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  1. I booked a couple of weeks ago for departure 21st August. Whilst I received plenty of e mails about health and safety on board I did not receive the link. I therefore mentioned it to my travel agent who obtained it for me from Celebrity the same day. The registration page asks for your County. Minor point but the nearest test centre in Lancashire was further than the one in Cumbria so I opted for that one.
  2. I appreciate it isn't Greenock but I turned up at Liverpool an hour early for my allocated time of 12.20. The staff were very helpful. Simply saying they were quiet so please go through. They had 250 boarding on 13 July. If you have no joy with your travel agent/MSC perhaps just ask if you are there early. It is a lovely ship and everyone was really helpful on board.
  3. Hello Another MSC newbie query! On my 4 day July cruise I have been told there will be one formal night. Are the formal nights adhered to? I do not want to pack my dinner suit to find that I am the only one wearing one! I went on a Holland America Alaska Cruise a few years ago and found that I was very much in the minority wearing a dinner suit. Indeed the cabin steward had to control his surprise when he saw me leaving for dinner. Thanks again
  4. in my previous post I was referring to this post about difficulties with uploading Covid results
  5. Sorry to show my ignorance but is the need to enter Covid test results for departing the cruise? i did not think anything was needed after these UK cruises. Thank you
  6. No, nothing so far. Only booked Sunday with an agent so MSC probably don't know about me yet! I will look out for them. Thanks
  7. Thank you CaroleC and LifeonMars for your responses.
  8. Hello All I have booked the four day cruise Liverpool to Southampton on 13 July. Disembarking on 17th July. I have never been with MSC and looking forward to a new cruise line and ship. I appreciate that in these Covid times they are not doing self disembarkation. Can anyone who has got off the Virtuosa in Southampton please give me an idea on timing (to book my return train!). The MSC help desk said it would probably be 9.30 but as the ship is due to dock 6.30 that seems later than I would expect. thank you
  9. On our recent Oceana Cruise they were using this area at night for the syndicate quiz. So we were able to eat our cheese and biscuits whilst listening to the questions which we wouldn't have been able to answer had we been participating!
  10. We came back week or so ago from the Oceana cruise to Spain and Portugal. Six ports and seven sea days. We were quite disappointed with the sea day entertainment. Gone are the days where you had two speakers plus a classical pianist. We had one speaker who gave seven talks which were not to our liking but enjoyed by others. The programme seemed to be filled with sales related talks (art gallery, shore excursions etc). We didn't even get the usual interview with the Headliners, Captain, Chief Engineer etc. Little thought seemed to have been given to the programme plus oddly we haven't had the usual questionnaire by e mail since we arrived home. Perhaps it was because this was one of the replacement cruises when the Oceana was relocated from the planned Dubai cruises. However, ignoring all my moans about the sea day entertainment it was still a good cruise with the added excitement of crossing the Bay of Biscay at full speed to beat Storm Dennis.
  11. Well...……..two weeks have gone by and the promised e mail hasn't arrived. Still waiting-perhaps tomorrow!
  12. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. A little frustrating each time to enter my details on the new input screen which then takes me to the old input screen to do the same again. This happens for cruises booked in February and May next year.
  13. We returned from the Oceana on the 27th October. The buffet area is split between two serving areas at breakfast and both had egg stations. Oddly the one on the starboard side was always quieter. Various environmental measures have been taken since our last cruise (January). I am not sure if these are fleet wide or not. As mentioned on another thread they have stopped issuing face cloths so if you want them then you have to ask your cabin steward. Other measures, for example (in the buffet) sugar in pour out dispensers and jam or marmalade in dishes to spoon out didn't bother us.
  14. Lovely review, thank you. Slightly puzzled-have they stopped giving out the flags at the Great British Sailaway?
  15. We have had a few inside cabins on Oceana in different locations. The only one we had problems with was on the deck above the nightclub which we could hear from below. So my advice would be to avoid that deck. The cabins tend to be on the small side but perfectly adequate.
  16. We were due to fly out from Manchester at 6.00am on the 17th to Valletta with Thomas Cook. P&O have kept us updated by text and e mail. Last night I noticed that our cruise personaliser had been amended to show the Jet2 flight. Yes, disappointed to lose a few hours in Valletta but it must be difficult for P&O to sort out replacement planes.
  17. We haven't been above the Starlight Lounge but have been above the nightclub on Oceana in an inside cabin. We could hear the nightclub through the floor. Sweet Caroline at 1.00am wasn't much fun on the Karaoke nights. We asked to move and P&O obliged when another inside cabin came free. Of course we could have gone to the Karaoke but then everyone above the nightclub would have been complaining.
  18. We have just booked on the "new" repositioning cruise where the Oceana sails back to Southampton from Valletta. We were told by our agent that there will not be coaches to your departure airport therefore we have booked with Cruise Connect. When we did the same repositioning cruise on Oceana four years ago they did include a coach back.
  19. We have always had inside cabins on Oceana. Yes they are a bit tight if you have the double bed configuration. Indeed some cabins cannot be adapted to a double configuration as the single beds are fixed to the floor-this is shown in the brochure or on the website if you look closely. We did ask to move on one occasion as we were directly over the nightclub and on Karaoke nights the sound of a muffled "Sweet Caroline" at 1.00am was a bit too much for us!
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