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  1. No ( unless I get a $10 credit if I DONT eat a meal)
  2. I cant speak for VIP as we've never used them We have used luggage direct whenever and wherever its available and it works well. You sign up for it aboard ship,usually several days prior the disembarking. Once signed up, you put your luggage out the last night aboard like all others.but you dont deal with it again until you reach your final destination airport. Get your air boarding pass prior to disembarking and you dont even have to do a desk check in at the airport. Just head straight to the security check line. Note: Not every airline participates in luggage direct. Check HAL site for specifics. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. I still wonder If I DONT eat a meal.do I get a $10 credit?
  4. From my experiences, the "adults only" rule is seldom enforced in any real way. Ive seen kids in the Seaview pool often. No one did anything and it seemed no one was that concerned either. But that my experience only.
  5. If you dont eat a meal do you get a $10 credit? (cough)
  6. Given there's so much food available throughout the day on the ship,Its seldom we ever order a second entree. I think ive done it once in a dozen or more cruises. Having said that I feel the charge is somewhat of an insult to passengers in general. I see some empty suit bean counter coming up with this one. More "Carnivalization" as I call it. There are ways to increase revenue without rubbing it in your face.
  7. Did this a few times over the years. Drive to the marina is about 1/2 hr on an open sided van. Boats are well appointed,clean,and crews were good in our experiences. The swim site can get crowded as other boats use the same location,but never to the point of being a problem. Have fun!
  8. Menu should read: "Broiled twin lobster tails"....truth in advertising
  9. Sounds like its back in the Crows Nest, Good news. Thanks all.
  10. It seems some ships,maybe all ,no longer hold happy hour at the Crows Nest but at Billboard. Is this the case? Im thinking the 4 o'clock hour specifically aboard the Eurodam. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks, DJG541
  11. Thanks for the responses. All appreciated. 50's and 60's wont be bad for us as were from NH and thats mid spring temps! Its the wind that gets you. Thanks again. DJG541
  12. Planning an April cruise San Diego-Hawaii-return in April '19 With many sea days just wondering what to expect temperature wise on the Pacific that time of year? Im sure San Diego and the Islands will be comfortable, just want to get an idea of sea day temps. Any experiences?. I know weather can vary,but just generally. Thanks, DJG541
  13. Is early Happy Hour still 4 PM and still held in the Crows Nest Lounge? Thank you. DJG541
  14. HAL generally doesn't attract a large family crowd but during break times,March,April there will be more kids than usual especially on 7 day cruises out of Ft Lauderdale. If you choose a longer cruise,be sure its not a back to back combined cruise as thats just 2- 7 day cruises in a row and you WILL be required to leave the ship and re-board per US Customs and there likely will be more kids.
  15. I luggage direct available in San Diego? We've used it several times thru Ft Lauderdale and loved it. No schlepping bags thru customs off bus to air check in.Just pick up destination. Speaking of Ft Lauderdale, if you at all can,avoid the airport on Saturdays. Its a total zoo. They make it work but the crowds are horrendous since you an as many as 5 or more other ships are debarking the same day. I know is not always possible but be ready.
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