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  1. We are sailing out of Galveston and Tx is really on the rise for new cases. 😭
  2. I usually book early enough so that I get the same cabin for both sailings. You can always keep checking to see if cabin opens up so that you can get both cabins for the same sailings. A little extra effort to keep checking but worth it to stay in the same cabin.
  3. I'm really beginning to doubt that we will be able to cruise on our Jan 2021 sailing. If the second wave does come in fall like they predict, it will take months before the numbers go down and safe to sail again. 😭
  4. I checked mine and my category is all sold out. That sucks because they are offering $100 OBC!
  5. Thanks everyone for your inputs. I will look into all the companies listed.
  6. Looking to purchase travel insurance for our cruise in Jan 2021. Who do you think offers the best travel insurance and why? We will be driving to the port. We are mid 60's. At our age you never know what can happen. Thanks in advance.
  7. Awesome reviews and pictures. thanks for sharing.
  8. I drool over those pictures at Butchart Gardens. Can't wait to go back again. Thanks for sharing your review.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to put together this review. Many appreciate the review and photos. I am interested in how much the taxi cost to get out to the glacier in Juneau. Were there taxis available to take you back to the port? Thanks.
  10. That's what we did. Boarded the ship and told check in the other person was coming on a later flight. No show.
  11. Hey you stold my name lifes-a-beach LOL
  12. Did you have to pay for your lunch or was this included in the price of the tour? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for a positive review. I will have to check into this for Panama Canal cruise.
  14. Best of luck to you. Try calling Carnival and ask them if they can find a room for both cruises.
  15. And now cruise fever kicks in....thanks for sharing!
  16. I see I'm not the only one who loves B2B's!
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