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  1. To follow up on my 6/11/2020 post @taxes, fees and port charges, received refund on my credit card. Sent a email to Princess Cruises @ this charge a few days later got the refund of port charges and fees. I’m happy now. My cruise was March 29,2020.
  2. We received cruise money credited to our CC account. Also received FCC posted to our Princess accounts. We received 2 emails apologizing for the delay of refund prior to receiving the refund. It took 60 days from cruise date (3/29/20) received the refund (5/29/20). Still waiting for refund of taxes, fees and port expenses. Sent an e-mail to Contact Us and received a confirmation number. Customer Relations will be in contact in the order they received it. We will see.
  3. Received credit for cruise to our credit card and FCC to our Princess account.. Still waiting for taxes, fees and port expenses credit.No e-mail received, found it it by checking our accounts. Took 60 days (5/29) from cruise departure date (3/29)
  4. Wishng you luck! That's alot of money to wait on.
  5. Look at it this way, they never provided the service/goods/cruise you paid for.
  6. Did you go on Princess.com, their is an April 2nd update. They are telling us it's will be 60 days before we see any refund or FCC from the day you filled out the form.
  7. Yes, you're right. Our cruise would have ended today. Lots of planning went on and then cancel everything makes you not want to cruise again if they make you wait for your money 90 days. Trying to think positive but it's hard to do.
  8. You're right. We feel the same way. They have had our money for months now. They should be sending an e-mail or something out saying what they're planning to do about refunds. I saw something about 30 days, not 90 days. We received credit already for our flights.
  9. This is what I received and filled out for a refund and FCC https://princess.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3IPGcxcN0jSk6c5
  10. Very helpful. Thank you for posting the directions.
  11. We’re rescheduling for a future cruise also. I was getting pressure from family to cancel so I was relieved to see my email. In my county 34 people have the virus due to one person that got the virus. They call it community spread, the good news Is he’ll recover. Excellent move on Princess and I thank them very much. Till the next crisis, I sure hope not.
  12. A digital thermometer and airborne for immune support especially if your flying.
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