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  1. Agreed, we were on the same cruise, and our next door neighbour on deck 9 was often coughing like crazy on her balcony throughout the cruise. Saw lots of people coughing throughout the ship, often right into their hands. On the last full day, I was standing in the buffet next to one dude who didn't feel like waiting for a server and just reached in and grabbed a burger patty with his bare hands!
  2. A lot of people I chatted with this morning didn’t really understand the details of what had been communicated yesterday re: our arrival time. We booked a flight for Wednesday morning, figuring we can always go to the airport today and ask about getting on an earlier flight.
  3. We are now docked, but disembarkation hasn’t started yet; they still need to clear customs and immigration. Captain just came on the PA to ask people to spread out and not crowd the path to the gangway because it’ll still be awhile.
  4. I really wish the captain would make an announcement; people are seeing the Breakaway sailing out and assuming it means they were turned away and that it will be the same for us.
  5. And a quick tip for anyone else whose cruise gets extended by a few days: ask Guest Services if they’ve turned off the system that automatically deactivates guests’ cruise cards the day after scheduled disembarkation. All 3,600 passenger cruise cards got deactivated last night sometime between dinner and 8pm — we couldn’t get back into our room to finish packing. Long line to reprint everyone’s cards.
  6. Can see land! The Carnival Breeze just passed us heading out to I don’t know where and one of the Disney ships is just hanging out in front of us. Any word from the outside world on the status of Orlando airport?
  7. We got an update from the captain just before lunch; he says we’re on schedule to arrive near Port Canaveral and get the pilot on board around 9am tomorrow and expected to be docked and ready for customs inspection by 10am. We’re to get more info on disembarkation procedures tonight, but for now, they say no extraordinary procedures (E.g. temperature check or other health screening) have been communicated to them. The captain said the Epic has no suspected coronavirus cases on board (despite the fact that people continue to cough right into their hands all the time, including in the buffet — that’s my observation, not the captain’s 😒) They are arranging free buses to transfer us all to the Orlando airport.
  8. They haven’t told us yet the arrival time, but said they would later today. Ship wifi is stupidly slow (they say there’re readjusting the satellite) to point I still haven’t been able to adjust my flights; and the line for the Internet Cafe is loooooooong, as is the line to make free phone calls. And yet they kept the free access to CC up, so... [shrug]
  9. On board the Epic now; we got woken up at 6;30am with the captain announcing that the National Guard closed the San Juan port - we could have docked but would have had to spend 3 days in quarantine. Captain/NCL decided to divert to Port Canaveral instead of doing quarantine. We’re expected to arrive Tuesday. Drink packages have been extended and we’ve been given 60 min of free wifi per cabin to make new flight arrangements, overall mood is okay, long lines for Internet cafe.
  10. I booked two excursions for Barbados, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each was $50, and the credit was applied separately to each; I didn't have to pay anything at all for those excursions.
  11. I would call and ask NCL to send you an 'amenity confirmation' email, though, or try a mock booking online just to make sure the $100 will come off the excursion price. My 'summary' online also shows the $50 credit twice with slightly different wording, and I got two different answers speaking to two different NCL reps. The first one said, yes, you'll get double the credit; so I went back and changed up my plans on what to book for each port; and then when I called in the second time to book, the next rep said nope, only the regular $50 credit and it displays twice because of 'reasons' (I honesty didn't understand his reasoning of why it displayed twice and he was getting very 'hey there little lady, this is my job and I know what's what' so I just didn't want to deal with him anymore). But I did then call the travel co I booked with and they confirmed that I hadn't booked with the bonus shore excursion credit (missed it by one day!), so that's fine, I went back to my original plans.
  12. I only just realized last week that it's $50 per tour, per port, for the first person. So I was able to get the $50 off for each of two excursions at the same port, e.g. a morning tour and an afternoon tour, as long as they don't overlap in timing. I actually thought it was a glitch on the website, but confirmed it in the T&Cs: "The first guest may redeem the promotion of $50 Shore Excursion Credit on more than one shore excursion per port." I'm not sure if that would also apply for the lucky folks who got the bonus shore excursion credit promotion.
  13. Weird, maybe they're rolling it out in stages? Or maybe their system can't currently handle the math of applying both the shore excursion credit AND the Latitudes discount? I took a few screenshots during the booking process, just in case. The 'shore excursion credit applied' shows up on the right hand side. Worth noting, for excursions with multiple time slots, it only showed up after I selected a time.
  14. Booked my shore excursions online yesterday, and the $50-per-port credit was deducted correctly from my total purchase, with both the shopping cart and the final receipt showing clearly each credit and the remaining charge that I paid. Yay, something on the NCL website that actually worked the way it should! 🙂
  15. Anyone know which of the Carlisle Bay beach clubs Norwegian Cruise Line currently uses for its 'Barbados Beach Break' excursion? Thanks,
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