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  1. We're on Brilliance next summer and are flying in and out of Bologna, about a one-hour train ride from Ravenna. We're spending the night in Bologna after disembarking, and flying home early the next morning.
  2. BLQ to LHR to PHX is the itinerary. Two hour layover in LHR.
  3. Thanks, this is so helpful. I've still got some time to think about it but I'm leaning towards spending the night in Bologna and taking the 4:30 pm flight the following day, just to minimize stress and explore Bologna a bit since who knows if we'll be back. I'm assuming I can use the same instructions in your link (working backwards) to get from the Bologna airport to Ravenna, correct? We're flying into Bologna a day early and will spend that night in Ravenna, then board the ship.
  4. We're sailing out of Ravenna next summer, and flying in and out of Bologna. I'm looking at return flights now since I'll be using miles and the schedule to book it will open up soon. There's a 4:30 pm flight out of Bologna. Never having been to Italy, I'm not sure whether that return flight is doable given we'd have to take a train from Ravenna to Bologna, and then get from the train station to the airport. Does anyone have experience traveling from Ravenna to the Bologna airport and know how long it takes? I'm considering staying overnight in Bologna and then flying out the next day rather than risk missing our return flight the day of disembarkation.
  5. I'm about to pull the trigger and book B2B Med cruises for May 2022. They can't be booked under CWC given the current sail-by date of 4/30/22. Refundable deposits would cost me about $430 more, total. I'm trying to decide if it's worth paying the extra $ for refundable deposits, to avoid losing $400 (two cruises x 2 people) if I booked non-refundable and had to cancel. Is it a no-brainer to book only refundable right now? I realize there are no crystal balls and who knows what next May will look like. I'd really just like to hear what type of deposit you chose, and why. Thanks much!
  6. I got this email today from RC with the subject line "We have an exciting update to share with you regarding your Future Cruise Credit!": Did anyone else get this? It's nice and all, except for the fact that my FCC already expires on 12/31/21 ...
  7. Great! Thank you - that's what I needed to know.
  8. Hi everyone - I have $500 in FCC ($250 for me and $250 for my DS) with a "sail by" date of 12/31/21. I'm booking a new cruise for us for end of December 2021 and plan to cancel it under CWC to extend my FCC for another year. I've picked a cruise requiring a $500 deposit and inserted my two FCC's on the payment page, but it looks like I still need to pay the deposit by credit card (the "Pay $500 USD" button is shaded out since I haven't inserted credit card info). I'd like to avoid using a credit card for the deposit since I have the $500 in FCC. How do I get around this? (see screenshot below). Thanks!
  9. I'm so glad the OP started this thread. I was in a similar situation - I cancelled my June cruise once Cruise with Confidence was announced, and when I received the email with my FCC, it stated that my credit expired 4/18/21, and my son's on 12/31/21 (same cruise! different expiration dates!). I really didn't want to deal w/ calling them and getting contradictory or incorrect answers, so I sent one email this morning to both Michael Bayley and Vickie Freed requesting written confirmation that my credit should expire on 12/31/21. Within *five* minutes (no joke), Vickie Freed responded to me and provided the written confirmation I requested. Definitely emailing is the way to go to get that written confirmation -- you can't always rely on what someone tells you on the phone.
  10. I cancelled. My teenage son has asthma, and I can't risk that. If it were just me, I'd go in a heartbeat.
  11. I had that exact thing happen to me on Saturday - I was cut off at the three-hour mark on three separate occasions. I finally located a different phone number to call (check one of the emails you received from the big box store; I'd post the # here but since you're in Canada the #'s may be different) -- I used the number on the top left the first three times, and then switched to a different toll-free number i found within the body of the email. 4th (!) time was the charm - after three hours on hold on that number, I finally got through to an agent. Total time spent on hold = 12 hours on Saturday, plus 2.5 hours on Friday night when I finally gave up and went to bed. The agent I spoke with told me that she had been there since 11am that day and there were already 700 calls in the queue when she got there. Good luck - very frustrating I know!!
  12. I'm trying to cancel with my TA (big box store) and I'm on hold for hours at a time. Last night on hold for 2.5 hours, finally gave up and went to bed. This morning, 3 hours on hold till I was disconnected. Called back, got disconnected again at right about the 3 hour mark, and now I'm on hold yet again. My final payment date is this Thursday and I'd really like to cancel before then, although if I can't get through I'll just pay the balance and cancel when I can get through (which will mean Royal will be holding a lot more of my $ till I rebook). It's very frustrating!! I feel for those who are 2-3 days out and want to cancel but can't get through ...
  13. I did it last summer on Anthem and I had no problem eating it all! 😋 People in our class were allowed to take any leftovers w/ them but that seems to vary from ship to ship. I enjoyed it so much I'm taking it again on Grandeur this summer (got a great deal when price briefly came down to $28).
  14. Great. I wasn't sure if the vouchers for non-alcoholic drinks were loaded onto Diamond minors' cards (he always has the soda pkg anyway so it's never mattered). We talked about that I may just give him one of mine each day but great to know that the DL is an option as well. thanks!
  15. I'll be on Grandeur this summer w/ my son, who'll be 17 when we cruise. We're both Diamond. Will he be able to take advantage of the virgin frozen drinks during happy hour?
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