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  1. In excess of 8000 posts...Glory be, rest easy and simply enjoy your cruise, the pages of anxiety were all to no avail in the end...!
  2. Have many traveled too far, perhaps too often, and expect too much.?? Remember some Ports, especially in New Zealand are now overwhelmed by very large ships ,several at once, the laid back feeling of many Ports, all around the world is no longer. We ,and I include myself... are inundating small places ,in large numbers.. Take a walk perhaps, as we did a lot in Northern Europe, feel the places you visit,and most of all, carefully do your homework, on where you are going ,and what to expect.That takes time and effort.. Asia is different,and perhaps not quite what you may expect,is that not what travel is all about..?. Cruise lines cannot be all things to all people, everyone expects or likes different things.Enjoy the moment,there is so much about cruising to simply love...its different from where you live, but that should be what you come to enjoy..How fortunate we are, to see the world in such a wonderful way. Be grateful you can do this...!
  3. The included Tours are always available,they do not offer Game Parks ,which are more expensive . There is always an included excursion,in each Port, which is a very good part of a Viking Cruise. I am disappointed to hear that they do have a limit on numbers for the more extensive and better excursions, as it showed them Sold Out, many months ago, that would mean they are quite happy for their passengers to make their own arrangements and take private tours, which is not the choice of everyone, especially in Africa, . We will see what unfolds.
  4. Very pleased to say I have a Game Park, not what we wanted ,but it will be fine, I shall persevere with careful checking, and there well may be more, I believe. [From Viking Australia] we should add to our wish list, as it is checked by Viking, and they make more space available accordingly, sounds good , very hopeful this is correct, and all will be well for everyone.. . Very different system from any previous cruises, a little hard to come to grips with, like a free for all, on a given day...but in the end we will all think positively, hope for the best outcome ..!
  5. Rather disappointed that today, Shore Excursions Day for those boarding in Sydney,[ well us mere mortals], and not one Game Park to be had, I had hoped that as time passed some may become available,but simply nothing at all...Africa ,think of the Game Parks, but no, not for us sadly... so I guess we just go ahead and book private excursions ,where possible, I will try the Roll call ,and hope there may be others who could or would share a special journey, like to the Elephant Park. Feeling this is not quite what we hoped for, right now.!
  6. I can recommend a beautiful place to stay, near the Port of Rome, right on the Med, at Santa Marinella. This is a small Family run Hotel,Villa Delle Palme, it is one of the most special experiences we have had in all our travels. The staff are amazing, friendly and kind. Very good restaurant,on site, sea side.You can walk for miles, so interesting and lovely. walking distance from the train, and just one stop from the Port at Citivecchia, or easy to reach by car. You can visit Rome easily, should you wish, but so peaceful. We stayed 6 days, and would return in a minute. Reasonably priced, on of life's hidden treasures..
  7. It is certain that we require a proper face to face meeting,many forms etc,to get our Visa to enter South Africa, have just had that verified. It is of course our responsibility to obtain and make sure on this . I understand .I am posting to warn any potential New Zealand Passport holders, that this is the case. We were advised otherwise by Viking,via our Travel Agent, because of course each country is different. Our agent is now assisting in obtaining all the required documents. The Visa cannot be applied for until 90 days before departure.
  8. Before final payment I inquired via our Travel Agent, if a Visa was required for South Africa, the answer from Viking Ocean was NO, now just to be very sure ,I have asked again, and it seems that this is not the case for New Zealand citizens, a visa IS required, on advice from the South African Consulate . This requires much information and a trip to actually present ourselves to them in person,in Wellington, and considerable expense . In case anyone else is in a similar position, be aware you are paying a lot of money for your cruise to be denied entry to the place you probably most want to see.! We are Sydney to Greenwich March 2019.
  9. This is the most extensive and informative information ever, every thing is covered in such a straightforward way, easy to follow and truly amazing. ! Thank you, you have excelled . I am sure this took such a lot of time , Viking will be very grateful for your input,as will every intending Viking passenger.. Superb.!
  10. Like everything else on Prinsendam, tendering works like clockwork, a smooth process, not long waiting.An outstanding crew ,that smile in the face of adversity, as in people who are so dangerously impaired and tenders are a threat to their well being.!..All is taken care of ,Prinsendam is a wonderful experience in so many ways.[6 weeks earlier this year and previous sailing], and could have gone on forever...! A sad day when it is no longer part of the fleet,a real experience of the traditions of being at sea,and Prinsendam always has surprises, of places and sights not included, detours to wonderful places, just the best experience ever. It is ,in my opinion for the real Explorer .! This is all led from the Bridge, a "Happy Ship "simply the best.!Enjoy..
  11. We went as far as the Polar Ice,on Prinsendam,in 2014,after amazing sights along the way,in the Fjords of Spitsbergen, a tender was lowered and the crew gathered ice, for drinks later on...The weather was perfect, calm all the way and not a lot of fog, though I know this can be a problem .It is a fascinating part of the world ,and you will never regret the journey...!
  12. I have been assured, by those on last years journey, that invariably it all evens out ,and we will be unlikely to miss excursions. Already many shore excursions, like the Safari excursions show Booked Out, but when I contacted Viking they say they will become available nearer the time.. Until your date for booking excursions, one will never know, and by then we are committed, but I have been assured ,by those who have gone before and found it was okay. I would be bitterly disappointed to think otherwise..56 days is a lengthy cruise ,with Africa the focus, so lets hope for the best...and some efficient and fair juggling, on the part of Viking Ocean..
  13. What wonderful information, such a lot of work..you don't happen to be heading to South Africa any time soon.??.Finding that" into the unknown"..,and much research required, which is exciting and informative of course,appreciating even more all the details you have provided for many others.!
  14. Very Reassuring,indeed.Thank you for the great response, new to Viking, but now looking forward to everything ahead.!
  15. I am beginning to have second thoughts on what was to be a very exciting journey. Sydney to Greenwich UK, part of the 2019 World Journey . South Africa being the very exciting part of 56 days ...however, already many of the Shore Excursions in South Africa are showing as Sold Out, I am assured that this is not the case, by Viking Ocean,and they will be available when our time to book comes around [ In a Veranda DV ]..I understand that those on the complete World Journey ,will of course have first choice and rightly so, but with the Viking booking system ,it seems unlikely there will be places left ,except for the "Free Excursions", which guarantee a place for everyone. Safari adventures ,which are the reason for going ,I am concerned, may not be possible. Until final payment there is no way of knowing .Perhaps someone with more experience could share their views..
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