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  1. It was fake news - our TA sent the email to us in error. She had MANY who were booked on Alaska. Ours will not likely sail and we will not be on it even if it does. sigh
  2. Our cruise was not included in the Alaska cancellations. Darn - looks like FCC for us!
  3. I agree, losing this would be foolish. The booking is more than one suite. Thank you for the suggestion to push the final pay date. I will mention that to our TA when she also negotiates the reduced rate that is currently advertised for the sailing. Hopefully, this will be included in the anticipated announcement later this week.
  4. Our final payment is due on the 14th for our May Apex cruise that clearly won’t be sailing. The transatlantic on May 1st was cancelled several weeks ago but still no word on this sailing. I would like advice on what we should do about our approx $2,000 non-refundable deposit. My understanding is that we have no option but to either lose it or pay the full amount only to have them refund it to us when they cancel. We are not interested in re-booking this so FCC do not interest us. I wonder if the anticipated ‘before Feb 12th’ announcements for the summer Alaska cruises will also include t
  5. My original bet was April 8, 2021 and I remember when I posted it that it seemed so far away! Now, it is too early I fear. We are booked in May and are not emotionally invested in that one happening. The next one isn’t until the fall so our fingers are crossed for that one.
  6. Jackie, please check your facts on BC cases. BC has under 2500 cases and 140 deaths as of today.
  7. Air Canada anticipates return of worldwide air travel by Christmas. Hopefully, sooner for you Jackie.
  8. This sounds like a breath of playful fresh air! I have 4 cruises on the books right now and think/hope that only two of them will sail so my bet is: Splendor April 8 2021 Roundtrip Barcelona.
  9. Splendor is south of Ensenada and heading south right now. Repositioning? I hope this is encouraging.
  10. We are getting the port charges and shore excursions returned to our credit card. The rest sits as FCC. I hope that helps.
  11. Regrettably, my only contribution will be to say THANK YOU for ‘setting the table’. I look forward to following along and hope that your cruise is Splendid and goes without a hitch.
  12. If the cancellations of the role call members for the March 14 Splendor is any indication of the general cruise passengers’ position, this is a concern for the viability of that sailing.
  13. We are on the Insignia and white wine is a real issue. They ran out of Pinot Grigio on the second day and only had one French Chardonnay until they ran out of that yesterday. It puts the sommeliers in a tough spot, trying to explain to guests (particularly those who bought the packages), that they seem to only have Sauvignon Blanc or Soave. They are also out of cranberry juice and Coke Zero is hard to find. We are at sea today and back to NYC tomorrow. I trust that this will be resolved for the next cruise. For us, it is disappointing.
  14. We are doing a Viking ship swap around Passau tomorrow. Our bus trip into the city today clearly showed a rising river that flooded some areas later in the day. Sandbags, water locks and barricades are in place. There is no doubt that the ships will not make it under that bridge! Hopefully the rain will stop and the river will be navigable very soon. In the mean time, I have great confidence that the swap will run as smoothly as the very competent Viking officers communicated to us. The river/weather is unpredictable and this is part of cruising. Tomorrow will be an advent
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