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  1. S&Dcruising

    How late can you add a person to your cabin

    thanks to all for answering.... not sure what we'll do yet, but everyones input helps alot Thanks again David
  2. We are sailing on the epic in Oct. in a balcony that will alow 3 people, We have till aug to make final payment. We are thinking of adding someone to the cabin, when is the latest we can make the addition? Has anyone done this after final payment? Does it have to be done before final payment? thanks in advance for your help and answers
  3. S&Dcruising

    Personal extension cords now forbidden

    TOOO funny :D And I thought calling the DW a "battle ax" was bad :eek:
  4. S&Dcruising

    Threatening to leave Carnival? No you won't!

    I'm not brand loyal to any one cruise line. price and itineraries are what drives me to a cruise. But I will Say this; if I could only pick 1 cruise line to cruise on for the rest of my life ( no other ) I'd pick Celebrity mainly because of thier smoking policy.
  5. S&Dcruising

    Miracle smoke

    OP, Most cruise company's have similar smoking policies. If you are looking for a more strict smoking policy take a look at Celebrity.
  6. S&Dcruising

    Recent "smuggling" in NYC pier?

    I guess someone should say: I'm gonna pop some popcorn and sit back and watch the fun....:eek:
  7. what nobody complaining about how wrong smuggling is? :D What a great idea.... Have you contacted Rum runners to see if they could produce these is mass to sell?? I'd buy 1 David
  8. S&Dcruising

    GPS on a cruise

    What a great idea :D With size of the ships now a days you need one. I know I need pointing in the right direction after a few too many "adult beverages" As dean martin used to say "your NOT drunk, if you can lay on the floor without holding on":D:eek:
  9. S&Dcruising

    How did you choose your screen name?

    S = Stacy (DW) & = & D = David Cruising r u i s i n g Boring I know :D
  10. S&Dcruising

    Anyone ever dump 10K in a casino?

    I don't know if you'd call this guy a high roller or just a idiot.... I was playing craps ( like i always do when the wifey ain't around, she hates it and make me play 3 card poker) anyways Its a up and down game, no one winning, no one loseing... this guy walks up to the table plops down 2k and says "No ten" dealer says "bet" now the guy with the dice sees this and just shakes his head ( as I was doing) about the time the dealers get the chips in the don't 10 ( there was 2 maybe 3 rolls before the chips got on the 10, with the counting and all) the shooter rolls a HARD ten !!!! much to the delite of the shooter who bet the hardways......Me I just shook my head as he left.... after he was gone the shooter said " I knew i was gonna make the 10 as soon as the guy bet the hard ten" LOL The wife and I have lost as much as 5k on a casino but it was over 5-6 days. and we have won a few times and broke even a few times.... 1 time we was at sams town LV, and were haveing a really bad run of things and were down to our last 200. and still had 2 days to go. I had us playing keno ( very slow game and small bets) needless to say we hit a 7 spot for 7k. on a quick pick no less LOL.... Then went ona small wining streak we won 500 at bingo (her idea to play) 1k at a dollor slot and $1500 at $25 BJ ended up staying 2 extra days comeing home with $8700 I know we should have left as scheduled... instead of giving some of it back. This past summer we did a quicky cruise on RCCL out of port canaveral with my bother ( 149. for a 4 day to nassau) we didn't do very well, brother spent his alotted casino money the 1st night. wifey lost some and just wasn't feeling it.... last sea day after dinner I said I was going to the casino and play a little I was feeling something.... they followed, everthing was full except the craps table. So I took $40 out and started I was two away from shooting so just made a line bet and a come bet, I wanted to throw the dice. I was down to $15 when the dice got to the next to me. I didn't see how I could throw the dice so, I just layed it all on the line, to make a long story short he threw the dice for 35 minutes and I walked away with $1500, the other at the table never increased thier bet and most left with only a couple hundred lol
  11. S&Dcruising

    Opinions Regarding Celebrity vs. RCI

    The smoking policy is reason enough to NOT sail RCCL IMHO
  12. S&Dcruising

    the worst food I've had in my life on NCL

    1 cent worth (govt got the other penny) :mad: In my limited cruising experience I found the food on RCCL to be far worse than NCL's. and I'm not talking the specialty restaurants. I'm not a foodie in anyway but do know about food having been in the rest. bus. for over 20 years. and maybe, just maybe the OP is like me not into all the fancy style food most cruise lines prepare, and thats why she was discusted. All it takes in a little "fancy" sauce over a meat to ruin it for me. Just give me a steak cooked right with little if any thing on it and I'm a happy man. I'm a keep it simple type person, so all that fancy style food really don't bowl me over. I could never go to a french rest....( the thought of eating escargot make me gag ) just not my stlye. now if thats what you like GREAT just not me. So, perhaps the OP is somwhat like me..... OP, sorry you had a bad experience. I hope you find the right cruise line for you, whether it's NCL or not.... As for me I just wish 1 of the cruise lines would have a quality buffet like many in Las Vegas. simple great food served simply I might have over spent my 1 cent......:eek:
  13. S&Dcruising

    Liquor Taken!

    I second this motion....:D
  14. S&Dcruising

    Liquor Taken!

    Now that Obama care passed I think they will want more than the other penny :mad: ... But that's a differant discusion for another web site..:rolleyes: I so do like this thread.... some of you are tooooo funny... and some need to maybe try decaf..... and some to "get a life" :eek: LMAO..... Like I stated before.... what 1 person smuggles on board is NON of OUR business..... BTW OP thanks for the info, I hope you had a great cruise and on your next cruise to find a way to get BOTH bottles on..... If that's what you want ;) ... as for me.... its non of my business :D
  15. S&Dcruising

    Liquor Taken!

    All I want to know is who get all that confiscated booze.....:D I have heard about some wild parties the crew have :eek: Joking aside.... To each his own I say... The cruise lines all know this is going on and if they really want to stop it completely they could. Whether they inforce the rules to the letter or whatever. they could total stop it. But seeings how they seem to only partly enforce the rules, people will continue to smuggle. And I believe it's NONE of my business.:D but I do wonder if the ones that talk about obeying the rules ever speed.... hummmmmm :eek: Just my 1 cent worth ( govt got the other 1 cent :mad:)