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  1. You have 60 days to transfer your booking to a TA. We always transfer ours to our TA for the additional OBC. We try to book on board when we can to get as much OBC as possible.
  2. We have only ever seen the Peloton bikes on Edge. We used them daily, but you do have to reserve them as there were only four in the gym. They pulled the seats out when they were not reserved.
  3. Thank you for posting all of these! To answer your question according to others on this board (I had the same question) you have to pay the full price for any drinks over the $15 limit. We have yet to sail Viking and are coming over from Celebrity where you can just pay the difference. That said in my research I've been rather impressed with how low the drink prices overall are on Viking which gives me hope for wine prices as well.
  4. The spa on Edge is run by Elemis.
  5. Yes, you have 60 days from the creation of your booking to transfer it to your TA.
  6. When looking at dates and pricing there should be a column that just list the cruise fare and then one that says air fare. For you the cruise fare would be the price you want to look at. The price of the two combined would be the price if you wanted to book the cruise and include air fare. It may be easiest just to call and talking to a Viking rep as they are happy to answer any questions. We just recently booked a cruise without air as the city we wanted to fly too was included in those allowed for deviations with the air plus upgrade.
  7. I second the DIY is probably the way to go since it will give you control over what you are doing, i.e. you can tailor it to include some things you know your child will find interesting or just leave if it is becoming painful. While we did not do a cruise tour ourselves, we did DIY, the hotel in Anchorage we were staying at was a base for a lot of them. Every day we would watch the buses come and go with large groups of people. Honestly it seems like they spent a ton of time waiting, which I think would be painful for a kid, and it confirmed in my head that we made the right decision doing it on our own. Often they would be waiting as we would walk out and hop into the small van for the private small group tour we had planned. We too are going back in 2021 and plan to go DIY again so we can see exactly what we want.
  8. Icy Strait Point has limited operators because of how the port is set up. We did the wildlife and bear search in July 2018 and saw five bears. However, I think it's all a matter of luck. The river bed was actually very dry while we were there so we had been warned our odds of seeing bears wasn't great. In the end though our walk was actually cut very short. A mom and her two cubs had decided to take a nap on the trail right before the second platform so we had to turnaround! We opted for the combo tour that included whale watching in the morning and the bear hike in the afternoon. It was a great day. Below is a picture of the mom. We just kept seeing the cubs heads pop up from time to time. While it was a short walk I certainly wont forget it!
  9. I second @Host Grandma Cruising that you need to reach out to Azamara. We booked an Azamara cruise on X and received the $300 OBC. However, the X onboard team did not do it correctly and we needed to have our TA fix it once we got home. They said we did not book it during the first half of our cruise as required, however we booked it before we even left port on embarkation day! We almost always book cruises on board and I would say at this point its 50/50 whether we think the person helping us knows what they are doing.
  10. We did Dubrovnik this past summer while on Infinity and my only advice would be to try and find a sailing that has you in port with as few other ships as possible. This is definitely an amazing stop, but it has been somewhat ruined by over tourism thanks to Game of Thrones. 🙂
  11. I think part of it is also the overall increase in competition within the cruise industry. Sure, Edge was shiny and new last year, but if you are looking to sail on the latest and greatest and not loyal to one line you have plenty of other options. I was reading at an article this morning about the new ships that are coming out over the next few years and it was insane in the overall number/size of some of them. I just don't see how the demand is there given that all these ships seem to just go to the same places. As it is there are stops in the Caribbean and Europe where the number of tourist clearly outnumber the locals.
  12. The European sailings for 2021 have not been released yet which is why you can't find them. They should be released on or around November 26.
  13. It's going to be impossible to do honestly as every school district/college is slightly different. We are doing Edge again in March. I think you just have to assume there is a chance of spring breakers cruising this time of year. That being said I know a lot of school districts around us are doing the first full week of April because of when Easter falls. However, most of the colleges in our area will have spring break the first or second week of March because of how their semesters fall. There is just a ton of variability when it comes to stuff like this as I'm sure its different in Canada.
  14. We have done Edge and Equinox (pre-refurbishment) several times. Given that it seems like you lean towards Edge, I would say go with that. While we did not stay in a PO room, we did a cabin crawl on our Edge cruise and saw one. It was very nice and exactly the same as the other rooms except for the lack of a balcony. I think @Fouremco poses a great question in terms of asking how often you use your balcony? If you generally don't use your balcony and are out and about on the ship I think that tips things in favor of Edge as well. However, if you like to spend a lot of time on your balcony and a cruise wouldn't be the same without, then I would probably go with the Equinox. Another question is do you plan to eat in the specialty restaurants? Edge has more of those than Equinox as well so I think that is something else to factor in. They are also completely different for the most part so it may also come down to what you are looking for. The four MDR's also have appeal to many since they are less hectic than the larger MDR. At the end of the day there are pluses and minuses to each ship, but I would personally vote for Edge.
  15. Yes, you can do carry off luggage on Celebrity. You should be able to disembark as soon as the ship clears in the first group.
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