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  1. I would call Southwest directly first. My mother in law was sick (cancer, fine now) and could not use the credit before it expired. I called I don't remember if it was the day after it expired or the day before it did but they did give her another 6 months time. The woman on the phone did say my mother in law would not be able to change the tickets once she used the credit. Worth a call.
  2. Honor system. They hope?? Expect?? People to be honest. I am not to sure about that.
  3. We got off the ruby this morning. We were two hours late due to Australian health authorities reviews. Anyone who had a cough, fever, runny nose, or had traveled through several listed countries had to have extra screening. Everyone else just filled out a card and waited till the ship was cleared.
  4. My travel agent called the Ezair department this morning. The woman this morning said I only have to call them if I missed the first leg. If I miss my connection American Airlines will help me directly. Ezair will not change the tickets as it is classified as a valid connection. The only thing I can do is hope for an on time flight and a quick process through customs. Fingers crossed.
  5. It is 60 days from date of booking and before final payment. It is also slow. Last month our request took a week from the time our travel agent faxed the form to confirmation.
  6. At O'Hare it can easily take 2 hours. Customs, claiming luggage, dropping off luggage, back through security, the shuttle to the other terminals and then to your gate its not a quick process. We don't have global entry just TSA precheck.
  7. I have never flown international at LAX. We fly to Sydney through LAX I will pay attention where the American airlines terminal is in relation to the international terminal. We fly Delta going over. I have used Ezair in the past and have had unwanted schedule changes before but they were always willing to work with us to find an acceptable option. If we had booked our own airfare in business class it would have been a lot more than what we paid. Plus with this being a moveover cruise we had a lot of onboard credit to use. We probably will be fine but the woman's attitude irked me.
  8. The tickets were issued on December 31. The difference was an hour. I tried American first and the woman was as helpful as she could be. She even said she would attach our names to seats on the next flight from LAS to DFW but the Ezair woman didn't care. I would not have known about the time change if it wasn't for the notification on my AAdvantage account home page telling me to call. If American Airlines thought it was a reasonable request why wouldn't ezair?
  9. We fly home from Sydney, Australia on March 10. Due to a airline schedule change we have an hour and 45 minutes connection in LAX. I called American and they said since I booked through the cruise line I have to talk to them. I realize the Ezair people are swamped with calls due to the coronavirus but the snarky lady said "it is a valid connection and that I SHOULD make it". It may be a valid connection but it is a ridiculously tight connection. There are two other flights to DFW they could put me on but they won't. I have a connection I have to make in Dallas. Also if I should miss the connec
  10. We booked using a move over offer. Our future cruise deposit onboard credit and our shareholder onboard credit went one to one (they are nonrefundable) but the rest of our onboard credit (refundable) had a .70 to 1 conversion rate. Surely the casino credit would be the same. I see nothing on the website about a one to one conversion rate. I am going to call Princess in the morning.
  11. We are going on a New Zealand cruise roundtrip out of Sydney. If I purchase casino credits will the money automatically be converted to Australian dollars? If heaven forbid we should be winning and not need all we purchase will it be converted back to US dollars and refunded or will we need to cash out completely before we leave the ship? Or should we just look into setting up a line of casino credit? We don't gamble with high stakes but I prefer not to bring a lot of cash with us or get off the boat with a large amount of Australian dollars. We prepaid for our excursions and our tips were
  12. Thank you for responding so quickly. We are planning to have one kid in our room and one kid in theirs. Upper berths are a pain for both the one sleeping in them and the one who always hits their head on them.
  13. My travel agent forwarded both of my move ever offers (mom and pop agency). I left the voice mail stating I would be interested in the offer. The agency received $200 for me accepting the offer (I am not sure if that was place of the commission or in addition) but they received nothing on the cruise eventually I booked with my move over.
  14. We are looking into taking our daughter, son-in-law and 9yr old and 6yr old grandkids to Alaska. We are looking at adjoining deluxe balcony cabins forward on the Marina deck. Where is the door connecting the cabins? Do they fold up the sofa in the mornings or do we have to climb over it the whole cruise (like we did on carnival)? Can we get old fashioned key cards so we have access to both cabins and still use medallions? I appreciate any help with my questions. Lori
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