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  1. I used some fabric paint and painted a smiley face and palm tree on our luggage for easier identification. I put a huge neon pink yarn ball on the handle and you can see that pink in a sea of luggage as you come down the escalators.
  2. We are planning on visiting the Humane Society as well on our Dream cruise next month. I googled the Humane Society and did directions from the port area and it looks like it's a 10 minute walk. Although I'm not quite sure how to get there since most roads are not marked. I did send an email to them to let them know we plan to visit during our port of call. She asked that we arrive early in the day to walk the dogs. I will post back as well on how our stop went.
  3. Anyislandwilldo

    Check your prices

    Special 2 day sale. Just scored $141 per person on our 2021 cruise!!
  4. Anyislandwilldo

    Port Canaveral Embark/Disembark - Good or bad?

    We sailed out of Port Canaveral 3 years ago and I don't remember any issues. We got off the ship in a timely manner and took Carnival transportation back to the airport. Not every one has the same opinion of easy. Self disembark should be painless in my opinion.
  5. Anyislandwilldo

    Boarding and activities

    We like to get on the ship as soon as possible. This feels more like the start of our cruise vacation then. We are platinum so we are one of the first ones to board. We drop off our back pack in our room and head to the lido deck for lunch. then back to the room to check on luggage and unpack. A quick look at the fun times to see whats happening. Next down to the main dining room to check out our table assignment. After that we do a general walk around to see what is different on that ship compared to other ships we've been on. You will be surprised at how fast that time goes after you board the ship until sail away. You will be in awe walking around checking out everything. Happy Sailing!! Enjoy your cruise!!
  6. Anyislandwilldo

    Rookie Mistake

    You could do a mock booking on your own to see what else is open and then call your travel agent and tell him to book you in that open room.
  7. Anyislandwilldo


    Happy for you and your Christmas miracle!! Thanks for coming back to your post and giving us an update.
  8. Anyislandwilldo

    Laundry question - First Time Platinum

    Good tip!! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Anyislandwilldo

    As of 2 Jan 2019 - minor price drop in Carnival cruise prices

    Thanks for the heads up. I checked our cruises and it doesn't help me.
  10. Anyislandwilldo

    Merry Christmas! 🎄

    Merry Christmas everyone! Sitting here in my robe and slippers feeling slightly ill 😞 Slowly getting better throughout the day. Our Dream cruise is coming up in 5 weeks. Glad I got sick now instead of before the cruise.
  11. I prefer longer cruises. We booked a back to back out of New Orleans because we didn't care for the other longer itineraries. That means 2 weeks of no dishes, no cooking, no phone and no laundry for me. One happy sailor!!
  12. Anyislandwilldo

    New boarding pass with zone number

    I checked mine as well and no number. I'm platinum so I get to board first. It also shows muster station A5. This is for the Dream. Does anyone know where this is?
  13. Anyislandwilldo

    Life event cruise

    Another thought would be to buy jewelry in the shop on the ship. There you would get a certificate of authenticity. You would have better luck getting it fixed from Carnival as opposed to buying in the ports. The ships prices are higher but you might be able to find something in your budget.
  14. Anyislandwilldo

    Sign and Sail question.

    As previous poster stated, you can set up their accounts as cash when doing online check in but if you want to save time during the check in process at the port, set up a credit card account online before heading to the port.
  15. Anyislandwilldo

    Roku or Amazon Firestick

    Thanks everyone for your answers.