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  1. Currently in an S3 on deck 12- I can confirm that it is definitely not connected in any way whatsoever to any other stateroom or suite. There is no shared mini hallway and we open directly onto the corridor. Super quiet with no noise from above - except during the big storm earlier in the cruise ! and very convenient for Luminae, the Retreat and the sun deck.
  2. We are currently on the Edge Transatlantic and having a fabulous time in an S3 on the corner of the track of the Magic Carpet. The suite is very spacious and the balcony is very large with plenty of room for 2 loungers plus 2 very comfortable chairs and a drinks table. We have no interference from the Magic Carpet to our enjoyment of the balcony. The bathroom is excellent with a Roman bath / shower combination and a separate toilet cubicle.The suite itself has plenty of sitting space with a chaise longe type sofa , a leather covered pouffe, a round stool and a desk chair as well. There is ample storage both in hanging space and in drawer space. We initially booked an S1 corner Aft in mid 2018 for this cruise when Edge first came out, - but with no drinks package, no gratuities and no OBC! However we switched this summer just before Final Payment as we were offered a deal on the S3 which included these three perks, plus the airfare for about £5k less than we were going to pay just for the S1 without the airfare! We haven't regretted it for one minute! The S3 is midship, and it is so easy to get to all of the suite amenities such as Luminae, The Retreat and the Suites Sundeck via the forward lifts, with the aft lifts taking you directly to Eden, the Plaza and Al Baccio! By contrast, some friends who are in an aft S1 have commented that they do feel quite a way away from the suite amenities which are all at the front of the ship. Our butler, Hilario, has been excellent and most attentive. We would definitely be very happy to book an S3 again on the Edge.
  3. I too look forwards to having the pleasure of your company on the forthcoming Edge Transatlantic voyage on 1st November. I have really enjoyed reading your previous commentaries and love your enthusiasm, wry wit, and enjoyment of life. We have taken several East bound transatlantic voyages but this will be the first West bound with the luxury of gaining rather than loosing time! The suite life on Edge has been so well described in various posts by our estimable fellow CC contributor VT Cruising that I have high hopes of being spoiled rotten for the whole trip. Thank you in anticipation of what I am sure will be an excellent read!
  4. Dear VT, you are so lovely in your reassurance to me that I will not be left languishing in a sad corner of Luminae without alcoholic refreshment, and I have been really impressed with your very helpful and comprehensive Edge reviews. But my point here is that I don’t want to have to merely tell the sommelier the generic type of wine that I want, but to have at least the same published options as afforded to those dining in Blu, of having clearly listed specific options within the Classic Package other than just the Rose. I shall resort to bringing a photocopy of the Blu wine list with me, and asking very sweetly and in my most dulcet and persuasive “Downton Abbey” tones for specific Classic Package offerings therefrom. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful insights into the delights that await us on the Edge.
  5. We always cruise in suites on Celebrity and if we have Royal suites we have the included premium package, but otherwise , coming from the U.K., we don’t often get the 4 perks including the Premium Package offered as a matter of routine, but our offers do frequently include the Classic instead for Sky and Celebrity suites. My concern is that on our July Infinity Cruise the Luminae wine list included several options within the Classic limits, which meant I could order from a listed choice of several wines without feeling like a pauper for not having the dizzy heights of the Premium package! On our forthcoming Edge TA I don’t really want to throw myself like Cinderella on the tender mercies of the Luminae sommelier to find me something which I can afford- I just think that at the very least the same greater number of published options for the Classic Package by the glass shown as in the Blu wine list should be published and clearly available for Luminae . I shall await the arrival of the Luminae wine list with due humility for having my humble Classic Package!
  6. Thank you so much for sharing the revised Luminae menu and the wine list . I am a little concerned to see that there only appears to be one by the glass option- a rose wine- which comes within the Classic Package limit on the Luminae wine list; whereas I understand that there are several on offer on the Blu wine list. Oh well, Rose it will be then!
  7. Love trivia competitions! Met my husband at a charity quiz about 30 years ago when one of his pals took me along to supposedly boost their team! We always do the shipboard trivia’s when we cruise and enjoy teaming up with folk from different countries so that we all learn something new. It is great fun whether we win or lose, and the “trivia crowd” on a progressive Transatlantic Cruise trivia have always been delightful. It’s a shame if folks cheat, as it is a fun activity with nice people having fun together.
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