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  1. I read that climbing would no longer be allowed. I really don’t mind. To me it’s no different than being roped off from Stonehenge. Look but don’t touch. We also decided to go in mid February. Hopefully won’t be as hot.
  2. Skynight, do you remember what type of planes you were on. Were they commercial (Qantas) or were they charters? I assume they don't want all your cruise luggage on the land portion, do they store bags for you? I would like to stay in Sydney after the cruisetour but my husband is still working so three weeks is really all the time we can take.
  3. We are contemplating an Australia - New Zealand cruisetour in January. Starting in Auckland and ending in Sydney. We know it will be hot especially at Ayers Rock. We would love to hear other peoples opinions and experiences. Lori
  4. $1.00 per room service, $1.00 per drinks-on-us in the casino and $20.00 for cabin steward because I want service twice a day.
  5. Loritd


    Is there a crap table on the Regal?
  6. Just for excursions. Pre-purchased water, sodas and internet can not be purchased with onboard credit.
  7. I use a small, local travel agency. I do all the research and she calls princess when I am ready to book. I get the exact same price from her as I would booking it myself. The advantage is that if/when something goes wrong she works for me, not the cruise line. I had to cancel a cruise several years ago when my father was dying and she took care of everything. It was nice not to have to worry about paperwork at a very sad and stressful time.
  8. Out of Tampa, Galveston, New Orleans, New Orleans wins hands down. The parking garage is adjacent to the pier. Pay, drive forward, pop the trunk, tip the luggage guy, park your car, ride the elevator down, and maybe walk 50 feet and you are showing your paperwork. We had faster to the fun. Thirty minutes total time and we were eating guys burgers. Easy, peasy.
  9. We are currently on the Valor leaving New Orleans and the muster drill was outside on deck 4. It is 87 degrees figuring in the humidity it feels like 95. Why on earth did we stand outside? There were no seats and Several older people looked like they were going to fall over. We were on the Paradise out of Tampa two months ago and we were inside. Which is the norm for Carnival? ?
  10. This is of topic but can I wear white demin capri's and a floral top in the steakhouse? Can my husband wear khaki pants and a polo shirt?
  11. Thank you razorback39 for answering my questions. Lori
  12. We are sailing on the Carnival Valor in two weeks. Where is the port parking? Can you reserve and prepay? We have FTTF and are going to self walk off. What time can we realistically expect to disembark? I appreciate any help given. Lori
  13. We are boarding the Regal in July, doing the Berlin to Berlin itinerary and I have questions. When do we do the muster drill? Do we have our own or wait till Copenhagen? Do we have to wait for the departing passengers to disembark in Copenhagen before we can get off and tour the city. What about getting back on the ship, do we wait for boarding with the new passengers? Any assistance with the ins and outs of boarding mid-cruise so to speak would be appreciated. Lori
  14. We buy faster to fun. To us it is worth it. On the first day on our last cruise my husband lost his sail and sign card. The was a huge line at the passenger service desk but we didn't have to wait. They deactivated the lost card and issued him a new one immediately, no worries of someone putting charges on his card we would have to contest. We also like early access to our room to drop the carry-ons and change out of our traveling clothes.
  15. Thanks for your responses. We decided on the Valor on May 20. Got a good cabin at a decent price. 55 days to go.
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