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  1. Try to go early in your cruise, before everyone else figures out how good the margaritas are! We tried to get in on the last night, and without a reservation couldn't get a table and the bar was packed!
  2. Totally agree that it's ridiculous that NCL's site doesn't display any other shore excursions for a port once you've booked something. For what it's worth, back in January 2019 I actually submitted that as a bug to NCL's digital team because it seemed so weird, and this was the reply I got: "I did review this with out IT Department and there is an issue going on where only the booked excursions shows and nothing else. They are looking into the issue because you should be able to view all the excursions available no matter what. This is not an intentional design, this is a legitimate error that is occurring and is being worked on. We apologize for the inconvenience." But if it's still happening... 🤷‍♀️
  3. Yep, we had a 9pm departure out of San Juan earlier this year; the muster drill was at 4pm per usual, with a make-up drill the next day for anyone who hadn't already boarded the ship. It was actually a nice change, because there wasn't a mad rush to get from the drill to a sailaway viewing spot up on deck.
  4. I haven't received an email or any other notification, but I'm booked on the March 22 sailing and when I logged into MyNCL just now the itinerary has indeed changed. We've lost Curacao and St Maarten, and they've subbed in Barbados and Tortola instead. The number of sea days remains the same at two. I'm on the fence as to whether I'll cancel or not; I love both Barbados and Tortola, but we've been to both a couple of times, and booked this sailing specifically because it had two new-to-us ports (Curacao and St Kitts).
  5. We sailed her in March of this year (our first time on NCL), and loved her. Might not have all the bells-and-whistles of the newer mega-ships, but she felt more 'classic' to us and we didn't feel we missed out on anything.
  6. Yeah, the various websites and descriptions make it clear that the balcony cabins from 12000-12015 are definitely PrivaSea cabins with the solid enclosed hull, but then 12016 and 12017 (like 11018 and 11019) are the last of the B6 "large balcony" cabins at the front of the ship before the transition to 'regular' balconies. NCL still codes them as PrivaSea when it appears they *might* actually have the glass balcony instead of being fully enclosed, hence why I'd love to receive confirmation and feedback from someone who's sailed in one...
  7. Hey everyone, Hoping that someone with personal experience with one of these angled “large balcony” cabins on the Epic (11018/11019/12016/12017) can confirm if the balcony is glass or hull style. I reviewed the amazing thread of Epic hull cabins and they’re not listed, but they’re also listed on the Epic deck plans as being “PrivaSea” which makes me wary... I’ve searched all the obvious places but can’t find a photo of these specific cabins. Would love any input!
  8. Does NCL allow you to 'pay' the corkage fee using on-board credit?
  9. So cool! Are those on the bar menu or by special request?
  10. Agree with what everyone's saying on the time needed to clear customs, but as for driving from the cruise port to the airport, I'd suggest looking into taking the Canada Line public transit -- depending on how much luggage you're travelling with, it might be easier/faster to make the walk (10 minutes) to Waterfront Station, and hop on the Canada to YVR (about 30 minutes to the airport, just make sure to get on a train that says it's going to YVR-Airport and not Richmond-Brighouse).
  11. Every other cruise line I've ever sailed on has figured out how to show passengers the full list of available excursions without allowing guests to overbook, usually by greying out the 'add to cart' button for anything with a conflicting time to something already booked. Seems to me that standard shopping cart UX functionality would be a lot easier for NCL on the backend (and less frustrating for passengers) compared to having to process cancellations via the phone.
  12. I heard back from NCL website support, and they say this isn't intentional -- we should be able to see all shore excursions for each port even after booking one. They said they're looking into it.
  13. Interesting, I didn't realize that was intentional -- I actually reported it as a bug. From past cruises on other lines, I'm used to being able to book a shore excursion, and then continue to check back occasionally to see if anything new/different got added that might tempt me to change my mind and switch.
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