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  1. Is this really happening in our world of today, the most terrible thing I have ever heard, like a" related to genocide event", in the supposedly civilized world...! Shame on every one involved,this will go down in history as blind selfishness ,and the deaths of innocent people, who are unwittingly caught in this terrible web.. ! Like it or not we are all in this together, imagine if Medical People said, we are in danger...sorry we are going home, have some courage and stand up and be counted..!
  2. If anyone can survive this unprecedented crisis, Viking can... They are streets ahead of the competition, and we are all poised, dreams in place, to be there again ASAP..I'm sure..The knockers are always raising their ugly heads, lets ignore and be grateful. I think it takes courage to cancel ,but really anyone poised to cruise, should be wondering if it was a wise decision to go ,I would have imagined...Lets look ahead to much better things...!
  3. You can rest assured that Viking,in their organised and efficient manner ,will do the very right thing for everyone,passengers, crew, and their cruise line..I have complete faith in their decisions,disappointing for some, or not. Making quick and good decisions, already evident,gives confidence to all who are so looking forward to sailing with them in the future.
  4. You have to have a shuttle, cannot walk in the Port area, so the buses have a drop off point near the Park, in the city, running frequently,Dublin is easy on foot, and miles to discover, several Parks, so much history,and perhaps a ships tour in the morning and enjoy Dublin in the afternoon..Ireland is a heart warming place, you will not be disappointed when ever you choose..!
  5. May I add that having sailed on a lengthy voyage on Oceania, Insignia, enjoyed their destinations imensley, their spaces , food and excellent crew,a few years later we graduated to Viking on an equally lengthy journey.. Viking is simply a cut above the rest, beautiful new ships,with spaces which need to be experienced to appreciate. Look at the meaning of Hygge, its so true.! A whole different feeling aboard a Viking ocean ship, no doubt,and very hard to go back to anyone else, except on price.! We have loved every cruise over time ,being HAL advocates for a very long time, tried Az
  6. Remember you need to leave the ship promptly, they are welcoming aboard another cruise, in a very short time, and need to "Clear The Decks",so to speak,you can always find a place to wait, railway stations are interesting places.! I think 9am would be the very latest you could disembark.
  7. Like most cruises, different people wear and do different things, don't over think it, simply be comfortable.Viking is a relaxed,beautiful way to cruise, I doubt if you can find better. The things they have removed, they have done so for a reason, careful study makes them unique, in lots of ways. The included excursions we found, were good and many were not just a bus and a walk,in town . Many choices..[ Sydney to Greenwich March 19],which included South Africa, so an in -depth lengthy time of knowing how Viking operates.If you look at Hygge, and its meaning, this is Viking, beautiful spaces,
  8. I am following,with great interest, this journey. We were on Viking Sun earlier this year, Sydney to Greenwich, and loved every minute .One of the most special things were the the Crew, from the Captain to the Cleaners ,simply wonderful people, and we wondered how they could all be chosen so well...! A great feeling of "Family" resulted from all of this, and saying goodbye was simply sad.! However, I am unsure that the complete world journey was so easy for all the crew,and when asked ,the odd person was not sure they would like to do it all again.Perhaps this is part of the reason for change,
  9. Traveled for many months on Viking Sun, ate almost every single day in World Cafe, for all meals, quite particular about most things ,but NEVER any hint of anything unpleasant . Should this be unsuitable, there are many easy options.Being grateful for what is in each day, on the Planet may help.!
  10. In excess of 8000 posts...Glory be, rest easy and simply enjoy your cruise, the pages of anxiety were all to no avail in the end...!
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