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  1. Hilton decided instead of refund for may 2020 stay we are offered future credit, if we do not use by November 2022 they will issue refund. Huge multinational keeps our money 18 months. Little guy loses. Nice.
  2. Wondering about Jewel nov 20-may 21....Especially may 28, 2021...
  3. Hopefully just after repo from BCN.....i booked may 28, 2021 when it was briefly open in november.....British Isles hope it stays on schedule! Hallasm thanks for trying!
  4. Hallasm - Any word onboard what is planned for Jewel as far as drydock schedule?
  5. Re: Jewel plans.......noticed on Amsterdams port schedule, turn around dates in may, 2021...Hope its true....Booked British Isles may 28,2021 when booking opened in error. Have not been cancelled, they have my $900 deposit.....have several friends that want to join us- cmon RCI release that cruise!
  6. JB- can you recommend a golf course near dover? Affordable, memorable British golf is all we need. Thank You!
  7. Hmmm wonder whats up with Jewel May, 2021? anxious to book British Isles (not july tho)
  8. RCCL- itinerary request-November 6, 2020 Explorer Transatlantic replace Nassau with Perfect Day at Cococay! Thank you!
  9. Waiting on British Isles in july 2021...noticed Jewel does this in may 2021.... Pricing is way past rediculous....Azamara prices for RCCL? .unless they have great black friday deal, they priced me out of the market.
  10. Sunrises from aft cabins are spectacular sun till noon - 1pm then shade
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