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  1. I want to say there were four Peloton's in the gym? It feels like a lifetime ago now! We rode every day together at the same time and it was never an issue getting two bikes. We have a Peloton at home and thus already had accounts. They just asked if we were already members when we reserved them and there was no charge. I've seen reports from others that they were charged, but I don't know if that had to do with when they sailed or due to their room category. We were in a sky suite. Everyone and everything was great, one of our top cruises and favorite ships. You can't beat doing an Ally Love Caribbean Music Ride while sailing in the Caribbean on a sea day.
  2. I think originally it was any suite at the Penthouse level or above could request one, it may have even included Royal suites. Though it is based on availability and I suspect going to the higher suites first. Just as an FYI they also keep at least one reserved in the gym for suite guests. We rode every day and it was never a problem. We just told them when we would stop by and they had them reserved for us. You can set it up at the spa desk.
  3. I agree that it is unlikely to happen. I would also caution anyone from making a final payment while cruising is suspended/there is a high probability of your cruise being canceled unless you are ok with that money not being returned to you for some time. Despite my better judgement I did make final payment for our cruise in June. It was subsequently canceled in mid April and it took over two months for X to process our refund. I'm still working on getting everything sorted from our cruise that was canceled in late March. Like other posters, as a result I've canceled everything else for 2020 and did the L&S for our sailing in February 2021 just to be safe. I love cruising, but after my two experiences with canceled sailings I'm not willing to give any line more money until cruises have resume and I have an idea of what it will look like.
  4. I did it earlier this week and it took about a day to be completed, but it says it can take up to 72 hours. They gave us the same cabin we had on our 2021 sailing for the 2022 sailing we shifted too.
  5. We were booked on the cruise after yours and I canceled this week. Given that there is little chance these cruises will happen I saw no point in continuing to leave it. IMHO I don't think Azamara will cancel prior to final payment given that Royal/Celebrity/Azamara seem to be the last to announce any cancelations in addition to doing the shortest duration possible. Though your final payment date is later than ours (August 23) so you may get lucky. We are also in the US so we could get our deposit back, but did have to shell out the $75 pp for canceling. Given that it took us two months to get a refund for our June cruise that was canceled in April and I'm still working to get the other one squared away, it seemed like a small price to pay just to be done with it. Our sailing, like yours, was not offered in 2021 so lift and shift was not an option.
  6. I agree that 2020 sailings seem doubtful. We were excited to make the switch over from Celebrity to Azamara, but I just canceled our December Quest sailing from Argentina to Brazil for NYE. I just don't realistically see how that will happen and I have no intention of making a final payment while cruising is suspended. I've already made that mistake once...
  7. I think the other thing to factor in for any TA in the near future is if the lines are willing to risk having passengers on board being that far away from land for so many days? I'm not sure they would take the risk especially if they have not been able to operate shorter sailings successfully first. At best it would be a liability and at worst it becomes yet another PR nightmare for the cruise industry.
  8. At this time we plan to cancel our South American Azamara cruise for December and our Constellation sailing in February 2021 assuming cruising does not resume in some fashion before either final payment. We had an Edge cruise (March) canceled and a Summit cruise canceled (June cruise cancelled in April) and are still waiting on refunds. I'm not going to give the cruise lines any more of my money until I get back what I'm owed. I didn't listen to my gut when I made the final payment for Summit and I wont be making that mistake again. While I also recognize cruising will probably be in flux once it resumes I would also want to have some idea of what it will look like. I can't wait to cruise again, but cruising with a mask, etc. is not my idea of a relaxing vacation.
  9. I saw yesterday that Grand Cayman is probably keeping it's borders closed until September 1 and that may be extended. It seems like a direct response to Carnival saying they would start sailings again in August that included stops in Grand Cayman. Article
  10. I’m aware of the test. Our health system is actually one of their customers for other lab test. However, even with that we still can not get the rapid test and have been given no time frame for when it will be available. Due to that fact alone there is no way they can supply the volume of test cruise lines will need anytime soon since they will continue to go to health systems/existing customers first. However, another lab may be able to step in and fill this need. That would be the route I personally would try to go. However, you will still have the issue though of someone being exposed during traveling right before boarding since the test may not pick it up yet since you have no way of knowing what they did/did not do as far as any precautions. You would need testing availability on the ships as well. It’s a complicated problem with no good/easy/cheap answers, but I have no doubt someone will eventually figure it out. It’s going to be interesting.
  11. While the idea of testing people before boarding sounds great from a PR perspective, I don't think in practical terms it will solve the larger issue facing the cruise lines at that moment. Testing at home seems of little value if the coronavirus is still widely circulating given all the people passengers will come in contact prior to boarding. Whether that is at home, work, traveling to the port or staying in a hotel prior to boarding. Sure, some can test at home and then drive to the port, but not many. Additionally, even if you run the rapid test to screen everyone prior to embarkation unless everyone is not getting off the ship, thus turning it into a completely closed environment, the risk of exposure is still there anytime anyone gets on/off in port. You also still have the incubation period of 2 - 14 days to contend with. So you could easily test negative on the day of embarkation and then develop symptoms and test positive mid cruise. Once on board you need guests to agree to quarantining should they test positive. Given that some people wont even admit to having symptoms on the current health questionnaire/once on board, as it will spoil their vacation, I think this will be a struggle. All it will take is for someone to falsify their results/hide their illness and you have another PR nightmare on your hands. Add in the wild card of those who are infected but completely asymptomatic and its hard to come up with a truly effective strategy. They wouldn't even know they should alert anyone with zero symptoms. We also still don't have an answer as to how long they asymptomatic individuals shed the virus. So does that mean if detected you are quarantined the rest of the cruise automatically? What about crew? I love cruising, but short of a vaccine or evidence that those who have antibodies are indeed immune I'm not sure there is a good way to resume. It then just becomes a question of the cruise line/passengers acceptable risk level. Personally, working in healthcare, I wont be cruising until there is a effective treatment as the risk just isn't worth to me, but that is only my opinion. Sure, I'm young and healthy so I should in theory be ok. However, I know a physician who is the same and he had to be hospitalized. That isn't a position I want to be in out at sea. One final note, as far as temperature checks they are showing they really aren't effective at identifying those with coronavirus. Not to mention that you can take over the counter meds to lower a fever which circles back around to the question around people hiding their symptoms intentionally or unintentionally just trying to feel better. The complexity around all of this is mind boggling! Man could I use a sea day...
  12. We have been cruising with X since 2011 and have now booked with Viking. While I know its not necessarily reflective of the on board product, as I can't speak to that for Viking yet, we feel like Viking has been heads and tails above X in regards to the issues around COVID. We are still waiting on refunds for two canceled X cruises and their policy around bookings is just starting to look like what Viking offered us for a sailing in 2022 months ago! Viking appeared to be proactive in regards to the situation where X was almost reactive/wasn't going to stop cruising until they were told too. Needless to say, it's left a bad taste in our mouth and we wont be venturing back over to X right away. Though I will say on X we cruised in suites so the pricing isn't necessarily dramatically different which helped make our decision easier.
  13. I would cancel. We went back and forth on whether or not to make final payment for our June 6 cruise to Bermuda, but in the end we did. Hindsight being what it always is I wish we would went with my gut and canceled. Now we just have to wait and see what happens and hope it goes the way of our Edge sailing so we can get a refund. I really struggle to see how any of the Summit cruises (Canada/NE or Bermuda) sail given the current situation/outlook. Ignoring the fact that Canada has closed its ports, Bermuda currently has no cases of COVID-19. For that reason alone I don't see them opening up to cruise ships until things have really settled down. Granted that is never a guarantee, but if Bermuda does indeed close it's ports like Canada you now have the same issue currently plaguing the Alaska season in that you have no foreign port to visit.
  14. We took a refund since we already have another cruise that is past final payment for 2020 and another cruise booked for 2021 that we got an amazing deal on. While the FCC would have been great it wasn’t worth just trying to find something to use it on.
  15. This is also now listed in Celebrities Press Center. https://www.celebritycruisespresscenter.com/press-release/1158/royal-caribbean-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruising/
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