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  1. I booked through a travel agent and was able to chose my own airfare on the website. Be sure to print the confirmation page or make note of the confirmation number. It took a month to receive an email with my flight info.
  2. You are very lucky I mail ours on June 25 and got then back on September 29.
  3. Darn I wish I found this thread earlier. I book and paid for this cruise in full today. Now I wondering if I made a mistake.
  4. We use a local travel agent. I pick the cabin, put a hold on it and call her to take over the booking when it's time to put the deposit down. A travel agent works for you and a PVP works for the cruise line, if something goes wrong the travel agent is your advocate. We both check for price drops and re fare as necessary. We had to cancel a cruise and pre-hotel stay three days before leaving and I called her to cancel everything. The refund for the airfare, taxes, port charges and hotel charges were refunded to my credit card and the rest as a cruise credit as I requested. I didn't have to fill out a form, nothing. A good, knowledgeable travel agent is worth their weight in gold. She has two $100 casino rate cruises she is handling for me and she is just as diligent with those as she was with the three week australian cruisetour she did for me two years ago.
  5. Sent mine off end of June and the check cleared two weeks later. When I check the status it says they are processing and reviewing my information. The website states average time is 16 weeks including shipping. I didn't pay for expedited service. So hopefully by November. We were planning on sailing November 15 on the Valor out of New Orleans but with the new CDC guidelines we are postponing to a later date.
  6. I would for the larger cabin. It's nice to have a couch to sit on. But I would also want to know the cost and locations available
  7. If Carnival cancels can I rebook the same cruise, same time next year for roughly the same rate? Or are people finding the rebook prices a lot higher Princess prices for cruises next year are way up. Princess offered people who didn't take the refunds a lot of refundable onboard credit. Passengers didn't get much when you figure in the rate increases. Princess is basically got interest free loans.
  8. I missed the November 1 sailing of the Valor on the carnival website. I am glad the Glory will at least be near New Orleans when I have to make my final payment. That will give me some assures that the New Orleans port will be opening up. Like most people I have had several cruises cancelled but none on Carnival. On Princess with FCC as deposits. So I not out much money, unlike most people. This will be my first final payment due since covid hit. Princess kept cancelling my cruises and I kept moving the deposits to further out sailings. I was on the second to last sailing out of Sydney in March of 2020. I really miss cruising.
  9. We are booked on the Valor on November 15. She isn't supposed to start sailing till November 5th. We have to make our final payment on Sept 1. If it was you would you pay and cross your fingers the ship will sail as scheduled or go ahead a move your deposit to a later date? I would just be more comfortable if the Glory was already sailing. Does anyone know where the Glory is and have you heard if she will start sailing on time?
  10. Unlike Princess Once you make them you cannot even check pricing without first cancelling the original flights. Which you have to do by calling the fly2fun department. Also be sure to print or make note of the confirmation number. I booked flex air for two separate cabins (we are traveling together) I made note of the first reservation to make sure I got the same flights for the second however I didn't bother with the second. I just figured I would get an email with the details or my travel agent would. That never happened. I have no idea what the reservation number is but according to my travel agent it shows the price on my account, no flight details just that the fly2fun department is working on them. When my travel agent called them directly they told her they were busy with August and September sailings and would get to mine eventually. I don't sail till next May. So I have plenty of time but it is annoying.
  11. We made elite for the first time right before the shutdown We traded everything for half diet coke and half bottled water. Did meet a guy later on the elevator who handed off the beer from his set up to people. He said he didn't drink beer but did drink everything else. It was a nice thing to do and he made a couple of people smile.
  12. Thanks for all your help I will keep an eye on flight prices via a third party site.
  13. I tried viewing the prices and routes on fly2fun but all I get is the message "Guest already have flights assigned" I must be done something wrong. I can't view the options.
  14. Sounds like Carnival is going to make me jump through hoops to change my flights. The flight prices aren't horrible but there just aren't any good flights times from San Francisco unless I want to pay over $400 a ticket for non stop to St Louis on United. I am hoping Southwest will have a better option. 80'sGal did you book directly through Carnival or through a travel agent? I am more familiar with Princess and if you book through a travel agent they won't talk to you they just tell you to call your travel agent.
  15. I would definitely would book a balcony. It's nice to get a little fresh air in the cabin even if it is too cold to sit outside. Plus the large floor to ceiling window is worth its weight in gold.
  16. I also would like to know an answer to this question. Princess lets you view and change you flex fares. I am hoping Southwest will have better flight times and prices when they open up their schedule for June 10. I may want to cancel and book with Southwest directly. I assume my travel agent will get a confirmation of the flight times and prices of the flights I chose. I didn't print anything and I didn't receive an email. Also can you book business or first class tickets through fly2fun?
  17. I haven't sailed on the panorama (booked for January 2022) but I have sailed on carnival ships out of Galveston, New Orleans and Tampa. Yes carnival is a more party atmosphere but we still had a good time. I have only encountered an obnoxious drunk one time in the casino and the casino staff sent him packing pretty quick. The rest have been happy fun drunks. I always managed to find a quiet space to read a book or have a drink in. As for food I think carnival might have an edge over princess. Especially the speciality restaurants. I don't care for Share, Salty Dog or Sabatinis on princess, the steakhouses are very similar. Guys Burger joint has the best burger I have ever had at sea. The italian restaurant on the Breeze was free for lunch just a charge for dinner. I requested two a day service from our cabin steward and I was very pleased with the service. I tipped extra as appreciation for the job he did and the towel animals are always fun. We usually take longer cruises on Princess 10 day or more and the passengers tend to be older than on carnival. I have found that sometimes on princess the passengers have a sense of entitlement and their treatment of the crew to be rude and offensive. Would I take a three or four day carnival cruise during spring break probably not. But we have a 5 day out of New Orleans in November (hope it sails) and we are looking forward to another fun, happy cruise.
  18. FTTF is available on my Nov 15 sailing on the Valor
  19. Yikes, I didn't think of that. Are there obstructed view balconies on the Panorama?
  20. I have a quarantee balcony held on the panorama. I know a cove balcony is probably what I will get. Do you love them or hate them? What are the disadvantages besides being on a very low deck? Are there any advantages? Any help would be appreciated.
  21. I would call Southwest directly first. My mother in law was sick (cancer, fine now) and could not use the credit before it expired. I called I don't remember if it was the day after it expired or the day before it did but they did give her another 6 months time. The woman on the phone did say my mother in law would not be able to change the tickets once she used the credit. Worth a call.
  22. Honor system. They hope?? Expect?? People to be honest. I am not to sure about that.
  23. We got off the ruby this morning. We were two hours late due to Australian health authorities reviews. Anyone who had a cough, fever, runny nose, or had traveled through several listed countries had to have extra screening. Everyone else just filled out a card and waited till the ship was cleared.
  24. My travel agent called the Ezair department this morning. The woman this morning said I only have to call them if I missed the first leg. If I miss my connection American Airlines will help me directly. Ezair will not change the tickets as it is classified as a valid connection. The only thing I can do is hope for an on time flight and a quick process through customs. Fingers crossed.
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