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  1. Artemis908

    First night done right

    Thanks ! That is super helpful.
  2. So we decided to do the First Night Done Right on Allure and when we went to find out which reservations we could go to we went to Chops and they said we could book Giovannis or Sabor. We booked Sabor and then later on went to Guest Services to ask them to change some other reservations and while there asked about the First Night Done Right options. She told us Giovannis and Chops. So we switched to Chops, but I am concerned someone might have given us wrong information. So, when we go have dinner I am wondering how the bill is handled and how they deal with the charge. Do I tell them we are there for First Night Done Right and will they charge my card?
  3. Artemis908

    drink prices

    That's not the case for Royal Caribbean. For RCI not everyone in your cabin needs to get it and for cruises over I think 4 nights you can get the drinks package toward the end of the cruise.
  4. I love fall and it's ciders and pumpkin beers. Do any of the bars onboard have seasonal alcoholic drinks or does it all remain the same throughout the year?
  5. Artemis908

    St. Kitt

    Can the big ships like Allure and Oasis dock there?
  6. Artemis908

    drink prices

    People have previously reported that the drink package is worth it if you drink 5-6 drinks a day (alcoholic). Of course, the peace of mind has its own value as well.
  7. Artemis908

    Drink package Allure of the Seas

    Depends on how you drink. Do you need a drink with dinner? During shows? By the pool? How important is the location for you to drink? And how much will you be drinking? Remember that the drinks package is usually only worth it if you're drinking 5-6 times a day.
  8. Planned on taking Uber this weekend and was wondering if there is still an issue finding gas in Ft. Lauderdale and if it's impacting the amount of Uber drivers on the road?
  9. Artemis908

    Free drinks on the Oasis?

    I've also seen Fruit Punch in some places too included (l think I only saw this option in the buffet area)
  10. Homewood Suites by Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Terminal Hotel is open, however, phone lines are down and they can currently only accept cash payment if you do not make a reservation online. Source: Facebook page Best Western Plus Oceanside Inn Hotel is open Source: Facebook page Lago Mar Resort Open today with "limited service" Source: Facebook page Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina Currently open Source: Facebook page
  11. Hi, I know that a lot of people have been posting about Ft. Lauderdale hotels and wanting to know which ones are open, closed, have power, were damaged, etc. For anyone who is searching for rooms, I thought it might be helpful to have a thread where someone can go to and find information all in one place. So please feel free to add your updates here if you have any on hotels. I will go back to previous threads I have read with updates I have found.
  12. Homewood Suites might have some rooms open if anyone ends up looking for a room. We are scheduled to go out to FLL Saturday evening and so I have been watching their Facebook and they said they were open and had rooms available, but their phone line was down. They also would only be able to accept cash if anyone didn't make reservations online.
  13. Artemis908

    Hurricane Irma Watch

    It's times like this I wish the US would invest money into underground wires like they do in other countries. If they just did it in places like Florida then people wouldn't have to worry about power lines coming down. You go to some countries and there isn't a single power line in sight. I mean if Fios can do underground fiber optic cables in so many areas why can't the electricity companies get Florida in a better place to avoid these awful outages?
  14. The passengers on the "poop cruise" tried to sue and didn't get very far with it (which IMO, was a worst experience than this). They were given so little money that after lawyer fees and travel expenses, they were lucky if they broke even. Unless you're seriously injured (like with Costa Concordia) suing isn't going to work. Inconvenience doesn't get a lawyer's attention in these situations, especially with cruise ships. The whole "let's sue" discussion comes up essentially any time a cruise company gets into less ideal situations.
  15. Artemis908

    St. Kitt

    Is St. Kitts safe to do on your own? I have heard about the con artists trying to force monkeys on you, but once you get away from the port area is it safe to walk around and do things on your own?