else.
  11. Not sure if this is what your looking for - But I love Spanx - They just "smooth" everything and are comfortable.
  12. Would like to cruise the Monarch before she is gone from the Royal fleet. Is she worth it? I just love that class - did the Majesty and Sovereign also. Loved them both!!
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