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  1. The hotel will likely be in Rome as there are far more choices and better quality hotels to choose from. We did stay at a Hotel some years ago in Civit and it was fine,but no frills,just the basics. The ride to the port is about an hour to an hour and a half depending on traffic which is heaviest in Rome of course. Its a pleasant and scenic ride through countryside along a fine highway. Enjoy! DJG
  2. All you have to do is to do a YouTube,search: "Uptown Girl" Billy Joel I.d be a happy camper if she was on our Miami- NYC cruise in April 2020!
  3. Were considering doing SB Barbados 14 day cruise in March '20 departing Boston and looking for feedback on air. Looks like only American and Jet Blue service Barbados. American via Miami and Jet Blue via JFK, although Jet Blue does have direct service on Saturdays,but thats the day of cruise and Boston weather in March can be dicey. Any experiences or advice is appreciated. Thanks. DJG541
  4. I cant speak for VIP as we've never used them We have used luggage direct whenever and wherever its available and it works well. You sign up for it aboard ship,usually several days prior the disembarking. Once signed up, you put your luggage out the last night aboard like all others.but you dont deal with it again until you reach your final destination airport. Get your air boarding pass prior to disembarking and you dont even have to do a desk check in at the airport. Just head straight to the security check line. Note: Not every airline participates in luggage direct. Ch
  5. I still wonder If I DONT eat a meal.do I get a $10 credit?
  6. From my experiences, the "adults only" rule is seldom enforced in any real way. Ive seen kids in the Seaview pool often. No one did anything and it seemed no one was that concerned either. But that my experience only.
  7. If you dont eat a meal do you get a $10 credit? (cough)
  8. Given there's so much food available throughout the day on the ship,Its seldom we ever order a second entree. I think ive done it once in a dozen or more cruises. Having said that I feel the charge is somewhat of an insult to passengers in general. I see some empty suit bean counter coming up with this one. More "Carnivalization" as I call it. There are ways to increase revenue without rubbing it in your face.
  9. Did this a few times over the years. Drive to the marina is about 1/2 hr on an open sided van. Boats are well appointed,clean,and crews were good in our experiences. The swim site can get crowded as other boats use the same location,but never to the point of being a problem. Have fun!
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