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  1. This is exactly the one that I have and it was challenged at San Pedro last month. The on/off switch posed a red flag for the screener. I argued with him and explained that it didn't have a surge protector. He finally took it to someone whom I assume was a supervisor and she gave him the okay to allow it. I will definitely put it in my checked bag next time!
  2. Wow, I didn't know that. Kauai was my favorite island on my recent Emerald Princess cruise and it would be a shame if we had missed it!
  3. Hi, John. I was a little late to the M&G so I was sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you. I made the mistake of relying on what I thought was my trusty alarm clock instead of a wake-up call. Imaging my surprise when I opened one eye, saw that it was 9:30, shouted an expletive and proceeded to get ready in record time. Alarm clock -- Not so trusty anymore!
  4. So after all that I decided that maybe I really didn't want to go to a luau after all (at least not this time around). Thanks for your input, though -- Very helpful if I ever return and decide that I want to do it in the future!
  5. Yes, the added insurance expense definitely bites. However, in my case I was really burnt out after 39 years at the same menial job. That, and the fact that my sister didn't make it to 65 and my brother is still here only because his esophageal cancer was caught in time through sheer luck, makes me think that I may not have a lot of years left and wanted to spend as many as possible not having to work.
  6. The scones were absolutely scrumptious when I was on the Grand Princess last year. I hope they're uniformly good throughout the fleet!
  7. Hi, John. Looking forward to finally meeting you after all this time (seems like a lifetime ago since you started the roll call)!
  8. I was just wondering if anyone who frequents this forum has been to Germaine's Luau and, if so, what did you think of it? Worth the time and expense or not?
  9. I was just curious if anyone knew if and how Volcanoes National Park was affected by the shutdown. Any reports?
  10. There wasn't even a wait list option for this particular excursion. I guess I'll keep checking for possible cancellations.
  11. I was wondering if Princess ever adds additional shore excursion departures if something is sold out? As an example, for my upcoming Hawaii cruise I waited too long to book excursions and the one in Honolulu titled "Pearl Harbor History & Honolulu Highlights" is sold out, but there was only one departure scheduled. I settled on a similar one called "Pearl Harbor, City Highlights & National Memorial Cemetery" which looks like it doesn't include scenic vistas like the sold out one does. So is there any chance that Princess will add on to the sold out excursion, or am I out of luck?
  12. Thanks for the review and video. I'm doing this cruise on January 18th and am booked on the Land of Frozen Fire tour and the Maui whale watching tour in the morning. How did you spend the rest of your day in Maui? The Princess excursions all leave before the return from whale watching.
  13. Thanks! Hopefully the time will go fast for you -- It did for me after I officially gave my employer notice back in February.
  14. Emerald Princess round-trip LA/Hawaii, this coming January 18th (two weeks from this coming Friday). Celebrating my retirement which officially begins tomorrow! 😁
  15. Happy New Year to you too, Lois. I don't know about taking as many cruises as I want to, but after today I will have officially retired, so I'm sure I'll be taking more than my previous once per year!
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