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  1. If all our scheduled cruises this year were a go, we would have made Pinnacle sometime mid-year in 2021. IF the cruise we already had scheduled for 2021 departing after mid-February are a go, we will make Pinnacle about the same time-- mid-year 2021 due to the Double points. Without the double points it is unlikely we would make it by the end of 2021 or into 2022
  2. I feel sorry for everyone who had plans already, but am anxiously awaiting what happens to get Radiance to Miami...
  3. My March 26th sailing of the Empress was cancelled by RCCL on March 13. I took the FCC option. Received the FCC on April 6th. Yesterday, June 12th I finally received the refund to my Credit card for the port fees, taxes and prepaid gratuities. Still haven't received credit for the RCCL insurance.
  4. This might be good news for Florida sailings... https://www.porteverglades.net/port-covid-19-udate/?fbclid=IwAR1_-EEr2745v7sZDrDKe42JS47p1Nkpkw4cpcb2T9ah8a1QaAEdurfd0vc
  5. We love the dining plan and book it almost every cruise. Regarding over-eating, we find that now that we've done the plan a few times, we actually eat less because we know we can return another night to eat the other items on the menu rather than having the mindset that we need to order 2 appetizers on night because we like them both and don't want to choose between them!
  6. We are booked on this too and are hoping to sail!
  7. European cruises are scheduled for the week of Nov 11th. Dates often slip however.
  8. This happened to me on Monday and on Tuesday my pending bid was accepted and I was upgraded. Good luck!!
  9. I first was notified of bids available about 45 days before. We were in a JS and could bid on GS, OS, CLS and 1 bedroom AquaTheatre. OS, CLS and ATS were all min $700 and GS was $300. I looked up what cabin inventory was knowing I wasn't likely seeing a true quantity, but there were 15 CLS, 2 OS and 5 ATS, no GS showing available at that time. I don't remember for sure what the max bids were, but I think the GS was about $1250 and the others were around $4500. I bid $1000 on everything except the ATS that I didn't bid on at all. The GS rated a strong bid and the other just barely a fai
  10. My worries were for naught... we've been upgraded to a CLS our 1st ever Sky class cabin! So excited!
  11. Thank you for digging for this... not really the answer I was hoping for! 😋
  12. I was hoping they expired because my other bid was going to be accepted but they haven't processed it yet!! I thought maybe they expired because there were plenty of higher bids but it won't let me update them at all, even changing browsers and setting incognito.
  13. On the Royal up page where you can update your bid prices
  14. Has anyone bid on multiple rooms and had 2 bids expire but 1 still pending? If so did you end up winning the pending bid or did it eventually expire as well?
  15. I am bringing blank address labels with me so I can change the cabin number on my luggage tags in Hope that our bid is accepted after we leave home since I won't easily have access to a printer to print out new ones!😁
  16. Very excited to have Connie out of Tampa doing longer sailings! Great suite prices for the Holiday/NYE sailing. Saved $2k over my previous sailing on RCCL out of FLL and get an extra day too!
  17. We are in JS's for several upcoming sailing. On our one Oasis class ship we were able to bid on Sky Class GS, OS, CLS and 1 bed Aquatheatre. On our Vision class ships we were able to bid on GS, OS and RS
  18. We were in a suite on the Serenade this spring and we are not Pinnacle and had Gold Seapass cards.
  19. No, the dining "experiences " are not included in the unlimited dining package per the fine print terms and conditions, nor is Chefs Table included. I thought you used to be able to purchase those at a discount with the UDP, but it doesn't state that in my current cruise planner.
  20. The Royal Up page is buggy today. Try a different browser or try later. I got the error message on my phone but was able to get in on my desktop using Chrome
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