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  1. Anyislandwilldo

    New boarding pass with zone number

    I checked mine as well and no number. I'm platinum so I get to board first. It also shows muster station A5. This is for the Dream. Does anyone know where this is?
  2. Anyislandwilldo

    Life event cruise

    Another thought would be to buy jewelry in the shop on the ship. There you would get a certificate of authenticity. You would have better luck getting it fixed from Carnival as opposed to buying in the ports. The ships prices are higher but you might be able to find something in your budget.
  3. Anyislandwilldo

    Sign and Sail question.

    As previous poster stated, you can set up their accounts as cash when doing online check in but if you want to save time during the check in process at the port, set up a credit card account online before heading to the port.
  4. Anyislandwilldo

    Roku or Amazon Firestick

    Thanks everyone for your answers.
  5. Anyislandwilldo

    Roku or Amazon Firestick

    Can you use a Roku stick or Amazon Firestick on the TV's on the ship?
  6. Thanks Saint Greg for sharing your cruise with us while on your cruise. Thanks for answering my questions and posting pictures as well. Safe travels home. Looking forward to your Vista review as well.
  7. I will never give up my creme brulee!! LOL
  8. How's the volume on the TV on the lido deck? Past cruises it has been way to loud for me.
  9. Thanks Saint Greg for posting pictures of the mini fridge and safe!
  10. Anyislandwilldo

    Catching a 10:12 flight after debarkation?

    I checked the post cruise flights for us and the prices were well over $300 per person. We booked a room for the night and are taking an early Monday flight home. Much cheaper in the long run plus we get an extra night in NOLA.
  11. Anyislandwilldo

    What is your favorite cruise "hack"?

    bring lots of $100 bills. You can break them down at the kiosk on the ship, guest services or the casino. Put some $20's back in the safe and take what you need into port.
  12. Anyislandwilldo

    What is your favorite cruise "hack"?

    I bought a small red cube with the white cross on it for a first aid kit. I have band aids, bacterial cream, cold medicine, diarrhea med, anti diarrhea meds, tylenol, tucks etc. The prices on the ship are outrageous. The prices in port are not much better.
  13. Anyislandwilldo


    We were celebrating our anniversary and they brought a cake also and had us kiss until they were done singing. Plus there was a gift card in the room for the pixels gallery.
  14. Anyislandwilldo

    First time cruiser needs advice on making purchases

    Cozumel has a really nice port area for shopping. Most of the stores are repeat souvenir stores but you might be able to score a good find. Happy sailing!
  15. Would like to know if there are hair dryers in the room as well as a mini fridge. TIA