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  1. Seamus, I like your approach. It is not so much total terror but the health issues and not seeing land. I think I will try to sneak in an Alaska cruise as a possibility since it is probably the best way to see the 49th state first time through and land is frequently visible. My one challenge is since luxury cruises are going to be my splurge, I hate the idea of doing it on an Alaska run where I have been a few times land and sea. So, we’ll noodle on it.
  2. Thanks, Reina. I hear your point. For the time being, however, this seems to be the compromise. When one wants to cruise and the other does not, the “compromise” can’t be a bike tour for example.
  3. Good conversation, all. I did not realize it was a Venetian society thing. But to cruiseEJ’s point, I toss it to the group what is the right thing. I can share my email to cement the friendship, but again, if it is not the way it works, I am okay.
  4. I am checking here to make sure I am doing this all Kosher. I am looking at my first Silversea cruise in March 2023, traveling solo transoceanic. As I am getting close to booking, deposit etc., it appears that if I am referred by someone, I get $500 as a discount or OBC, I am not sure. I have my own travel agent, and I assume she cannot refer me. But is it appropriate if someone here does it? Even if technically it is doable, does it violate some unwritten code? It is only $500 bucks at the end of the day, and it would not be worth it to me to get off on the wrong foot. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Mchell. I like this, but I remain wary of the Azamara ownership change. I am lucky though in that I don't go anywhere before 2023, so I will have time to see how the new owners work with the company.
  6. Perfect analysis, RKA, and I like your assessment that the transit needs a professional touch more so than a luxury ship, although I imagine having both is nirvana. That “sense of entitlement” with the 2008 world cruise just goes to show that ships, itineraries and passengers all have individual rhythms, and like snowflakes, no two experiences are exactly alike.
  7. Yes, LHT, I had my eye on Oceania for sure. I think it is on Nautica, which may sell out fast based on what I am hearing. Hopefully, they will do it in 2023 or 2024 as well. I think Covid makes 2022 RTW cruising a gamble as I am not sure the rest of the world will get vaccinated by then.
  8. This is why they say YMMV, Heidi. This information is very helpful as I was never going to be able to do an entire true World Cruise, and I fully intend to sample four different cruise lines. So it looks like it probably will be a blend of segments, B2Bs, repositionings, or trans oceanics. Not a WC as a purist would see it, but enough over a 3-year period to give me the taste of what it might be like. Budget wise, it will almost certainly cost more than staying on one ship for 120+ days, but some of the funds were going to be baked in by trying the 4 different lines anyway.
  9. To be clear, I will definitely do Panama Canal. But it seems based on comments, I may not need to do that on a luxury line or as a part of my poor man’s simulated World Cruise.
  10. I find this concerting for sure, as feeling like an interloper can be uncomfortable for 21 to 28 days. With some of the other comments and maxing my budget at probably $75k, I may give up the World Cruise concept and instead do some regional cruises that cover areas I want to hit. But it might be a catch-22, as many regions (Capetown to Lisbon) seem to only be done as part of a World Cruise segment. I will keep gathering input, and thanks mucho for the follow up.
  11. Great analysis, Gut. I am thinking the budget goes up for sure, but like the vermouth in a martini, I will likely only have a whisper of a true World Cruise. I will try to get segments in that hit the Indian Ocean, Crosses the Pacific and transits the Sues canal. The rest of the world may get covered by land.
  12. Thanks, RKA, and how I wish I could have done it when you did in 2008. Budget is headed north for sure, and because I want to sample the other lines, it will be less likely I actually stick with one line for a true HOHO.
  13. Great points here, Heidi, and sorry I called you RKA!
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