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  1. Agree, the only worthwhile perk of platinum is priority boarding.
  2. Platinum level can board any time they want. You don't need an assigned boarding time.
  3. Last year I renewed my passport for the 4th time. My sister said she was going to get one because she saw how easy it was to travel with one. We always take ours along on the cruise.
  4. I never really wanted to go on a cruise. I had a fear of water since I almost drowned when I was 12. As long as I could see the shore line I knew I could swim to shore so being out in the middle of the oceane was not my idea of fun. Back in 2008 my husband had gotten a new job and was unable to take a vacation. We had been doing just land based vacations at that time. My girlfriend tells me cruises are on sail and we should go. I was hesitant but she assured me I would be ok. GF and I did a 7 day on the Valor out of Miami and I was hooked. I came home and bragged to DH we have to go on
  5. IMO, the suite itself is really nice. You have a lot more space and extra space on the balcony. But we did not like being right over the lifeboats. Minor trade off I guess. Enjoy! Happy 30th Anniversary!
  6. We can lift the mask mandate in many states and allow people to go around infecting other people. The CDC doesn't jump on that yet it won't let the ships sail?? And we can allow the spring breakers to go to their destinations and social distance...yeah right!! I don't get it.
  7. Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry!! By yourself a nice gift from the jewelry store!
  8. Yeah, I don't think it's over a dollar. I could be wrong.
  9. Thanks for the review. We booked the Vista for Jan 2022. Looking forward to cruising again.
  10. A few questions........is there a way to keep track of the number of drinks you've had like on the Hub app? Does a bucket of beer count a one drink against the cheers package? Thanks.
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